Saturday, August 2, 2008

August 1

This is Max. The second cutest kid in the whole world. He is almost 2 and knows his colors and says please and thank you. (Gotta love it!)

This is Bee and Max. Stinkin cute!!

We went to the pond right by our house and fed the geese and ducks some stale chips. In the end, there was 26 ducks and 6 Canadian geese!!

This is a family picture of the geese.

I'm not a big fan of Canadian geese. They are generally loud, mean and poop in your yard. But today in the pond I thought they were nice. Especially the gosling.


Nicci said...

How cute! The little one with the pacifier in his mouth is the cutest!!! He looks like he's having a good time feeding the ducks

paul said...

I told you I was a total blog stalker!!- you know I came straight home and checked out your blog- ha ha! I looove the pics- you forgot to put one of the best lifesaver babysitter ever!! I cannot thank you enough! I felt so comfortable leaving Max with you and I know he loved it- thank you, thank you, thank you! We had so much fun watching the combat fishing- thanks for all the info you shared with us and the chairs, and the rope for Moose and everything else! Brittany and Josh are lucky to have you guys as friends and they couldn't say enough good things about you- I can't wait to stay friends through blogging- I will start one soon. :0) Thanks again! We can't wait to go back to Alaska!! -Sara

Rachel H. said...

cute, cute, cute....seroiusly doesn't get much cuter than that!