Sunday, August 24, 2008

People watching

I love people watching. There, I said it.

It cracks me up. Sometimes to the point of burst out laughing, that only embarrasses me (or my hubby.) For that reason he hates it when I do it.

I was people watching in church today. Now this all happened within about 3 minutes of each other so really, I think they were ganging up on me...but whateva!

So I grab the hymn book because we are going to start singing the opening hymn. My friends, that are sitting in front of me, are having an obvious fight about something and don't want to share a hymn book together. (You have all been there, going back to your 4 year old self, while fighting with your spouse.) This makes me smile because I know they are gonna get over it but it's fun to watch. They even have a space between them, while sitting in the pew.

Next we start to sing. The organist is a fill-in. She doesn't have the organ turned up high enough for us to hear but she can so she sings to her hearts content. This makes everyone smile cuz we know what she doesn't. But we politely sing along with her.

Next the Young men that are passing the sacrament, who sit by themselves for the first few minutes of church, are suppose to be models and be reverent. They think it's the funniest thing in the world that this lady is singing at the top of her lungs, by herself, for the most part. They are giggling and pointing.

The song leader is OBVIOUSLY one of the Young Mens' mother's and while still conducting, with this organ lady that is going to her own beat, she is giving the glare of death to her son and friends. I'm not talking about, "You better knock that off, Billy." kinda look. I'm talking about "You better hope to goodness you get to class before the closing song is done, cuz I'm going to kill you, on Sunday and all!!!"

All the this time, organ lady is still going about her business just singing along, and loud! The bishop and his counselors are trying soooooo hard not to get up. They are covering their ears, one at a time, trying to cover it up by leaning on their knees. This lady is LOUD. And they are sitting right in front of her. When the song was over, two of them shook their heads to make sure they could still hear!

Now it really was fun to watch these people. I just had to giggle to myself at all that I saw. We had a good meeting today and it was probably because of this lady's singing. At least she would good.

Well I'm off to read the last of Eclipse....later gators!


Rachel H. said...

Those are some funny stories! I too love people watching. You sure can learn a lot!

Anonymous said...

Oh my I wish our church was as funny as yours! We did have one day where the second counselor forgot the bishop's name...but that's not nearly as good as the organ lady solo! Thanks for the laugh.

PS - I've got some fun Back-To-School giveaways going on a SuperMom Central right now - come visit soon!

Shelle said...

Okay miss...I have signed in and signed up and registered and all that jazz...and am coasting along with you on this scavenger hunt...but how do you get the next clue? in the forum? or do they email it to you?

And BTW I people watch all the time!

paul said...

Ok, I have to ask...were the arguing friends my sis & bro-in-law?? Too funny if it was! I love reading your blog! I love when church is that entertaining! -Sara

Mal N' Jon said...

There is something about sitting in church that makes small things seem MUCH funnier.

Nicci said...

That's hilarious! I wish I could've been there to see it all. I love people watching!

Shelle said...

What the heck? What does she hold most dear? I don't even know who "she"is?

I suck as a partner!

Shelle said...

okay I'm on...I'm so confused where you are even finding this stuff! Where do I go once I am on Momdot come? Do you have Gmail chAT? or MSN? Or yahoo...when need to strategize! loL!

Mary said...

Hilarious!! I hopped over here from Rachel H's blog when I noticed your comment about upcoming orders. We are a Coast Guard family that just transfered to Florida (back home for us) from Kodiak, Alaska - where we were for 5 years! Good luck with your upcoming orders.