Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Word Verification thingy

Hi girls!

How's your world? My world is great. We have a busy week here at the W's house. Plum full of all kinds of fun things like making taffy and quilting and swimming time.

I have a spare ten minutes to go around the blogsphere and visit your site.

I enjoy it. Really I really do.

But I'm about ready to throw a sock at you that STILL have your word verification thingy on your comments. It's going to be a dirty sock too!

I don't know what it is about those stupid things but it takes me at least twice to get it right. (Don't laugh, you do it too!)

I haven't had the word veri- thing on for quite some time. I haven't EVER gotten SPAM.

And so what if I did, I would think I was cool that I got a comment! (And then I'd realize it was just spam and I would delete it.)

(And then I would have that cool thing that says "Comment deleted by the admin." And you people would comment, saying I wonder what that comment said and who it was from. And I would get more comments.)

And really that's all that's important in life is comments, right?

No? Really? Are you sure you aren't in denial?

Okay maybe there are a FEW things more important than comments, but it's a short list. Like water and chocolate and underwear.

So go turn it off right now!! (Or at least tell me why you think you need it.) (It better be a good excuse too cuz I'm thinking of boycotting all word verification comment posts!)

Yes you heard me, BOYCOTTING!!

If you want comments from littl' ole' me....CHANGE IT!!

I heart you all!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

See that chandler right there? I get to clean it on Wednesday!!

OKAY I know what you are thinking...she's lost it. Why is she going crazy about cleaning...and cleaning a chandler??

Well it's in the temple. And we have to take all the Hungarian crystals off and clean them. How cool is that. I'm so excited that I get to help clean one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.

I just stare at it when I go through. It's really something to just look at. Now I just have to find someone to watch Bee for 3 hours!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Women's Meeting

Relief Society Meeting was today. It was great like always.

I didn't get all the notes that I wanted but thankfully it will be in the Ensign conference issue. Gotta love that.

Some of the notes that I wrote down were:

Relief Society was a part of the Restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. And it has been in ancient times also.
I guess I never thought about that. If the Lord made all types of programs of our church, of course He made the Relief Society. And how cool is that that we are a part of something, us women that other women were a part of!

Relief Society has three purposes: To do our part, strengthens families and service to the Lord.
Every meeting is to strengthen sisters.

We have 128 temples in service today. That is amazing!!

Pay tithing equals Blessings

There's no need to go in search for people to help. Most our in our reach within our ward, visiting teachees, RS meetings, etc.

Rejoice in blessings of the Church.

We are treasured daughter of Heavenly Father. (I have always heard that we are daughters but never treasured. It's true. We are counted and taking care of like jewels.)

The more you rely on the Spirit the more creative you will be.

Work will cure your grief...serve the Lord.

That's about all I got. I'm sure I missed a whole bunch. I can't wait until General Conference next week. I can't wait to see what the Authorities have to say!

I want to know what you got from the meeting...share away. (And if you aren't LDS, I'll have the link up soon, when it comes out.)

Friday, September 26, 2008


Who needs chocolate? I totally do today, if you know what I mean!!

So I was surfing around the internet and this is what I found for us!!

Click here.

5 Minute Chocolate Cake....how can you go wrong?? (Except the microwave clean up but it's the price to pay for chocolate cake!!)

Speaking of cakes...I've been meaning to blog about this site. This company is amazing, seriously. Go check it out. You will be amazed!

I so want to be able to get one of those cakes for some kind of occasion. The guy emailed me and said he would do just about anything.

I hope they taste just as good as they look!

I'm going to make this right now. Want some??

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Holy cow!!

Okay seriously I just read this and my mouth is still open, gaping open!! Like just stunned.

Go check this out and come back to tell me what you think!


Did you do it? Are you as shocked as I am?

I don't think I'm okay with this. Anywhere near okay with it. 75% of that guys menu!! Is his wife providing the milk? Does he hire 'wet nurses'?

