Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Working on my list!

I carry this book around with me. I figure I better take a picture before the whole thing falls apart. I'm over halfway done with this book.
I also paid for someone behind me in the drive through. I got a gift card from a friend to Starbucks. We don't have Starbucks in little Alamogordo so my trip today to El Paso, I got a drink for the ride home and gave the rest to the lady behind me. It may not pay for the whole drink BUT it helped when drinks are stinking $5!!!
I haven't been to Starbucks in a long time and it was before I was poor! Cuz there's NO WAY that I would pay $5 for a drink everyday right now. In fact, I put back $20 jeans cuz I thought they were too expensive. And that's only 4 days of drinks!!
Back in my single days, I would buy a hot chocolate like every day. No wonder my bank accounts were always overdrawn!! LOL

Saturday, March 13, 2010

My boys

 This is a trip to ABQ for one of Glo bug's follow ups.  It's in the hotel

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


These are the four fish Chris caught yesterday.

We got up and I decided we needed to do SOMETHING. Anything I said.

Chris picks fishing. So we drove up to Inn at the Mountain of Gods (Ruidoso) and got a permit.

This is what the resort looks like. It's a 6 story building with a 3 story fountain. It has a casino, and a large enough conference center to hold concerts like Blake Shelton, and a golf course that the pros play on. It's pretty nice stuff.

Oh yeah, did I mention there was snow on the ground? It was like fishing in Alaska all over again!

We were fishing over next to that building but Chris wasn't getting anything. So we decided to hike around the lake.
So Bee, Chris, Glo bug in his car seat and I picked up everything and hiked around the lake. About a mile and half later, (45 minutes ha ha) Chris found the perfect spot. He caught 3 fish in 15 minutes.
Then his mean wife said it was 5pm and we had to go. (It was windy, our hands were frozen and the sun was going to set in 30 minutes.) So we hoofed it back to the truck.
Bee cried the whole way back because he kept tripping and his hands were frozen popsicles. Oh was a family adventure, for sure.
I get the Best Wife award that day cuz I hiked, carrying Glo bug in his carseat, around the lake.
But it really was fun. And I'm so glad we got out of the house. It's easy to get cabin-fever with a newborn. You just gotta get out. I gotta make myself do it.