Friday, August 15, 2008


Bee's questions of the day:

While you were growing up, which languages were spoken in your home?

English 99% of the time. When Grandma and Grandpa Slattery came to visit, they would try to remember Gaelic. And Mom knew a little Spanish but not enough to remember.

What are the full names of your brothers and sisters? Where was your family living when they were born?

Wow be glad it's about me and not Chris. I have one sister, Kassandra J. (I'm leaving parts out cuz it's the internet so there.) She was born in Colorado too. But I don't know where our house was when she was born....somewhere in Colorado. We moved a lot when we were little with my dad being a miner.
I have a half sister too but I've never met her. She lives in Texas right now.

Share a memory of your sister. To whom did you feel closest? Why?

Well I only have one sister so that's why I feel close to her. We have had a pretty close relationship minus a few years where teenage whatever took over our bodies. Share a memory...I remember jumping and dancing on the trampoline with her, like all summer, every summer. We had a boombox outside that we would turn to country and act out the songs! We would put the dogs on there or the sprinkler underneath when it's hot. We even camped outside on it a few time. It was a great thing to have!

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