Tuesday, December 29, 2009


This is a black lab we had for a short time. We got him from a breeder just outside of El Paso. He was a great puppy. We went to Wal-mart for milk and left him out the day after Christmas. He chewed on the Christmas tree skirt and choked on the string when we walked in. He died Dec 26, 2009.

"Does this Pregnancy Make Me Look Fat?" review

This is my first book review! I was wayyy excited to be asked to do this cuz Hey, I'm prego and it's a free book.

The book is "Does this Pregnancy Make Me Look Fat?" The essential guide to loving your body before and after baby. It's by Claire Mysko and Magali Amadei.

I enjoyed this book. I'm not one to worry about my self image. In fact, I have to be told to go get my eyebrows done. When I wear makeup, my hubby knows it's a big deal. That being said, this book had some great points in it.

As you guys know, I have a tough time getting pregnant. Then once I do, I throw up everything and anything for the whole pregnancy. With Bee, I lost 35 lbs at the lowest. With this one, it's looking like 45 lbs is the lowest. Now mind you, I gain it back.

So I don't go through the normal process of the pregnancies. I would give my left leg, right around week 15, to have to worry about a baby bump. That would mean I was keeping food down!

So for me, it isn't about numbers. I don't watch the scale every week at the doctor's office, cuz I know it's lighter than when I started. (My doc last week told me I needed to gain back all my weight. That's 30 lbs in 10 weeks...can I do it? I'm sure going to try!! but to me it's not about the numbers.) I don't care, seriously, what I weigh when I have this baby. I know, it's probably because I loose it all in the beginning. If I didn't loose 45 lbs I would be worried about the 15 lbs I've gained. Would I stop eating?? Absolutely not. I enjoy food too much!

That's one thing I really, really liked about this book. They want you to throw out your scales. Turn around when you are weighed at the doctor's office. Tell your doctor to not discuss the number, unless it directly affects you or baby. It should be about you and baby's health. Healthy babies aren't a number. Healthy babies are hearing the heartbeat and feeling the kicks and measuring the size with your date. NOT 159 lbs. or 230 lbs. If you are eating healthy, then it won't matter what they scale says.

Another thing they talk about in the book that I really liked was sex. No one talks about it. Well, at least they didn't with me. Being prego TOTALLY changes things. Not only do you have this bump 2/3's of a year that you have to get around, there are some other MAJOR stuff going on. Like that hubby's might find it gross to be that close to baby. Or that your hormones are so freaking crazy that sex is the last thing on your mind. It ranks right up there with getting a bikini wax after labor. NOT HAPPENING! I liked that they addressed both sides of the common issues. I know there are some days along the way that Chris is the sexiest thing to walk the planet. Other days, I'm more worried about my toenail paint job. It's not the same everyday, for every pregnancy either.

My favorite part in the whole book is the WTF(reak) files. They share stories of what people say when they are pregnant or new moms. I can totally relate to most of them. There's a section on how to deal with stupid co-workers, family, friends, and even hubby. Sometimes people don't think before they talk. This section is how to deal with those stupid comments.

My favorite stupid comment from my life is from when I was just married. I was standing in line for the picture place and there was a brand new baby in front of me, with her mom. She was dressed in this beautiful blue dress with the ruffle panties and curls and bows in her hair. Just so stinking cute. Mom matched but didn't, you know the look.
Anyway this other lady, about 40 walks in behind us. She sees the baby and says, "How old is he?"
Both mom and I turn and look at the lady.
Polietly the mom says, "SHE is 3 weeks old."
The lady gasps, "You can't put a girl in blue. You will confuse her. She's going to like women!!!"
I turn around and just stare at the mom. What in the world is she going to do, or say to that? I mean, REALLY??!
The mom, who has WAYYY more class than I ever would, says, "Well I think she looks beautiful and I will love her no matter what she decides to do with HER life. Thank you."
The lady walked out of the store and it was the Mom's turn before I could say anything. But seriously, how great did she handle that? It's stuck with me all this time. People may say stupid things but you don't have to steep to their level to make a statement. This mom really impressed me.

