Thursday, August 14, 2008


Hello chicas!
I have been working hard on the aprons so don't get mad at me for not posting!

I hope to have them done tomorrow so they can go into the mail Friday!

Today Bee and I went to fill up water balloons at a friend's house and about flooded her kitchen! The balloons kept popping off the water spout! LOL It was soo funny. We had to fill up about 150! I hope the girls had fun popping them! Bee ate their dog's food.

Do you ever catch your kid eating something that just makes you gag?
Tell me so I can be prepared!

Bee questions:
Who is the oldest person in your family you can remember knowing when you were a child? What do you remember about that person?

The oldest person I remember is GG, or Great Grandma. She is still alive and is 94 I believe. She is amazing! I remember that she lived outside of town on lots of acres that she still mowed with a push mower, when she was 78'ish. Then the family talked her into moving into town. She still had a full garden with all kinds of veggies. She would get soooo mad at the deer for eating her plants. She lived there for a long time after...10 years. By herself. Then the family talked her into moving into a trailer park closer to the hospital and family. She left the gas stove on without the pilot light lit. The family told her she had to go into a home then. She is in and out of the hospital now but she is 94!! I think she has put her time in!! :) Love you GG!


My_Kids_Mum said...

Hello again!
Eating dog food... I'm glad it wasn't trash, or worse - playing and smearing poop from his diaper all over his body (gross). Yep, I've lived through that with a couple of my boys! Anyhow, I'm excited to see what your aprons look like. said...

Ugh! I have found my kids eating a variety of things they find. It is so gross!

I am excited about the aprons! :)

Rachel H. said...


can't wait to see the apron!!