Sunday, August 31, 2008

You guys need to get over to this site.

They are having an auction to help NieNie and her family. They are the ones that were in a plane crash a week or so ago. It's to help with the medical costs and stuff.

They have tutus, stuffed animals, blog makeover, and a whole bunch of other stuff! Go do your part!

Embarrassing Moments Swimming Part 2

It was the summer of '69...ha ha! (I wasn't even thought of then!)

But for reals, it was the summer of 97. We went to a swim meet in Yakima WA. Now there are a few things that are different about Yakima then my hometown of Everett WA.
1. It is sunny...for at least 70% of the summer.
2. They have outdoor pools.
3. It's sunny...oh I already said that but it's important.

So we are driving over to this summer meet with my sister, mom and friend, Emily. My Mom gets pulled over by an Officer Friendly. He said she was caught speeding by an airplane. Now this is one of my Mom's best moments because she claims that they could catch her speeding by land, so they had to use an airplane. LOL

So we get over there, doing the speed limit after the airplane incident. We check out the pool and realize that we shaded goggles. So we bought some goggles that we will never use again. (You can't wear shaded goggles's kinda like wearing really dark sunglasses inside when it's raining...yeah I don't know when it rains inside but go with it...or we could say in the shower but I don't know anyone that wears sunglasses in the shower.) We get in the pool for warm-up. We have a relay...I know, back to the relays!

It's me, Emily, Erica (from the relay before) and Janae. Now this is a Medley Relay which means it's all four strokes...Backstroke, Breaststroke, Fly (this is Michael Phelps best stroke FYI) and Freestyle. Now being the superstar I am, I go first cuz I'm the backstroker! :)

We go up the the block to start. I jump in the water (I'm suppose to this time, it's where the backstrokers start). I'm so nervous about swimming in this outdoor pool, that I have my hand count down, that I'm going to do fly kick off the walls, that my crush is standing on the end of the pool cheering for me...later I found out it was for Erica but whateva!

Anyway I'll this is running through my head that I didn't hear the announcer say it's a 400 Medley Relay. (That means twice as much as I usually swim.)

I'm swimming along, doing my thing and get to the wall at 50 yds. Janae jumps in and goes about her business. I get to get out of the pool and my coach is yelling at me, Keep going, keep going!!

I'm totally confused cuz Janae is in the water swimming Breaststroke. Well obviously she hadn't heard the announcer either cuz she is still swimming. So I get out of the water and Janae just has to do her hundred. We were disqualified anyway but they might as well get the times for their strokes.

So we finish FIRST!! But we got DQ! (Are you seeing a tread here?)

The worse part is everyone on the side lines, my crush included, just thought I couldn't count to four. (That's how many links of the pool a 100yd is).

So I get to practice the next Monday and they all have banners, signs and everything else big with 1 2 3 4 on it. Then the whole team would count for me after each set in practice.

We'd have to do 10 100 yd swims and the coach would say, "Krista, that's down and back, down and back..10 times!" LOL Oh I forgot to laugh ! LOL

You needless to say I was the joke of the swim team for the rest of the summer. Thanks guys!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Embarrassing moments at Swimming part 1

I swam competitively for 6 years. I started when I was 12. These next couple blogs are going to be about some of the embarrassing times I had in those wonderful years!!

Now I don't remember all the details but this should be quite entertaining to some.

I was in high school, my freshman year. We had an awesome relay team...actually three. This one race was the 400 yd Freestyle Relay. I remember Erica G and Emily were on there but the other person, I got nothing.

So I'm going to a little explaining. The 400 (for short cuz there's no other 400 yd event in a high school meet.) is 16 laps of the pool (down and back). Four people do 100 yds (or 2 laps). Am I making sense here?

Well the first person takes off and is scooting right along. Erica jumps in after the first one is Michael Phelps does on his relays. Then I'm next, I go about my business and finish my 100 yds and Emily jumps in right after me. We are winning!! We are so excited! We are winning!!

Did I mention that if we won this event/race we would win the meet?!!

We were all screaming and yelling...the whole team. We are all so excited! Like 100 girls yelling at the top of their lungs for Emily to move!! She does and we win!!

We are all sooooo excited!! We just won the meet and the race!!

Emily being my best friend at the time...I wanted to celebrate with her! So I jumped in the pool!!..........


...the other team hadn't finished yet.

All my friends and coaches were screaming, NOOOOOO!!! KRISTA!!!

