Saturday, August 2, 2008

I forgot

I forgot to do Bee's questions today and yesterday so here they are! (feel free to copy them down for your munchkins or Mom)
1. What color was your hair when you were born?
What little hair I had was light brown. I didn't really grow hair until I was two'ish.

2. Were there any unusual circumstances surrounding your birth?
Aren't there with all births? I think they are all different. So with that said, yes there was. I was induced. Once my mom felt the contractions, it was 20 minutes until I was born. REALLY fast delivery...yeah for us! (I wish that on everyone!)

3. Who was president of the United States when you were born? Who was the president of the Church?
Ronald Reagan was president at the time, with Spencer W. Kimball president of the Church.

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