I totally understand breastfeeding is the best...FOR YOUR BABY. I had some trouble with breastfeeding and could only do it for 2 months. My hubby and I had a brief discussion about hiring a wet nurse for Bee. It was brief and decided that would be too weird. Second, everything this woman ate, my kid would eat.

Bee wasn't too picky on what I ate while breastfeeding but I have friends that can't drink milk, or eat onions, or stuff like that because it makes their kids' tummy hurt. Now this is good for us moms. We know our kids. We know what we eat is good. I'm not going to eat ice cream that has a after taste of taco salad or McDonald's.

Cows eat grass. Cows eat oats and stuff too right? (I don't know, I've only had horses.) It's pretty bland stuff either way. Gertude's milk is pretty much the same as Betsy's milk because they eat grass. I like cows milk. I think it tastes good. (Especially with Oreo's)

Call me gross but I think we, mothers, have all done it. I've tasted my milk before. Not like a glass but a drip. It tastes NOTHING like cows milk. And it changes with what I eat.

Is this guy going to have these women just eat grass, or oats, or rice or what? I mean how is he going to control the taste of the breast milk?

Third, how would the FDA approve something like that, that can change so much? And who's to say his wife isn't smoking pot behind the shed. (She's gotta be smoking something to agree to this!! I'm just saying!)
What are your thoughts on this? Would you buy it?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I loved learning about all y'alls! So fun! Thanks for playing!

The lucky number was 35...Mallorie!!

"11. I think I love one of my dogs more then the other and it makes me nervous to have kids.

12. I'm dying to get into photography... DYING" says Mallorie

Mal- I was thinking this but red to match your house. Thougts?

I'm so grateful for you guys! I really do heart you all!

Maybe for Christmas I'll have another one and make someone else one!

I hope your day is great like mine!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

100 & a GIVEAWAY!!

So this is my 100th post!! I'm so excited. Now I play with the big girls!!

So in order to celebrate I'm going to have 100 things about me and a giveaway!!

1. I love to blog. Like really, really enjoy it!!

2. I was named after my aunts, Kristine and Colette.

3. I'm not a very good housekeeper.

4. I love dark chocolate.

5. I am obsessed with Desperate Housewives. (I don't have TV so I have to read about it)
6. I love that all the new fashion has capped sleeves.

7. My husband thinks I'm a mix between Lynette and Susan from Desperate Housewives.

8. I watched the whole season of Big Brother 9 on the internet.

9. I am making 3 quilts right now. One by hand, and two for a friend!

10. I like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

11. All my toes are broken from swimming.

12. I really love playing Wii.

13. I wear size 13 jeans.

14. I wish I was a 10 but I think I'm okay with 13.

15. We have an chinchilla. His name is Rosco.

16. I brush my teeth when I read books, no paste.

17. I'm part of a book club.

18. I hate it when my kid doesn't go to sleep when I say!

19. I have always wanted to get a tattoo on my foot.

20. I had a Honda in high school.

21. I didn't check the oil in the whole year I drove it and seized the engine.

22. I got another Honda for my senior year. Also didn't check the oil but my dad learned his lesson and caught it just before it would have seized! :)

23. My favorite movie is American President with Michael Douglas.

24. Meet Joe Black is a close second.

25. I make best friends, not acquaintances.

26. I have been friends with Nicci for 17 years.

27. I have played the piano for 22 years.

28. I hate being ditched. You can cancel all you want on me, but at least have the courtesy to text/call.

29. I have lived in 5 states.

30. When I go back to school, I think I want to be a midwife.

31. I have been in five accidents. (1. My mom was driving to piano lessons. 2) My high school friend was driving and we hit a car. 3) I tapped the back of a car while talking to my sister. 4) Chris was driving and got backed into. 5) Some chick ran a stop sign and hit my car.