What are some of your WTF(reak) moments???

I'll put your entry in a hat and the winner gets the book! (I wanna hear your stories, even if you aren't prego!)

Come on, SHARE!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Wonderful SSS partner!!

These are my presents from my Secret Santa!! I played with 104 other people from Georgie's place! You guys should play next year! It's really fun. Thanks Georgie and Amy!!

Dear SSS partner,
When it comes to fabric, any colors go! I LOVE love LOVE my gifts. Really, you can't go wrong with fabric and candy and magazines, in this house!!!
Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know me! I love everything!!!
Thank you!!!

So my SSS is from North Dakota and that's all I know! I haven't been searching hard but now I will with Christmas tomorrow.

So this is the letter I got.

Great necklace! I don't know if my SSS made it or not but it's really awesome!

I don't know how to turn these photos so turn your head! :)

Thanks to everyone that played!

I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas. We are eating dinner tonight and opening presents in the morning. Then off to the airport to drop Mom off.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Fill-in

1. No, we will NOT be sending presents to everyone this year. We are poor. Welcome to the club.
2. My family used to put puzzles together at the old kitchen table.
3. I watched the steam rising from the hot cup of coffee (or tea) and thought: "Why is there coffee in my hot chocolate!!?"
4. This baby is going to be okay.
5. I'll take all kinds of meds and IV's for this little guy, just to be safe and healthy.
6. People need to be nice on the computer/blog/FB world. Just because you can hide behind your computer screen, doesn't make you a nice person. You answer to your own conscience at night. If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. It's a good rule, at least from my point of view.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to watching some of the shows I recorded this week, tomorrow my plans include picking up my Mom from the airport and having birthday dinner with my familia! and Sunday, I want to just relax with my family!

I had my blood drawn Tuesday, almost a week after the IVIG, and have 79K platelets! This is a good thing. They want to keep them above 30K. I go in next week for another blood draw to see where they are then.

I'm having issues with not getting all my emails to my blackberry...does anyone know how to fix that??

I got Chris' his Christmas present last weekend and he already guessed it. Next year, no presents OR I'm just not buying them until Christmas eve. Every year we have been married, he has guessed his Christmas presents. Even a stinking harmonica, last year!!! I've tried the big box with rocks, weights and other things, with a small present. He still guesses.

Bee is cutting his molars and is ONERY!!! I might sell him for cheap. I feel bad for the little guy. It's gotta hurt. But his mom just can't take the whining!! Hopefully this week goes by fast.

Wednesday was my birthday. It was a good one. I went to our friend's house for Little Casaer's pizza and ice cream cake at dinner time. Chris got me a beautiful jewerly box. I'll try to put up pictures. Christi and George got me scrapbooking stuff and so many other things...I was spoiled. Marianne and Missy sent me a stocking with cookies and chocolate in it...so fun! And it's not over yet. Chris, Bee, my Mom and I are going out to dinner in El Paso, Saturday.
Any ideas for good food?? I don't do seafood.

Monday, December 14, 2009

small one

Just a small update of around here:
1.I'm typing this with my finger cuz our internet is down. So filling you in on my BlackBerry.
2. I'm 27 weeks along with this little monkey. I don't know why but that seems so much further than 26. We have a two names but we aren't telling until we see him.
3. I finally got an IVIG infusion in the 9th. It took 6 days to get it approved by the insurance. I have a new found hate for tricare. Its a love hate relationship.
4. Chris totally scored for his birthday and got an xbox elite. Waders and boots. He's a happy camper. We went out the night before his bday with George, Christi and Josh at chilis. The food wasn't too good but we had fun. And Bee was actually great!
5. I'm filling out paperwork to go to school to be a transcriptionist.
6. My mom comes on Saturday. It will be nice to have company at night while Chris is at work.
7. I'm working in sending out Christmas cards. Part of my list!
I think that's it. Ill update more soon!

