Sunday, August 3, 2008

Home made Oreos

I made Home made Oreos today while waiting not so patiently for him to get home from hunting/fishing. Here's a picture of the finish product. And the icing. And the kid that's gonna help me eat them!!

I made all kinds of brownie points with the boys when they got home. Fresh cookies are a way to any man's heart!
They didn't shoot anything but caught lots of fish. I'm so glad that we have friends that like fish! I'm totally not a fish fan. So if your in the neighborhood, let us know. We'll feed you fish, you bring the side dish!

Bee question of the day:
From which countries did your ancestors emigrate? How did they travel? When did they arrive? Where did they settle?
My mom came from Ireland when she was 8. My grandparents were born and raised there. On my dad's side, his paternal grandfather came from Sweden. He settled Hot Springs South Dakota. My dad's maternal grandparents settled Custer South Dakota. There's still a road named after my Grandma's maiden name. I don't know when they traveled or how. I plan to find out soon. I'm starting our family history this week.

6 comments: said...

We love homemade oreo's here. I haven't made those in a while. I will have to add that to the list when I get my new apron.

I also like to use spice cake mix instead of chocolate sometimes. I know it sounds like a sin not to use chocolate in an oreo, but the spice cake is really yummy. Especially if you make cream cheese frosting (so easy)!

Kate said...

those look so yummy! You didn't say if they tasted good?! Also....recipe please? I have never made homemade oreos because the last picture I saw of them, they were awful looking, but those look heavenly!

Rachel H. said...

YUM, YUM, YUM! WOW! Those look great! Gonna try those for sure!

And I love the little questions you are doing. So cute!

amelia bedelia said...

You need to open a shop!! You sew and cook, and do both very well, Im super impressed, girl!!

jill jill bo bill said...

My mouth is watering...oreos...mmmm.
Can you add some in the apron package I am stealing from Amelia?

Mal N' Jon said...

You might have to share that receipe!