Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Second-child Baby Showers

I don't know what's up with Blogger lately. I sign on and all my blog lists go crazy. I've tried my computer, internet...I got nothing. So there. I hope tomorrow is a better day for blogger.

As I was blog-surfing today, I ran across a blog that talked about second-child baby showers. Now she took the side of saying that it was rude. So it got me thinking...

What do you think about second/third/fourth baby showers?

Now I'm all for any kind of get-together where there's food and friends. Especially sweet ones. (That goes for both food and friends.) I don't think it's rude to have another baby shower, or be the spotlight if it's your second child. This lady was saying that it was rude to ask for gifts for the second child.
I have always been a fan of baby showers. It gets us ladies time to talk/brag about our kids and labors. It's kinda like fish/hunting stories with men. They get better with time. I don't think baby showers need to be centered around gifts, whether it's the first or seventh kid. It's about celebrating with Mom that she's going to go into labor soon! LOL No not really, but kinda.
I have always thought that you could have two baby for a boy and one for a girl. If you had all boys, tough luck...and vice versa. For those that don't find out what you are having, better ask for yellow and green stuff!
I think that second-child showers are actually better cuz you get the cool stuff. You've already done it once so you don't have to hear the horrible stories about no-sleeping-through-the-night until the kid is 13. Or how labor can last 12 years. You know the stuff we all tell first-time mom's to freak them out! Plus people already know that you have the car seat and stroller and you get blankets and clothes and cool stuff! Like (hint for my next child) those Nursing Hide-a things that Peas & Carrots sells! ------> go check them out over there. I want one bad...just gotta get prego first!
So comment away on your thoughts for baby showers!

Look at this little punk! (A week old)

Update: Check out this chicas site! How stinkin cute are these and she's having a giveaway!


Rachel H. said...

I am for it...I think it is a great way to celebrate the baby and mom. And it's another reason to party.

A friend of mine had her second boy, and already had all the stuff. So instead, I threw her a diaper shower. Who doesn't need DIAPERS? It worked our PERFECT. Just a thought!

Kate said...

I think every baby and the mom who carried the baby for long 9 months deserves to be celebrated. :)
Maybe not an over the top one for every baby, but at least some good cake, and friends getting together!!

jill jill bo bill said...

I agree with rachel h- I always give a diaper/casserole shower for my friends. Everyone brings one pkg of diapers (from xs-xl) and a FROZEN casserole with the recipe taped to the top. That way when mommy and baby come home, dad doesn't have to cook, just pop in the casserole. It's genius-I know!!

Mal N' Jon said...

I agree with you-especially if your second baby is a different gender. You should be able to celebrate after carrying that baby for 9 long months!

Monster Mary said...

I think more then one shower puts stress on some people. Not everyone is comfortable with the responsiblities of being a friend in that regard. Not to mention that the showers that I have been to that aren't for memebers or my church are just crazy. They put so much money into it with nice prizes and catering etc. I'm too cheap to do that stuff. I agree it's a time to celebrate which is why I think gifts are always optional. I think getting together to eat simple easy foods or even out to eat and everyone pays their own bill and then chips in to pay for the prego lady is a great idea. I love to make little homemade things but feel a little sheepish about it when I go to the over the board everyone there spent at the min. $50 per gift. It's just too pricey for me.

I remember someone gave my mom a shower with her 5th kid. She said that she loved it. My mom is not a very social person and probably never told anyone that she had never had any baby shower. Apparently back in the days your sister or husbands family or someone like that had baby showers for you but no one in my mom's family did that so she started from scratch with no help. She said that that baby shower made her feel so good.

Tena said...

I think every baby deserves a party!!!

Rachael said...

our ward had 27 babies born last year. that works out to a LOT of money in baby gifts, even assuming only half have showers that you attend. plus, most of the young families in our ward are graduate students with lots of little kids--not much spare cash for baby gifts. I admit, at this point in my life I don't really think much of having a traditional shower for each child, simply because it becomes a real financial burden for your friends. I also get frustrated when I get a shower invitation for someone who I scarcely know.

I did have a shower with my second baby, but instead of a traditional gift, I asked that people bring a frozen dinner. It was great--affordable for the guests and WONDERFUL for me. I don't think I cooked for a month after my baby was born.