By jumping in to celebrate, I disqualified the whole relay and lost the meet!!!

(You can't have more than one person in the lane at a time while the race is going on.)

If I had waited, seriously 30 seconds more, I would have been fine!

I got an award at the end of the school year for the stupidest move made by a team player!!


So there you go...more tomorrow!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I can't believe I haven't written a blog since Sunday. I'm on here all time, I guess I just forget to update this! :)

While my friend, Brittany and I are going to make quilts together. She has never made one before and I want to make one for a very close friend of mine. (No I'm not going to tell you who cuz she'll know when she opens it!)

So we are going to JoAnn's tonight for supplies and stuff!! I'm so excited. I want to get started before all this excitedness goes away!! :) We are both husband-less this week so we have lots of time to work on it! Yeah for that!!(No I'm not making this exact one...I wish!)

Well anyway now that I spent all day over at and didn't win anything, I have to clean at least one part of my house before dinner/bed!!

Check you chicas later!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

People watching

I love people watching. There, I said it.

It cracks me up. Sometimes to the point of burst out laughing, that only embarrasses me (or my hubby.) For that reason he hates it when I do it.

I was people watching in church today. Now this all happened within about 3 minutes of each other so really, I think they were ganging up on me...but whateva!

So I grab the hymn book because we are going to start singing the opening hymn. My friends, that are sitting in front of me, are having an obvious fight about something and don't want to share a hymn book together. (You have all been there, going back to your 4 year old self, while fighting with your spouse.) This makes me smile because I know they are gonna get over it but it's fun to watch. They even have a space between them, while sitting in the pew.

Next we start to sing. The organist is a fill-in. She doesn't have the organ turned up high enough for us to hear but she can so she sings to her hearts content. This makes everyone smile cuz we know what she doesn't. But we politely sing along with her.

Next the Young men that are passing the sacrament, who sit by themselves for the first few minutes of church, are suppose to be models and be reverent. They think it's the funniest thing in the world that this lady is singing at the top of her lungs, by herself, for the most part. They are giggling and pointing.

The song leader is OBVIOUSLY one of the Young Mens' mother's and while still conducting, with this organ lady that is going to her own beat, she is giving the glare of death to her son and friends. I'm not talking about, "You better knock that off, Billy." kinda look. I'm talking about "You better hope to goodness you get to class before the closing song is done, cuz I'm going to kill you, on Sunday and all!!!"

All the this time, organ lady is still going about her business just singing along, and loud! The bishop and his counselors are trying soooooo hard not to get up. They are covering their ears, one at a time, trying to cover it up by leaning on their knees. This lady is LOUD. And they are sitting right in front of her. When the song was over, two of them shook their heads to make sure they could still hear!

Now it really was fun to watch these people. I just had to giggle to myself at all that I saw. We had a good meeting today and it was probably because of this lady's singing. At least she would good.

Well I'm off to read the last of Eclipse....later gators!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mr Flight Attendant

I have a friend who writes letters to people she doesn't know but has a beef with them. So here is my take on it.
A little background...I had a dream about this a couple days ago, that's why it's resurfaced.

Dear Mr. Flight Attendant,
It was Dec 26, 2006. I was flying on your plane that morning. What you didn't know was I was four months pregnant. I had lost 35 lbs from puking all the time. I wasn't suppose to fly. But my mom needed me after just moving out of her house and starting the divorce paperwork, the week before. She needed her daughter to bring some Christmas love with her.
Now as you very well know, Mr. FA, there are barf bags in the back of every seat. I, not feeling good as it was, didn't take to well to the turbulence that was there on our flight. I got heated and needed to lay down. That didn't help so up came my well planned, non-puking breakfast, into one of the bags.
Being embarrassed as I was, I hid the bag from other's sight. I tried to not have the smell effect anyone else by putting on the ground. I didn't want anyone's help or stories of how bad their morning sickness was. I just wanted to be in my own world, with my mom curled in her bed. This flight was gonna get me there. I just had to stick to it.
You came around with your garbage bag just before we could take our seat belts off. You got to me. I had saved ALL my garbage from the flight plus some from my purse to hide the barf bag. To not bring attention to myself or delicate state.
Instead you say, "WHAT'S IN THAT BAG?"..loud enough for Russia to here.

"Umm..I wasn't feeling good." In my small little mouse voice.