Monday, November 30, 2009

fill in for fun!

I borrowed this from a friend. It's suppose to be a Friday thing BUT not today!

1. Plans and schedules are not written by a 2.5 year old! They seem to have their own ideas of what to do and when to do it. Also not written by doctors! It took me almost 2 hours to get my blood drawn today...thank goodness Bee was home with Daddy!!

2. I'm happy when I have a Squirt to drink and Chopped to watch! Have you guys seen that show? Four cooks, a basket of weird stuff they have to cook with and a time limit! LOVE IT!!!!

3. The last thing I drank was apple juice. We had eggs and bacon for lunch today.

4. One of the most valuable things in my life is my familia! I love being a part of two great families. One side I'm one of two sisters. We are pretty close and text daily. Same with my mom, we talk every couple days whether we need to or not. Then on the inlaw side, I have 13 brothers and sisters and it's crazy keeping up with them. I love the world of facebook and blogging just so I can read what they are doing.

5. I like pepperoni and pineapple on my pizza. YUM!

6. Dear November, where the crap did you go? I don't have much shopping done or quilting and now I'm stressed. You were my buffer. How dare you go so fast!?!

Number 7 asked about what I'm going to do for the weekend...and it's Monday so we'll save that for later.

Tomorrow I have a blood doctor appt. My platelets are 24K today...not good. I guess I can't sharpen the knives tonight!

AND Wednesday we have a specialist doctor appt where we get to see Baby with 3D ultrasound again! hopefully I'll be able to put the pictures up. They are kinda freaky but still pretty cool. Did you guys get the 3D ultrasounds??

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thankful post

A couple days late but this is our Thankful Post.

I'm so very grateful for modern medicine. Not only am I prego because of medicine but I'm alive because of it. Even though there are down sides to some decisions, it's still amazing to have the knowledge.

I'm grateful for the family I have. From my two, almost three, boys to our extended family of brothers and sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles, and parents. When my blood things started happening again, I was so surprised at that amount of support we got. In the family group, I add in our friends that are really family that we get to choose.

I'm so grateful for my testimony in the Church. It has given me strength, even when I didn't know it was there.

There's so much more but I'm keeping it short this year!

We had George and his brother, Josh, over for thanksgiving. The boys fried a turkey and I made the sides. It was a litttle stressful and I only had one meltdown but it was totally worth it to eat the green bean casserole and mashed potatoes!

Thanks guys for sticking around during our short, small posts!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


I feel like I've done this same post recently! But I need to write this down so I remember what happened when.

As you remember I had low platelets just before we left for Seattle. The doctors put me on prednisone (a nasty little drug that hates me) to raise my platelets. It did it's job and I got to slow go down in doses to get off the evil drug.
At 20mg my platelets were 196K. Awesome number!
At 10mg, my platelets were at 126K. Again...awesomeness!
Wednesday was my last day on prednisone. I got my blood drawn Monday evening. I expected my platelets to be low. (I didn't have much energy and I would bleed when I brushed my teeth for awhile.) I thought 30K. I even had a bet with a few people on what the number was.

We all lost.

It was 6K.

At 6K platelets, quite a lot of things can go wrong. I can just start bleeding in my brain or lungs or pretty much anywhere. This includes my uterus, where I am currently carrying a baby. Not good.

The doctor was NOT a fan to Krista because they woke him up at 2:30am to tell him I had 6K platelets. So when I showed up for my doctor's appt at 10am...he was on his 5th cup of coffee! and a tad grumpy. i don't blame him.

So from my appointment, I was shuffled into the chemo room and was given Solumedrol, which is a steroid that will make my body make platelets fast. Hopefully.

I got to leave after having had an IV put in my forearm, shoved with drugs and pretty much feeling way scared. I was told I was going to have to have a transfusion of platelets that afternoon and to wait by the phone to know when to come in.

