Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Krista

13 Things I wanna do before I am 60...
1. Go to the Washington DC temple
2. Read Harry Potter straight through
3. Go on a cruise to Grand Cayman Island
4. Finish those APRONS!!
5. Learn how to keep a clean house
6. Finally make a jean and t-shirt quilt
7. Put my feet into the Atlantic Ocean
8. Go see Phantom of the Opera
9. Buy a down comforter
10. Own a hot tub
11. Only own 1 animal
12. Watch a whole General COnference
13. Do temple work for my great grandparents and all in between

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Rachel H. said...

yOU DEFINITELY should buy a down comforter sooner than later.... nice to sleep with!

Staci said...

We went to to the Grand Cayman Islands when I was in high school. It is such a beautiful place, you should definitely try to go there!