"GrOSSS!! You have to throw that in the trash in the bathroom. I'm not touching it!!!"

"Umm...can't you just open the garbage bag and I'll put it in."

"GrOSs! No. Go throw it away."

I, in tears at this point, slid back into my seat, hid my face and waited until you left. I was sooo embarrassed that I didn't even get up to get my carry-on until the other customers left. (A very nice gentlemen got it down for me and placed in in the chair next to me, while I was hiding.)

So in my little hole that I made, I got mad at you for embarrassing me. Call it hormones, call it whatever you like but I got mad. So I thought of all the mean things I could do to your cat, take your hide-a-key, key your car, all of which I would have to find out where you lived....but then I got a grin on my face.

I got my carry-on bag, left my trash in the seat and left the plane.

There sat this:
Now I know it against all kinds of rules to do that. Health hazards and stuff but it really felt good. So I am now writing this to apologize for me child-like behavior. I shouldn't have left this bag of barf for you to clean up.
Now if you would like to write your apology letter to me, Mr. FA my email address is at the top of the screen on the right.
Again I'm sorry (kinda) about leaving my barf bag for you,
Prego lady in seat 26F, day after Christmas 06.

Friday, August 22, 2008


OK so the only thing that's going on at my house right now is that I'm reading the Twilight series and Bee pretty much has free rein of the house! :)

I'm just starting the third one. I think they are great! Seriously great. I heard anyone else say how good they were but I didn't expect this.
***SPOILERS*** Don't read if you wanna read the series. I tend to talk too much to keep secrets. Which is why Edward hasn't found me...just so you know!

So most people I talk to find Bella annoying. I don't think she is annoying because I see myself doing what she does, to a point. (What does that say about me? ) So anyway in the second one I just thought she was dumb. One who in there right mind would go hiking by yourself. NO ONE! I don't care who you are, you just don't do it. Especially if you have ever been over on the WA's so dense forest that you could sooo easily get lost, even with a compass.
I don't care about the motorcycle cuz I kinda want one. I'm glad that she could hear Edward cuz of it. I think she is stupid for crashing so many times but we've all been there, done that!! And why didn't she stall it? That's like one of the first things you do! Oh well.
So there's my take on some of the high points in the book. I seriously think we should have a book club with these books so that everyone will read them. Just a thought.
Well anyway I have to go do chores because I haven't done them in awhile! Check ya later!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Update of today

Hello my fellow bloggers-

We had an interesting day here at the Waggoner house.

1. Bee slept in until12:30pm. I actually got to clean some parts of the house just out of boredom. I like that kid!

2. I am halfway through the 2nd Twilight series book. Soo good. Bella is sooo dumb. Does she just do things cuz it's the stupidest thing she can do?

3. My hubby broke an airplane. I now will call him Hercules!

4. We had a small thunderstorm and it was 68* today. Weather is weird here today.

5. I decided that I'm going to look into fertility drugs.

6. I forgot the aprons when i went to run errands...tomorrow people, tomorrow! :)

7. We drove to see if the begula whales were out to tide was out. No belugas!!

8. I learned that I can be quite the gossip and I need to work on that. NO GOOD!!

9. I need to post more pictures on here. I'll start that tomorrow.

10. I hope you guys are all well! I really do. Be good.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Been tagged twice!

I've been tagged twice so I better do it, huh!?

1.I LOVE it when my house is clean, like eat off the floor clean. (I can't keep it that way or even get it that way but I love it when it happens!)

2. I let my kid eat dirt. (It's gonna build his immune system, or something.)

3. All my toes are broken from swimming. (Pushing off the wall, like Michael Phelp hurts. If you do it enough times, you hit the wall faster than you should and your toes break. As we speak I am popping my big toe in and out of it's joint.)

4. I could eat cereal for every meal of the day, forever.

5. I LOVE to hand quilt. I would rather hand quilt than anything else crafty wise.

6. I can't touch a fish. Nope, not gonna. They are gross, sticky, gooey, scaley, sick things. (My hubby made me and I screamed like a girl.)

Ok, here are the rules:

1. Link the person who tagged you: Amelia Bedelia

2. Mention the rules on your blog

3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours

4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them & leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they have been tagged.

The last part of the tag game is to send it to six people you want to know 6 insignificant or unspectacular quirks about. My six chosen ones are:

Mallorie-cuz I just love her! And she has a really cute blog!

Shelle- cuz she gets me.