(Living in Alamogordo, they have to fly platelets and IVIG and other expensive drugs in from ABQ. They just don't have the room or need to store them here. Well except for me.)

Well the nurse didn't order my platelets in time for me to get them Tuesday afternoon. (She got in HUGE trouble, I'm sure.) So they made me an appt for 7am to get a transfusion on platelets. Chris' work was so great and let him off a little early to come home and help with Bee. And so he could get up with me to sit while I got my platelets. I even got McD's breakfast burritos out of it!! YUM!

So Bee, Chris and I all went to the hospital for our early morning call and got to hang out for a bit. Then the chemo chairs started filling up and Chris had to move. Well we decided it would just be better for him and Bee to go home. They had given me Benadryl anyway, so after they left...I took a nap.

After i was done, 3 hours later, I had to walk to the doctor's office to see what the plan was for the rest of the day. If I needed more blood drawn or if I had an appointment. Well to my surprise, I got more steriods!! So I got to sit in another chair for 1.5 hours and get more drugs. Chris and Bee got to sit with me this time. It was in the doctor's office which is a lot more kid friendly.

Interestingly both of the chemo nurses are LDS! One is even in my ward. It's a small world here in Alamogordo!

Oh I have to mention that I got an IV in my forearm Tuesday. They left it in because they knew I was going to get platelets. So i slept with the stupid thing in, and even played with Bee...all with a needle in my arm. I get my platelets and tell them to take the thing out. Bad decision. Remember I go to the doctor's office and have to get more steroids. Well I have crappy veins for IV's. It took four times for the nurses to get one to work. And it was in my left hand. Oh it hurt so bad. I wanted to bawl my little eyes out. But I was a brave little toaster and didn't cry in front of my hubby and Bee.

So anyway I had a total freak out moment last night. I realized that I hadn't felt Baby move in quite some time. With all the medicines I had just gotten, this really freaked me out. I got out of bed and drink some pop, and ate something. Got nothing. I had Chris push on my belly, Baby usually moves for Chris. Nothing. i tossed and turned all night, trying and hoping to feel him. Chris reminded me that I had gotten a pretty big dose of Benadryl that day and Baby was probably sleeping it off. So I woke up this morning, still nothing....UNTIL I had some eggs. Then he started kicking me and I cried. I don't think I've ever been so excited to feel a baby kick me hard, as I was then.

So anyway we have some HUGE medical decisions to make in the next couple days about what we are going to do with my blood and what medicines to take and weighing the risks with the benefits.

So needless to say, I probably won't be on here. I'll be over at MD.com or something. Wave if you see me.

I promise I'll be back on here soon.

How are you guys?? I'm reading your blogs from my blackberry while I'm sitting, getting drugs. I just can't comment cuz they don't load right. But Hi!! I'm still reading you!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

thank you

Thank you all those that are serving our country, or have served our country!
You give (gave) the greatest thing to this country....your service. Your time. Your life.
You, that have fallen, are remembered in our prayers of gratitude.
Thank you.
Both Chris and I grew up with a respect for the military. Chris' dad served in Vietnam, jumping out of helicopters. Both my mom and dad served in the Air Force. I have four uncles that served, along with my grandfather. I probably would have served if I didn't have blood issues. But in a way, I am serving the military.

Being a military wife is one of the hardest things I've done. But also one of the best. We have so many things that are available to us, as military, that we would have never had. Things like living places I would have never seen if Chris haven't of joined the Air Force. I would have NEVER paid to go to Alaska. But we lived there, made amazing friends, saw and did some of the coolest things in the world, and our families have enjoyed it too. Now we have a new adventure of New Mexico. I'm excited to see what it brings us.

I'm so grateful to have my hubby home. I'm just as grateful to all my friends and fellow military members, that don't have their loved one home. You guys are in my prayers and thoughts every day. Thank you for your sacrifice.

I just wanted to take the time and thank those serving. If you have time, watch the video of Chris' favorite song. It made this prego cry like a baby. :)

Thanks guys!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Stranded on a deserted island and giveaway

6 reasons Why You Would Be Doomed if you Were Stranded on a Deserted Island all by yourself???