32. I have to sleep with a blanket between my knees.

33. I am not allowed to tell my husband my dreams because they are too weird.

34. I have never had a fling, only long term boyfriends.

35. I have written in a journal since I was 12.

36. I believe that there are boy chores like the trash, mowing the lawn and cleaning out the drains.

37. I wish I could go back to high school and do it again. I had so much fun but I would change a few things.

38. I love reality tv shows, even before they were the only thing on.

39. I get Strawberry Banana Rendezvous at Cold Stone.

40. I love walking on beaches of all kinds.

41. One of my nicknames is Jellyfish Killer.

42. Everytime I hear the song Triller I have to dance.

43. I hate having my birthday close to Christmas.

44. I refuse to have a baby in December, so I track my ovulation schedule.

45. I'm very proud of my husband for serving in the Air Force.

46. I am a member of the Church of Latter-Day Saints. (Mormon)

47. My face still breaks out.

48. I am scared of snakes.

49. My favorite animal is beluga whales.

50. Happy halfway! THis is hard. I read all my friends updated blogs every day.

51. My biggest pet peeve is people touching my feet.

52. My favorite chore is cleaning the kitchen.

53. My favorite meal to cook is homemade waffles.

54. The meal I cook most often is pancakes or French toast.

55. I can't wait to move back to the 'Lower 48.'

56. I don't hit the snooze button very often.

57. I prefer to drink Coke out of a bottle.

58. I love the orange pop at McDonald's.

59. I love my Ugg boots.

60. I wish I had a garden to grow food.

61. I have a small food storage.

62. I don't know how to put make up on.

63. I have never gotten into a fist fight except with my sister.

64. I don't think there is any excuse for cheating.

65. I hate plucking my eyebrows!

66. I am a big baby when I am sick.

67. I enjoy quilting and do it more than I should.

68. I have two graduation quilts. One from my mom and the other from my grandma.

69. My favorite color sheets is white. It's just so clean.

70. I don't wear jewelry except my wedding ring.

71. I would love to decorate other people's houses but I would have to do it all my way! :)

72. I have only colored my hair once.

73. I want to work in a florist store.

74. I want to visit all fifty states.

75. I want to go on a senior mission with my husband.

76. I love my layout on my blog.

77. I wish the Christmas spirit was year round.

78. I don't like New Year's Eve. I think it's just another reason for people to drink.

79. I got a bug bite on my honeymoon on my leg. I still have the bump.

80. I went camping in Canada for my honeymoon.

81. I wear size 1 dress to Prom.

82. I was anorexic.

83. I enjoy food a lot now!!

84. My favorite food is French toast.

85. I wish I could wear long dresses like the pioneers.

86. I put pudding in my cakes.

87. I love reading the labels of food like Snapple caps and Laffy Taffy jokes.

88. I don't have any plants in my house. I would kill them if I did.

89. I have really long fingers, perfect for blogging and playing the piano.

90. I don't have an apron.

91. I used to hate the color brown but now I really like it.

92. I like watching Judge Judy.

93. I don't drink alcohol or do drugs.

94. I get sick when I drink orange juice but it's so good.

95. I can French braid my hair.

96. I have a crush on Edward Cullen but he has dark hair.

97. I only have one sister and lots of brother and sister in laws.

98. I want to be pregnant now. (Send your happy thoughts this way!)

99. I can't wait until I see how many people comment on my blog tomorrow.

100. I really enjoy you guys reading all this stuff!!

And to the giveaway, comment on this post and you will be entered a chance to have me make you a wall quilt!! (I haven't decided on a pattern yet so you can help with that.)
The contest ends tonight at midnight so tell all your friends to get over here! (Or don't, more chances for you!)

If you tell me 2 things about yourself, you can comment as many times as you like.

Monday, September 22, 2008


This is my 99th post! I'm sooo excited!

Tomorrow is going to be a giveaway and 100 things about me. I don't know what to write about today!!

I'm going to do a little survey! (Make sure you check back tomorrow!)


When was the last time you had your hair cut/trimmed?
I just got my hair cut two weeks ago. I cut about 12 inches off. I tried to donate it to those places BUT I had it layered a few months ago and it has to be the same length! Dang!


Name one thing you miss about being a child.
I really miss not EVER being out of breath! I could jump on the trampoline for hours, and not run out of breath. How in shape I was!