Kate- cuz she is so stinkin cute with those boys

Sue- cuz her name is great and she makes me laugh

Carrie- cuz she is so fun and I play her game on Phridays!

Trisha- cuz she is sooo cool being a blog celeb and all! (I want just a 10th of her comments!)

K I did my part for the blogging world today. I'm going and finishing Twilight so Shelle will play with me later on in the week at Momdot.



Sunday, August 17, 2008

Making it quick..

Just to keep y'all updated on our life here in Anchorage:

1. My phone does work now...just not the 7 or * key...both kinda important for texting but whatever. I have a new phone in the mail as we speak.

2. The rice trick worked.

3. My hubby is now in Florida, where it's hot....jerk.

4. Bee is still scooting on his bum but now can pull himself up into kneeling.

5. My mom is gone on vacation and I miss her.

6. I'm in the middle of the first book of Twilight series.

7. I finished the APRONSSSS!!!!! (Stinkin yes!)

8. I will post later after I finish this stinkin book!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Phriday's Photo Phun with Carrie

Who says you can't cry over spilled milk...
on my cell phone!
(Trying the rice trick)
I'm praying it works!!

Go check out the rest here.


Bee's questions of the day:

While you were growing up, which languages were spoken in your home?

English 99% of the time. When Grandma and Grandpa Slattery came to visit, they would try to remember Gaelic. And Mom knew a little Spanish but not enough to remember.

What are the full names of your brothers and sisters? Where was your family living when they were born?

Wow be glad it's about me and not Chris. I have one sister, Kassandra J. (I'm leaving parts out cuz it's the internet so there.) She was born in Colorado too. But I don't know where our house was when she was born....somewhere in Colorado. We moved a lot when we were little with my dad being a miner.
I have a half sister too but I've never met her. She lives in Texas right now.

Share a memory of your sister. To whom did you feel closest? Why?

Well I only have one sister so that's why I feel close to her. We have had a pretty close relationship minus a few years where teenage whatever took over our bodies. Share a memory...I remember jumping and dancing on the trampoline with her, like all summer, every summer. We had a boombox outside that we would turn to country and act out the songs! We would put the dogs on there or the sprinkler underneath when it's hot. We even camped outside on it a few time. It was a great thing to have!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Krista

13 Things I wanna do before I am 60...
1. Go to the Washington DC temple
2. Read Harry Potter straight through
3. Go on a cruise to Grand Cayman Island
4. Finish those APRONS!!
5. Learn how to keep a clean house
6. Finally make a jean and t-shirt quilt
7. Put my feet into the Atlantic Ocean
8. Go see Phantom of the Opera
9. Buy a down comforter
10. Own a hot tub
11. Only own 1 animal
12. Watch a whole General COnference
13. Do temple work for my great grandparents and all in between

Get the Thursday Thirteen code here!

The purpose of the meme is to get to know everyone who participates a little bit better every Thursday. Visiting fellow Thirteeners is encouraged! If you participate, leave the link to your Thirteen in others' comments. It’s easy, and fun! Trackbacks, pings, comment links accepted!


Hello chicas!
I have been working hard on the aprons so don't get mad at me for not posting!

I hope to have them done tomorrow so they can go into the mail Friday!

Today Bee and I went to fill up water balloons at a friend's house and about flooded her kitchen! The balloons kept popping off the water spout! LOL It was soo funny. We had to fill up about 150! I hope the girls had fun popping them! Bee ate their dog's food.

Do you ever catch your kid eating something that just makes you gag?
Tell me so I can be prepared!

Bee questions:
Who is the oldest person in your family you can remember knowing when you were a child? What do you remember about that person?

The oldest person I remember is GG, or Great Grandma. She is still alive and is 94 I believe. She is amazing! I remember that she lived outside of town on lots of acres that she still mowed with a push mower, when she was 78'ish. Then the family talked her into moving into town. She still had a full garden with all kinds of veggies. She would get soooo mad at the deer for eating her plants. She lived there for a long time after...10 years. By herself. Then the family talked her into moving into a trailer park closer to the hospital and family. She left the gas stove on without the pilot light lit. The family told her she had to go into a home then. She is in and out of the hospital now but she is 94!! I think she has put her time in!! :) Love you GG!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


So this is what we did for Family Home Evening, last night! Fishing and wheeling!!