So I borrowed this from Georgie. She is cute... and you should read her list...too funny!

1. I am NOT a fan of snakes. But snakes and I like the same places....warm rocks next to water. I don't think I would be brave enough to kill a snake. Eww...even just the thought is freaking me out.

2. I'm not sure I could start a fire. Now don't get me wrong, I've watched my fair share of Man vs. Wild...Bear Grylls, you are nice to look at...but I don't think I could scratch a rock for an hour, to blow on a little spark. I'd get bored. I can only fish for about 30 minutes.

3. I'm going to be honest here, I'm not strong. Sure, I can throw my two year old up into his carseat but opening a jar of jelly..not so much. I think you have to be strong to build a shelter like Bear.

4. Bananas give me heartburn. My mom had the same problem when I was a kid. Kinda weird. I still eat them. Can you say no to a banana split? I think that's illegal.

5. I guess I'm a assuming it's a tropical island. If it was an island in Alaska or even Washington, I would definitely not make it!! See #2 plus the fact that it's cold there at night, even with a fire. I sleep with no less than 2 blankets at night. And that's in New Mexico. It was 80 today. In Alaska, I had a heating blanket that was turned up to 8 on any given night. The cold ones, the full 10.

6. If I was able to survive without texting, and got saved...my sister would kill me for being tanner than her. No joke. And my mom. They pay for their tans.

So there you go...would you survive on an island??

I'm not having a giveaway but Jaybird is. This is what she is giving away! So go check her out!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Thankful Thursday on Friday

So I'm trying to get back into blogland and need to take baby steps. So we are having thankful Thursday on Friday.
1. I'm thankful for modern medicine that allows me my Zofran. I take this little jewel three times a day and it takes away most of the vomiting!! Oh how I love you Zofran!
2. I'm thankful for friends that will always be friends. I can pick up the phone and talk to them like we haven't left each others lives.
3. I'm thankful for Bee loving to sleep in as much as I do! 10am is a wonderful to wake up!
4. I'm thankful chicken nuggets and tater tots. Chris is on swings so he eats when he gets home. Bee and I on the other hand, have a wonderful meal of this frozen food, at least 3 times a week. Don't judge, they taste good and I throw in a veggie!
5. I'm thankful for the people's who job is to trap snakes and take them out of town. I really, really appreciate your job. Snakes and Kritta= nightmares
6. I'm thankful for the really patient ultrasound lady, that let Bee run around the room until she took pictures of our smallest one. At one point Bee started taking his clothes off!! What a pill.
7. I'm thankful to have a healthy family and a little one growing inside. Baby W is measuring a week ahead of schedule, which is okay by me! He had the hiccups while the lady was trying to take his picture! It was so funny to watch his little body jump a little!
8. I'm thankful for all of the support that you guys have given me. I heart you all! No really...I do!!
I think that's about it for now. What are you guys thankful for? Better start thinking now...thanksgiving is only 22 days away!
THEN Christmas tree time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


1. We are in Seattle right now. Chris went hunting with his dad and brother, Steven. They didn't get anything but it was a good time. I'm so glad they got to spend time together.

2. We are going to Joesph and the Amazing Techno-color Dreamcoat tonight! Mom and Mike are going with us! (Bee is going to his first hockey game with Nicci!! He's excited...I can tell!)

3. We had some pretty scary days here in the past two weeks. My platelet levels dropped BIG time. (33k to 14k). The doctors didn't want me to travel to Seattle but we worked things out. I had to take prednosine (YUCK!) and get my labs draw here. I have a blood doctor appointment the Monday we get back. And an ultrasound to check baby's blood flow on Wednesday. I have 500k platelets now, which is AWESOME! We aren't out in the clearing yet. I have to taper off the meds and that's what was bad before.