Pick one: butter, margarine, olive oil.
I buy the big tub of whatever they have at Costco. The five pound one!! Yes that's how I roll. But for cooking usually use butter. But a friend told me olive oil is better for you so I'm going to try and use that. We'll see!
Main Course

If you could learn another language, which one would you pick, and why?
I would learn to speak Spanish. I took Spanish in high school but have lost it all. There are so many uses for Spanish. Especially in different places of the world. I hope to learn it again some day.


Finish this sentence: In 5 years I expect to be…
Living in a different state, with another kid or two, learned how to keep a clean house, be happy with my house, and enjoy time with my kid!!

Come back tomorrow!!

Bee questions...

As a young child, what did you look like?
I looked like a girlie girl. I always had a side ponytail or some sort of bow in my hair! I loved dresses that twirl!

What is the earliest thing you remember?
I remember living in Granite Falls. I remember the ponds we had, that they did construction on the bridge to our house and we had to drive across to broads and I was really scared. I remember going for walks with Grandma. I remember that dad would go fishing. We had some holiday in that house, Easter I think and got presents. There was a loft in the house where all our stuffed animals 'lived'!

Who were you best friends in your early years? Did you ever have sleepovers?
Kassy, my sister, was always my friend when I was younger. We had friends in our neighborhood like Eli, Sarah T and Laurie. We would have sleepovers with us four girls, Sarah laurie, Kassy and I. Then as we got older, I had Nicci as a friend. We would trade houses every other weekend to spend the night. Then in junior high I met Aimee and Julie. We now had four houses to go between every weekend for sleepovers.

What kinds of things did you like to do? What were your favorite childhood games to play?
I like the trampoline, riding bikes and playing in the front yard when it wasn't raining. When it's raining we would play in our rooms, with Barbie and our cat and dog. We played hide and seek. We played Sorry and Candyland and Battleship and Trouble. And with our family we played Rummikub and Scattergories.

Who pulled your teeth when they were loose? How much did the tooth fairy leave for a lost tooth?
My mom would pull my teeth out when I told her about them. I would hide them from her. I swallowed a tooth cuz I didn't want to tell her. The tooth fairy would give us dollar or fifty cent per tooth.

What was the climate of the area where you grew up?
I grew up in Northwest Washington. It was rainy most days in the winter. I remember it snowing once or two a year but melting the next day. I think we had one Halloween that it didn't rain. In the summers it was a toss up if it would rain or not.

What was your favorite toy?
I had a doll named Amy. She was my favorite toy. I could play with her hair or dress up or sleep with her. She was where ever I was!

How many pets did you have? Which one was your favorite pet?
We had a bunny, Strawberry, a dog Murphy, and a cat Jumpers. I like them all but our kitty was my favorite. I would sneak her into my bedroom at night and have her sleep on my waterbed. (Yes a cat with claws on a waterbed..hence the sneaking in!)

That's enough for today!

Desperate Housewives

This was on my friend's blog awhile ago! I thought it was soo funny!

I guess this just means we are all Princesses in hiding!!

What would you say about your Prince Charming in this conversation??

My husband is a perfectionist!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

My sister!

So my sister had a rough week. To make a short story, her vacation to Las Vegas and Maui got canceled. So she had the tickets transfered up here to ANCHORAGE! I know, what was she thinking? Trading sun, and even a light bit of warmth for our 45 degree days with rain!
But she is up in Anchorage for her Birthday! She now 23 and hot! (I'll get pictures later.)

So I wanted to say how great she was. She graduated college this year. She is a great person. If I ever need anything, I know I can call her. She is always up for a good story or adventure! (Note coming to Anchorage in September.)

She loves Connor like he is the best thing since chocolate and spoils him rotten.

She is so fun to be around and always makes even standing in line interesting!

I love her and I'm so glad that she decided to spend such a fun day with us! Happy Birthday Forest! I hope you have fun up here!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm missing..

