Monday, August 4, 2008

I'm trying...

So I'm trying to organize my life. I'm feeling like a slacker lately. Especially in the housekeeping department. I HATE smelling house and that's what I have. I have two dogs and a cat. That should be enough to have to keep up with...but add in a chinchilla and a one-year old, and you have a mess. Oh plus a husband that hunts and fishes all weekend to bring me home, two loads of laundry, a sink full of fish guts and other little things. Did I mention that I only have three aprons done? I wanted them done this weekend but I got lazy. (See where I need to organize?)
So what are you schedules like?

Do you have a certain day for a certain chore? (Monday-laundry, Tuesday-floors) Or do you do everything everyday?

Well chicas, help a sister out cuz otherwise she's moving into another house without her family, living in her PJ's and only eating cereal!!


jill jill bo bill said...

This is where lil' sister Erin should come in handy. She is a clean freak.

SAHMs have the hardest job on earth. I used to have a set schedule and wash laundry one day, clean floors and bathrroms the next. Now that the kids are older and messier, they have specific chores and I work during the day so I don't go crazy in the mess.

Sell some of your wonderful handmade stuff and pay someone to clean twice a month. I would be a faithful follower.

Rachel H. said...

Pretty much I just stick my head above water and keep on treading! Oh, and I don't let my husband hunt or fish (he has no desire anyway! :)

Hang in there...a couple rough days and I am sure things will be calm...okay, calmer... :) said...

We all have these feelings at times. During the school year we try to stick to a schedule but summer time is a free for all, (and it shows).

I really like jill jill bo bill's suggustion, about finding someone to help. I am seriously considering that as well.

But for now you should check our She has great suggustions on how to get organized with out getting overwhelmed by it all. Just know that you are not alone!

Rachael said...

I'm totally OCD on this. I have about six chores for each day (things like laundry, vacuuming, mopping floors, dusting, cleaning bathrooms, clean the fridge, etc.). For instance, I do laundry MWF and vacuum T/Th/Sat. Then I have a specific room that I really focus on each day, so everything gets deep-cleaned at least once a week. Basically I just wrote down all the chores I do in a week (and included other things like reading stories to my girls and mowing the lawn and writing up a grocery list) and divided it all out Monday-Saturday. The one thing I really try to avoid is doing housework on Saturday--the only things I have written on that day are vacuuming the house/car and whatever yard work needs to be done, so the rest of the day is for fun.

Then I typed everything up, put it in a plastic page protector, and I just cross things off with an overhead marker as I do them...that way I know visually where I am (and Neil knows where to pitch in) and I can wipe it all off for the next week.

Mal N' Jon said...

Sometimes I think my dogs are messier than kids will be, but I just don't know that yet.

As soon as i get home i'm like in my PJs/sweats just to avoid getting my clean nice clothes slobbered all over. Yesterday my husband told me that instead of spending money on other clothes i should just buy some cute sweats and things to wear around the house.

As much as i like the idea of shopping and all, i can't help but think he must think i look pretty nasty...haha, but i know he means well!

Kris said...


AJ said... this has really saved me. The best advice I have got from her is just do 15 minutes at a time. Then do something else for 15 minutes and take a break every 45 minutes. I don't follow all she does but it has made my life easier.