Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Alrighty girls! I couldn't sleep this morning after my husband left for work, so I went blog surfing! I found all of these giveaways so go check them out!!

Momdot is hosting a bunch of giveaways this week. Check here. But I'll list the ones I'm playing in...cuz I get points and it takes awhile to find them!

Check this one out! Click here. It's for baby wipes that are allergy-free! Gotta love it!

Fun little snacks here...check it out.

Cool learning things for all ages...go here!

Go look at these AWESOME things! This lady is a genius!! Here

K there is a few....I gotta go take a shower! I'll add more later, Gators! Have fun!


amelia bedelia said...

hey thanks! Im gonna check 'em out!!

Mal N' Jon said...

Look at you- all on top of the giveaways.