I have been missing because it's been kinda a crazy week around here. My hubby, having a weird work schedule, went to work last night at 5pm and took his laptop!! Oh rude, doesn't he know I NEED to blog!!?
Well anyway we are in the process of buying another desktop. There are quite pricey these days! (What the heck is a quad or duo anyway?)
So that is my excuse for lack of blogs.
And I'm getting really close to my 100th post and don't know what to do!!

! Ideas!! Thanks, just leave them in the comment box!

K I'm going to bed now cuz I have been up for 15 hours. See in the manana!

Really cool!

Okay girls! You need to go to this site! Seriously, yum!!

OKAy now that you are back, you can go to momdot.com and win some of her stuff! How cool is that??!! OKAY go NOW!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bee's questions..

OK so I was cleaning off the computer desk and realized I haven't done Bee's questions in like a month. (Actually exactly a month!) So I'm going to answer a whole bunch. You guys don't have to read this. I'll post another post later today!

Where was your first home?
I don't remember my first couple of homes but the one I do remember is the one in Marysville. It was in a neighborhood around Kellogg Marsh. Lots of kids and nice people.
What are your earliest memories of your home?
Getting the trampoline from Costco, remodeling my bedroom with dark green carpet, playing with Eli and Sarah, knowing that Mom was coming down the hall by a board that squeak in my room if you stepped on it in the hallway. Murphy sitting in the road, our dog, making sure the cars slowed down.

What was the yard like?
The front yards stayed the same for the most part. There was the front yard in front of the house that had a monkey tree in it and a big chinese plum tree. The rest was grass. The front side yard was all grass except the 'fence' which was trees. We didn't play over there much cuz my Mom couldn't see us from the house and the dogs pooped over there.
The backyard was big. A lot and half. There was in the trampoline, sled for the lawn mower and stuff, a bunny cage, a unfinished playhouse, a swing set, a tire swing from a big group of trees, and the rest was grass. My dad spent YEARS digging up the rocks in the yard to make it even. It was his therapy.

What was your room like?
When we first moved in it had yucky green puke carpet and white walls. After awhile we decorated our rooms. I got to choose what it was like. I picked a border paper with quilts on it. (Go figure.) We matched the wall paper and painted the top half pink. I had a water bed. A closet organizer and a whole lot of stuffed animals.

What was your favorite thing in the house or yard?
My favorite thing was my water bed and the trampoline. I was always warm at night. And I always had something to do outside, friends or not. I wish I had one now cuz I'd be one skinny mama!! :)

Where has your family lived since that time?
My parents built a house on top of the hill, overlooking Marysville High School when I was in high school. My dad was in Paris most of the time so it was really my mom's house. It was huge. We had lots of parties. Two living rooms. All on five arces so we could ride our quads and dad his tractor. We made trails and all kinds of stuff.

What did your family do for fun when you were a child?
Well Mom, Kassy and I would spend pretty much very nice day out on the boat in the summer time. We would water ski, tube and sunbathe. It was great. We would go to the Oregon sand dunes every year with a big group of friends. We would go see grandmas and grandpas in Colorado and South Dakota every year for thanksgiving.

What did you talk about at dinner?
We normally had dinner in front of the TV. It was our family time. We would talk in between commercials but that was it. We weren't much for our dinner table. We would try for awhile but fall back into old habits.

Was there a chore you hated doing as a child?
I hated feeding the bunny. There was spider webs, spiders and bugs back behind the playhouse. I hated dealing with the wet, gross smelling bunny food. She didn't like us much so that didn't help. (I don't know why she didn't like us, we probably fed her once a week, if we remembered and hardly ever pet her. Poor bunny.)

What appliances did you have (or not have) in your home?
I think we had all of them of the time. Dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, extra freezer, garage disposal, and I think that's it.

Did you have any favorite uncles, aunts or cousins growning up? Who were they, ad what did you admire most about them?
I don't think I had favorites. We only lived around a couple uncles. We would see them around holidays and birthdays but nothing too special. But of our uncles lived with us at one point for a little bit, but I don't remember much of it. I had one cousin that I grew up with Casey. She was in between Kassy and I in age. We would do most things with her but still I wouldn't say she was a favorite.

