Sunday, August 31, 2008

Embarrassing Moments Swimming Part 2

It was the summer of '69...ha ha! (I wasn't even thought of then!)

But for reals, it was the summer of 97. We went to a swim meet in Yakima WA. Now there are a few things that are different about Yakima then my hometown of Everett WA.
1. It is sunny...for at least 70% of the summer.
2. They have outdoor pools.
3. It's sunny...oh I already said that but it's important.

So we are driving over to this summer meet with my sister, mom and friend, Emily. My Mom gets pulled over by an Officer Friendly. He said she was caught speeding by an airplane. Now this is one of my Mom's best moments because she claims that they could catch her speeding by land, so they had to use an airplane. LOL

So we get over there, doing the speed limit after the airplane incident. We check out the pool and realize that we shaded goggles. So we bought some goggles that we will never use again. (You can't wear shaded goggles's kinda like wearing really dark sunglasses inside when it's raining...yeah I don't know when it rains inside but go with it...or we could say in the shower but I don't know anyone that wears sunglasses in the shower.) We get in the pool for warm-up. We have a relay...I know, back to the relays!

It's me, Emily, Erica (from the relay before) and Janae. Now this is a Medley Relay which means it's all four strokes...Backstroke, Breaststroke, Fly (this is Michael Phelps best stroke FYI) and Freestyle. Now being the superstar I am, I go first cuz I'm the backstroker! :)

We go up the the block to start. I jump in the water (I'm suppose to this time, it's where the backstrokers start). I'm so nervous about swimming in this outdoor pool, that I have my hand count down, that I'm going to do fly kick off the walls, that my crush is standing on the end of the pool cheering for me...later I found out it was for Erica but whateva!

Anyway I'll this is running through my head that I didn't hear the announcer say it's a 400 Medley Relay. (That means twice as much as I usually swim.)

I'm swimming along, doing my thing and get to the wall at 50 yds. Janae jumps in and goes about her business. I get to get out of the pool and my coach is yelling at me, Keep going, keep going!!

I'm totally confused cuz Janae is in the water swimming Breaststroke. Well obviously she hadn't heard the announcer either cuz she is still swimming. So I get out of the water and Janae just has to do her hundred. We were disqualified anyway but they might as well get the times for their strokes.

So we finish FIRST!! But we got DQ! (Are you seeing a tread here?)

The worse part is everyone on the side lines, my crush included, just thought I couldn't count to four. (That's how many links of the pool a 100yd is).

So I get to practice the next Monday and they all have banners, signs and everything else big with 1 2 3 4 on it. Then the whole team would count for me after each set in practice.

We'd have to do 10 100 yd swims and the coach would say, "Krista, that's down and back, down and back..10 times!" LOL Oh I forgot to laugh ! LOL

You needless to say I was the joke of the swim team for the rest of the summer. Thanks guys!


JenniBeanV said...

Oh nooooooo!

I hope after you tell us all of these stories you are going to tell us one where you saved the day and won the race for the whole team and they carried you on their shoulders and poured gatorade on you...

Rachel H. said...

WOW! waaaayyy embarrassing! :)

Love hearing these stories--they make me laugh!

Shelle said...

hahahahaha! At least you weren't the only one this time! I have many dance embarrassing stories also...but I'm waiting to pull out the video transfer thing so you guys can see it in action!