This is Josh. (See Chris' butt again in the orange, in the water?!) Josh caught our dinner. Well kinda. They 'chickened' out! LOL It was suppose to be the the boys caught dinner and we ate it there. (I brought chicken just in case and for me and Bee. As I don't like fish.) Josh and Brittany brought chicken too, just in case!! :) So Josh catches the only fish of the night and they don't even eat it! We might as well had them over for turkey!! :) Just kidding.
It was really fun. Bee got to ride in the Ranger with his own seat belt. (I had my hand on him for all your mom's out there.) Then it got cold, so Bee rode back in the big truck with the Willens and Chris and I had some fun in the Ranger. I kinda like the thing now. I still want my own but it's a lot more fun when I'm not stressed about Bee.
And of course, what is a post with a picture of Bee!? He stayed in this chair for 4 hours last night. He is a great baby!!
Write more later!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Bee's question..I'll post more tomorrow!

To be honest, I have been kinda dreading these questions cuz they may not be pretty. But what past isn't without flaws so here we go!

What do you remember most about your father from your childhood? About your mother?
1. I remember dancing in our living to music on the radio. We would all take turns dancing with Dad. Even Mom. I loved watching them dance. I remember going to Mt Pilchuck to go wheeling in the snow and getting stuck. Then going back up there in the summer and hiking to Bear Lake. I remember him always working on the yard, raking rocks with his wheelbarrow, beer and Murphy, our dog! There is not a rock in that whole yard bigger than an inch..guaranteed!
I remember that my mom was always someone I could call. She worked for the school district and we could call her whenever. We never had to worry about our lunch money cuz mom knew the lunch lady! She liked the nightmare flowers and decorated our whole kitchen with them. We would travel to South Dakota/Denver to see our grandparents almost every year for Thankgiving. She would have everthing packed and we would pick dad up from work. She used to make dad's lunches everyday..(I do this for Chris). She was our biggest fan, no matter what we did.
(Well that wasn't too bad!)
Who were your grandparents? What do you remember about each of them? how old were you when your grandparents died?
On my dad's side Ben and Bev Carlson. I remember that Grandma made cinnamon rolls everytime we came. She would put caramel on the bottom. I didn't like it so I asked to have regular cinnamon rolls. I talked her into frosting too. Grandpa said that he liked my cinnamon rolls better, after many many years of marriage!! :) I remember Grandma always laughing at us. She would let us go in her sewing room and watch her quilt. We got to have hot chocolate when mom and dad were gone.
Grandpa liked being outside too, like Dad. He mowed his field one time we were there so him and his cat could walk around it for their health. Grandpa had three sheds. I don't know what they were for but we couldn't go in them. Every night deer would come into their field because they put water out for them. Grandpa loved them. Grandma and Grandpa had a really high bed. Grandpa used to be logger. He hurt his shoulder and has had a few surgeries on it. Grandma used to work at a mental hospital making sheets and stuff for them.
I love hearing their stories about raising my dad and uncles. They are so fun. We hope to visit them in South Dakota on our way to our next base. Maybe grandma will make me regular cinnamon rolls?!!
Grandma (Madeline) and Grandpa (Anthony -Tony) Slattery are on my mom's side.
Grandpa used to go for walks all the time. On the beach or just around the houses. He loved us and he shared his gummy bears with us. He liked to clean things. He was an accountant. He didn't like to fight. He whistled all the time. He loved it when I played the piano, especially Phantom of the Opera. He died my senior year of high school.
Grandma used to listen to us talkabout everything. We got to have Tang and sit at the table and talk grown-up stuff. We weren't allowed to touch her goose with pebbles in the bottom but we did and grandpa won't tell. They had a playground behing their old house that had hot (from the sun) slides and a HUGE green field. They moved to Seattle with us and lived on the island. It was nice having them close by to go to swim meets. Grandpa couldn't sit for long so he would watch what he could. We always got dresses from grandma for Christmas. Grandma died in 2005.

I think that's enough for at you later, gators! I'll write something interesting tomorrow, promise!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Trying to win a header!

Bee and I are trying to win a header for our blog! Momdot is having ANOTHER giveaway. You guys really should go over's way fun!
I hope this works guys! Chris is kinda tired of his butt being the first thing you see all the time!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

What we women do...

So I just spent the last 3.5 hours doing!

My hubby thinks I'm nuts.

The dogs are out of food.

The kids diaper needs changed.

And NO BODY stinkin won!!