What are you favorite memories of the trips you took together as a family?
Going to the dunes was always fun because we could go to the beach and look for whales, pick up jellyfish and shells, and just ride around.
Going back to SOuth Dakota was fun because we would go to Hot Springs to Evan's Plunge most times. Grandma's house in Colorado had a park in the backyard. And gummy bears.

I think that's enough for today. I need to write a real blog!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Hi Kids!

Hello Y'All!
I have been missing. I actually had an exciting weekend that I will write about when I am able to put up pictures, from my NEWW CAMERA!!!! I know you are all so excited.

We got our PFD's (Money from Alaska state) and paid off our bills, bought a new camera and are going to buy a new computer because ours died this morning. (Like was screaming at me when I woke up this morning. Seriously screaming!! Yikes. It was like someone who holding down a key, but I unhooked the keyboard and everything. It's just died. Which I'm okay with cuz I wanted a new one anyway for my new camera!)

So I'll post later with pictures!

I heart you guys!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

For Mr Bee

Tonight I write a note to my little boy, Bee.

Hey my Turkey-
Last night was one of the hardest nights I've ever had with you. You were up every hour, if not twice or three times. I couldn't figure out what was wrong. I changed you. I rocked you to sleep. I sang to you. We tried drinking water. Nothing worked.
It didn't help that your dad was out of town, hunting for moose with Grandpa Waggoner.
I prayed that I would know what was the matter with you. I prayed hard. Then the next time I woke up, you had a stuffed up nose. You don't get these very often and when you have in the past, you have been teething.
Sure enough, we turn on the light and you are pushing through not one, not two, not even three teeth but FOUR! All at the same time. No wonder you were in so much pain. You are making your 'stomach' teeth, as some call them. No wonder you threw your beloved Goldfish crackers on the ground. Poor fellow!
I'm not sure why you decide to push your teeth through when your dad is gone. It happened when he was gone in February too! It's hard on your mom to do it by herself.
So now I know what your crying is about, we went to the library today and got new books. We sat and snuggled in the purple chair. I'm sure the next couple days will be tough but at least now I know what's going on.
Do you think next time you could warn me? I mean we could rearrange dad's hunting schedule or something! :)
I love you, Little Man! I'm so glad that you are my son. You are one of the best things to ever to happen to me. I love you so much. Please don't forget that.

Heart you,
your mom

Thursday, September 11, 2008


September 11 is the reason for so many things in my life.

It's the reason why:

*I'm not married to my high school boyfriend.

*I'm a military wife.

*I'm so proud of my husband.

*two of our best friends are being sent to Iraq in February.

*I cry every time I hear the Star Spangled banner.

*the new Carrie Underwood song "Just a dream" touches ALL my heart strings.

*I get so mad when people don't stand or take their hats off for the flag.

*I get so angry at people that don't respect the military.

There are so many more things that this ONE day/event affected my life. And other's too.

I'm so very grateful for the country that I live in. I'm so grateful to all the soldiers over there and going over there now. For the ones that have been, thanks.

I know it's not easy being away from your families. Just know that we love you, pray for you and are so grateful for what you do.

Thank you for your service. We love you!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


My friend Nicci, called me last night and asked if I could make her a quilt! Of course, I said. This is the pattern she picked out. I really like it. I hope she does when it's all finished.

This got me thinking about starting up my own store online selling some of the stuff I make...aprons, purses, baby blankets, quilts. What do you girls think? What would you buy? What would you pay for a homemade quilt? $50, $200?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

If I only had..

I realized I didn't blog about Time Out for Women!! I'll have to do that tomorrow when i have more time!

But one of the songs Hilary Weeks sang was her new one called, If I only had today..
It is amazing. I'm totally not one to listen to the words of a song unless I really like it. Well I started to cry during the conference when she sang this song. Seriously, like tears and everything, in front of God and everybody!! I know, dumb, right?? :)

OK so here are the lyrics for those that want to read it, others just scroll down to my questions...