I'm still laughing about the whole thing. Here's the deal:

Momdot had a contest this past week to see who the 763 commenter was and she won a prize. You had to use complete sentences and someone had to post between yours. So at about 750...the computer server went down!! LOL We were all freaking out. Someone wins but...
We get back on and Trish-the blog women checks for full sentences and no doubles!
So we wait until she's done and Trish wins!! LOL

So she said she is going to have another one like it next week and she can't win!! 3.5 hours people!! Now that's an addiction!!

On to aprons!
I won!! I won an award!!

How cool am I?

I'd like to thank Jill and Amelia and Erin and Mags and Nicci and Mal and welllll everybody!! Just thanks!

So now I have to give it to 5 people:

1.The Mom



4. Barbie, Bottle and Boys

5. Hip Homemaker!

So I choose different people then usual to widen the blogging world!!

1. Link back to this chica...she started it.
2.Tell people you awarded them.
3. Sign that thing at the bottom of mamadawg's page
4. enjoy your award!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Alrighty girls! I couldn't sleep this morning after my husband left for work, so I went blog surfing! I found all of these giveaways so go check them out!!

Momdot is hosting a bunch of giveaways this week. Check here. But I'll list the ones I'm playing in...cuz I get points and it takes awhile to find them!

Check this one out! Click here. It's for baby wipes that are allergy-free! Gotta love it!

Fun little snacks here...check it out.

Cool learning things for all ages...go here!

Go look at these AWESOME things! This lady is a genius!! Here

K there is a few....I gotta go take a shower! I'll add more later, Gators! Have fun!

Second-child Baby Showers

I don't know what's up with Blogger lately. I sign on and all my blog lists go crazy. I've tried my computer, internet...I got nothing. So there. I hope tomorrow is a better day for blogger.

As I was blog-surfing today, I ran across a blog that talked about second-child baby showers. Now she took the side of saying that it was rude. So it got me thinking...

What do you think about second/third/fourth baby showers?

Now I'm all for any kind of get-together where there's food and friends. Especially sweet ones. (That goes for both food and friends.) I don't think it's rude to have another baby shower, or be the spotlight if it's your second child. This lady was saying that it was rude to ask for gifts for the second child.
I have always been a fan of baby showers. It gets us ladies time to talk/brag about our kids and labors. It's kinda like fish/hunting stories with men. They get better with time. I don't think baby showers need to be centered around gifts, whether it's the first or seventh kid. It's about celebrating with Mom that she's going to go into labor soon! LOL No not really, but kinda.
I have always thought that you could have two baby for a boy and one for a girl. If you had all boys, tough luck...and vice versa. For those that don't find out what you are having, better ask for yellow and green stuff!
I think that second-child showers are actually better cuz you get the cool stuff. You've already done it once so you don't have to hear the horrible stories about no-sleeping-through-the-night until the kid is 13. Or how labor can last 12 years. You know the stuff we all tell first-time mom's to freak them out! Plus people already know that you have the car seat and stroller and you get blankets and clothes and cool stuff! Like (hint for my next child) those Nursing Hide-a things that Peas & Carrots sells! ------> go check them out over there. I want one bad...just gotta get prego first!
So comment away on your thoughts for baby showers!

Look at this little punk! (A week old)

Update: Check out this chicas site! How stinkin cute are these and she's having a giveaway!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Bee questions...

Who are your parents? What are their full names? Where and when were they born? Where did they grow up?

1. My parents are my parents. My mom works for the school district and my dad works for Boeing. They were both in the Air Force. That's where they met. My dad has been a miner. And my mom was a stay-at-mom with us while we grew up.
2. I'll leave their full names off of here but you would know them by Maimeo and Grandpa Carlson.
3. My mom was born in Ireland in 1959. And my dad was born in South Dakota 1956.
4. My mom grew up partly in Ireland, but mostly in Denver. My dad grew up in South Dakota.

I'm trying...

So I'm trying to organize my life. I'm feeling like a slacker lately. Especially in the housekeeping department. I HATE smelling house and that's what I have. I have two dogs and a cat. That should be enough to have to keep up with...but add in a chinchilla and a one-year old, and you have a mess. Oh plus a husband that hunts and fishes all weekend to bring me home, two loads of laundry, a sink full of fish guts and other little things. Did I mention that I only have three aprons done? I wanted them done this weekend but I got lazy. (See where I need to organize?)
So what are you schedules like?

Do you have a certain day for a certain chore? (Monday-laundry, Tuesday-floors) Or do you do everything everyday?

Well chicas, help a sister out cuz otherwise she's moving into another house without her family, living in her PJ's and only eating cereal!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Home made Oreos

I made Home made Oreos today while waiting not so patiently for him to get home from hunting/fishing. Here's a picture of the finish product. And the icing. And the kid that's gonna help me eat them!!

I made all kinds of brownie points with the boys when they got home. Fresh cookies are a way to any man's heart!
They didn't shoot anything but caught lots of fish. I'm so glad that we have friends that like fish! I'm totally not a fish fan. So if your in the neighborhood, let us know. We'll feed you fish, you bring the side dish!

Bee question of the day:
From which countries did your ancestors emigrate? How did they travel? When did they arrive? Where did they settle?
My mom came from Ireland when she was 8. My grandparents were born and raised there. On my dad's side, his paternal grandfather came from Sweden. He settled Hot Springs South Dakota. My dad's maternal grandparents settled Custer South Dakota. There's still a road named after my Grandma's maiden name. I don't know when they traveled or how. I plan to find out soon. I'm starting our family history this week.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

I forgot

I forgot to do Bee's questions today and yesterday so here they are! (feel free to copy them down for your munchkins or Mom)
1. What color was your hair when you were born?
What little hair I had was light brown. I didn't really grow hair until I was two'ish.

2. Were there any unusual circumstances surrounding your birth?
Aren't there with all births? I think they are all different. So with that said, yes there was. I was induced. Once my mom felt the contractions, it was 20 minutes until I was born. REALLY fast delivery...yeah for us! (I wish that on everyone!)

3. Who was president of the United States when you were born? Who was the president of the Church?
Ronald Reagan was president at the time, with Spencer W. Kimball president of the Church.

Combat fishing

This is Chris combat fishing. You stand this close to people because there are that many fish. See the ripple in the water, that's salmon. Hundreds. And big ones too. This is all the way around this bend in the river. See that group of people that are like a foot apart... That's the PRIME spot. They put fish out of here once about every two or three minutes. Now look at the lady with white hair and light blue weighters. She's cute isn't she? (No relation.) She was out there with her husband for as long as we were there. (four hours) She was about to give up and she pulled in the BIGGEST fish that I'd ever seen. See all those men, they were sooo jealous. Seriously it made me laugh that this chica beat all the boys! You go girl!!
And the other pictures are of my hot hubby, Chris. And of the glacier at the end of the river. Pretty cool huh? If you could up here, we'll go walking on the glacier. Anybody on a plane yet?
Well just call me when your plane lands.

August 1

This is Max. The second cutest kid in the whole world. He is almost 2 and knows his colors and says please and thank you. (Gotta love it!)

This is Bee and Max. Stinkin cute!!

We went to the pond right by our house and fed the geese and ducks some stale chips. In the end, there was 26 ducks and 6 Canadian geese!!

This is a family picture of the geese.

I'm not a big fan of Canadian geese. They are generally loud, mean and poop in your yard. But today in the pond I thought they were nice. Especially the gosling.

Friday, August 1, 2008

my ring

I know what you are thinkin ... she must have been a good girl!!

But sadly no, this is my wedding ring. When we were in Seattle, I took into the Shane Co. to get to cleaned and inspected. (Like you are suppose to every year :) They found a HUGE crack on one side, and a GINOMOUS one on the other side. The chick was like "You are so lucky to have brought this in when you did." The whole center...the four pink diamonds and center diamond are all connected and would have just fallen out!! Oh and one of my prongs was loose too.

So they said they would fix it and have it done the next week. I informed them that I live in Alaska. They said we will ship it and give you a tracking number to watch it. (How cool is that to see the little airplane with your package in it!!) So I got it yesterday!

I didn't realize how much I love my wedding ring until it was gone. I'm kinda fond of the little thing. So now it's all clean and fixed and better than new! Gotta love it!

Now to Bee's questions: When and where were you born? What was your weight and length? How tall are you now?
1.I was born in Colorado, 1983. (I'm gonna leave the details off for safety reasons. If someone freaky really wants to know, then they can spend the time to figure it out!)
2. I was 22inches long and weighed 7lbs 6oz.
3. I am 5'8" now but the military records say 5'6" cuz they lady who measured was like 3'5" and couldn't see the stupid line she made. I still wonder to this day how she did the 6 foot guys that come in!