It seems like I've watched a million sunsets
And stared at a thousands full moons
Sometimes it feels like I've been here forever
And sometimes it all feels brand new

I could never count the hearts beats
from the day I was born until now
But not a single one goes unnoticed
By Him who breathes life in me somehow

But if there were no more tomorrows
If I knew that I could not stay
I know how I'd spend every moment
If I only had today

I'd hold you and listen
And I'd let the dishes sit in the sink (how true is that?)
I'd tell you I loved you over and over
And for once I'd just let the phone ring (Wow yup I need to do that too)
Then I'd remind you of forever
And how our love would never change
If I only had today

I'd wake up before the sun did (Remember when you were first married you used to do this?)
And I'd watch as you quietly sleep
I'd pray for time to move slowly
Knowing the moment won't keep

All the gifts that Heaven has given
Every blessing that's come my way
Wouldn't mean anything without you
So if I only had today

I'd hold you and listen
I'd memorize every detail of your face
I'd tell you I loved you over and over
I wouldn't let excuses get in the way
Then I'd remind you of forever
And how our love would never change
If only had today

There's no time like present
Life doesn't come with any guarantees
The sun will set and time won't wait

So while I have today...chorus.

Now I think this hit me more than most people because my hubby is military. At any given moment he can be called to Iraq. He could be called to Korea. He could be called to Russia, or the country of Georgia. I have a wonderful friend who's husband is leaving in February for 'the desert' or Iraq for a year. It just brings this a little closer to home. Now because Chris is in the Air Force it's not likely that this will happen but it's still military. Chris' life isn't his, it's the government's. We love it, don't get me wrong. There's just prices that people sometimes forget.

(I'm not talking about suicide here people so don't even go there. I'm talking about if you knew you only had one day left.)

If I only had one more day, I would write love letters for everyone that's important to me, so they could have a peaceful grieving.
I would hug my kid so much he would probably be bruised! :)
I would smother my hubby and kid with sooo many kisses.
I would call my parents, share the Gospel with them.
I would watch the sunset with my hubby. I would have French toast for dinner. I would pray for it not to be painful for my hubby and family. I'd take a picture of myself.

So my question to you is, what would you do if you only had today?
(Would you fly to Disneyland, spend all your money, eat all the chocolate in reach??)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

I'm having an emotional Sunday..

My hubby has left for another hunting trip. He is off with his dad in the great unknown of Alaska. Area 20a if you wanna look it up. There's nothing there, not even roads. I am kinda missing him already and he just left this morning.

I'm feeling like I really want to be pregnant. I want to have another munchkin running around here. I know it will come in time. I really don't want to pay the $400 for the medication right now.(And I need a hubby around to do this sort of thing sooo..)

I'm just going to sit around here today and moop about how everyone else is pregnant, and not me. Yes EVERYONE else!! :) Made you think, huh, Jill and Amy!?!

Funny story about that. I used to work with a lady that was pretty open about her sex life. Most of the time, I tuned her out. But we would all give her a bad time about how she was too old for that stuff and comments like that. (She was 42...so not too old for that but just had to give her a bad time.) Well anyway she was telling us about how she was going through 'the change' as she would call it. She hadn't had her visit regularly for some time. At one point, she said "My boobs hurt." We all laughed and said she was pregnant. She would get so mad when we said that cuz she was a little upset that 'the change' was happening so quickly. Well anyway to make a long story short...she was pregnant. 4 months pregnant!! The funny thing about it is she already had an Oops baby!! (Her kids were 18, 15, 13 and 6...see the oops baby there at the end! Well now she has oh crap, I thought we were going to retire next year baby!! LOL Needless to say, she's not retiring anytime so, or her husband.) Did I mention that he was fixed?!! LOL

Now what are you thinking about Jill? Amy?? :)

UPDATE: Chris and I have been trying to have a munchkin since we were 'cleared' after we had Bee. We want 6 kids and I don't wanna be an old mom so we have been trying. The medicine is the fertility meds...the military won't pay for it so that's how much it costs. Just to answer a couple questions.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Embarrassing Moments Swimming part 3

(I always think Embarrassing is spelled wrong!)

So on to moment number 3! For all you boy readers...this isn't your kinda post. You have been warned.

So the first year I started swimming competitively, I started being visited by Aunt Flow. I think it's bad enough being a girl with Aunt Flow around but to have to deal with it everyday in the water with your crushes around is down right horrible!!

So I'm sure you girls know where this story is going but it must be told. I was told by my mother how tampons work. I had the picture from the box in hand and did what was needed. I go out to the pool deck and my friend at the time says " Your string is showing." Thank goodness no one else saw so I ran back into the locker room and tucked in said string and walked back out!

I'm doing my thing, putting on my swim cap and goggles, getting ready to get in the pool. I do one last wedgie check, (sliding the two index finger on the hem of your swim around your bum) before jumping in the pool. WELL...

The wedgie check was not such a good idea. My finger got caught on the said string, from above, and popped right out of my suit on to the pool deck!!!

Not only was I totally embarrassed, all the boys were totally grossed out. (These are boys ranging from 8-18 years old.) I'm sure I traumatized at least 5 of them!

Any way, my cool self tried to blow it off, picking it up and walking over to the trash can and throwing it away. It would have worked too if the lifeguard didn't come running over and yelling at everyone to not step where it was. He blocked off the WHOLE swim deck around the area and had to clean it with special stuff. Everybody had to get out of the pool because the special stuff could contaminate the water!
Needless to say, I spent the rest of practice in the locker room. And I don't think I went to practice the next day either!

Now how's that for drama? Can you top that?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

So I left my camera...

So I left my camera in the truck so no glacier pictures today. Sorry.

I have been hanging out over at Momdot.com. I have won some stuff over there. Plus those chicks are real. Anyway they are giving away this awesome stroller that I NEED!! (You can try for it too...just click here.) Then you need to follow the rules and go here.

So there. I did my part for your fellow moms and aunts and sisters today by letting you know what this awesome stroller. Don't try too hard to win cuz I'm gonna get it!!

Brittany and I made pillows today. I forgot to take a picture with my camera that's in the truck so you'll have to wait for those tomorrow too.

I was thinking it's about time for another giveaway....any ideas??

Monday, September 1, 2008

The Willen's

We had a great weekend, here at the Waggoner house.
Chris got home Thursday morning and surprised me! (I was expecting him home Friday morning.) So we had a relaxing Thursday. I went to book club with Brittany. (I didn't even finish the book...Edward was calling me!)
Friday was a great day too! We did absolutely NOTHING!! It's nice sometimes to just have a family day and lay around in your PJ's.
Saturday we went to the Willen's for an impromptu dinner of Papa Murphy's pizza and a great game of Monopoly. Brittany had never played before. Chris won. Brittany and I played with her new sewing machine while Chris and Josh played Mario Kart on their new Wii. We stayed and played until 12:30am.

We were all late to church on Sunday morning. Some later then others...inactive people! Sheez! After church we went to our separate houses and all took naps. Sunday naps are the best!!
Then we went to to their house again and had Chris' favorite...Taco salad. So good! We played Monopoly again and Chris WON AGAIN! Punk! We left their house around 1am.
We got up at ten and met to go riding at Jim's creek to the glacier! We ended up leaving at 1pm cuz the Waggoner's are slackers! We put Bee's carseat in the Ranger and had a family outing. It was soo much fun. We saw a moose, almost got lost, saw a glacier, drove through two rivers and a whole bunch of big puddles, drove about 35 miles in 5 hours and came home.

We heart our Willen's.
It's really great to have such a fun family for us to play with up here in Alaska. We are interested in the same things and totally understand the military life. We are just so bummed that we are leaving in February. Leaving Brittany by herself in the great Alaskan waters! (Ok maybe not waters but still!)
I will have pictures tomorrow of our great adventure today!

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend!

More embarrassing stories tomorrow!