4. I'm still puking but I have had 2 whole days where I didn't throw up once!!

5. Bee is learning all kinds of new things from his cousin Clayton! Jumping with both feet and important stuff like that! It's so cute to watch them together.

6.We are leaving here Sunday and heading to Portland to see V. Then off to South Dakota to see my Grandparents! I can't wait to see them. And maybe if we drive through Casper at the right time, we'll see my uncles.

Welp I think that's about it for updates! Hopefully we'll get some pictures for when I get home.

How are you guys?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My new header

Check out my new header!

Guess how much it cost?

$25 bucks??!

$35 dollars??


$10 bucks

And a whole blog makeover is only....$30!!!!!!!!!!!!


She didn't ask me to do this, she's wayyy awesome like that.

So you need to go check her out...she's AMAZING!! (click that)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bee's brother!

Here are some pictures of my uterus. I still think it's weird that we share pictures of our female parts, only when we are pregnant! :)
We had an ultrasound on Thursday. I measured exactly right...15 weeks. That makes my due date March 22, 2010 for sure.
We thought with the ultrasound from Alaska, that there could have been twins. But that's not the case...there is one healthy boy in my tummy.
We are so very excited about our little boy. I get to pick the first name this time. I have a few favorites but I'm not yet for sure. I might pull a Melissa and keep it a secret until the baby is born.
Chris is already planning hunts and fishing trips for when the boys are old enough.
I'm going to have to be induced with this baby too. They want to have platelets and blood ready for us. The chances that this baby will have low platelets like Bee did, is quite a bit higher. We will probably spend some time in the NICU. (Newborn Intensive Care Unit) I'm kinda bummed about this BUT I would rather have a healthy baby! Besides I have 25 weeks to be okay with it.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What we are doing now..

We made it to Alamogordo. We stayed in a hotel for 10 days and found an apartment. It's a cheap apartment but we are looking into buying a house so hopefully, we won't be here long.
The first week we were here the thunderstorms were awesome. Chris tried to get some pictures but only one came out.
We then moved into here. Chris went golfing and the thunderstorm started. I was just hanging out with Bee. All of a sudden, our roof started leaking...like HUGE!!!
I had to empty out a big tubberware bin to hold the water...a pot wouldn't have done it!
So we called our landlord and went a our friends' hotel. (They had a pool!)
They fixed the roof the next day but it was still an adventure!

This is Bee saying, "NO!" This is him rolling his eyes at his mom.
This is a HUGE bonfire that Alamogordo had for Homecoming. Notice the telephone poles and lights. This was HUGE! We stopped to take a picture and could feel the heat this far away. Those people close must have been melting!

This is Bee, finally able to run around with no pants and dance to music. Hotel rooms just don't cut it! :)

This is the one picture that showed up. I was going to crop it but forgot. You get the picture anyway!

Monday, September 28, 2009

While still traveling..

So I got my bum in gear this morning and pulled pictures from the trip to blog about. So here we go...
These are 12 pumpkins I made for a swap. I didn't get my stuff together in time to actually trade with my group but I finished them. I am swapping with a few girls on the side if anyone is interested.
This is at Macho Lake in Canada. It's suppose to be one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. It was beautiful to us because we all had to potty and get out and walk. We walked along the beach and threw rocks for a good hour. At this point, I believe we had been traveling three days straight.
I had to do a double take on Bee. He is wearing a hat! :)
Here's another picture. The lake has some sort of chemical in it that makes it teal. It really is quite pretty.

Here's Hooch doing his nose thing!
This was way long ago but I had to post it cuz well, you just gotta! :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009


So I finally get to add one of these to my blog!!!

We are prego!

It's probably 99% of the reason I haven't been posting. I've been puking my brains out.

My due date is March 22, 2010.

I had an ultrasound at 7.5 weeks and saw a heartbeat. I have to have another ultrasound when we get to New Mexico to double check.

I have already lost 19 lbs in the 7 weeks I've been barfing.

I'm almost 12 weeks.

We are soooooo excited!!!

So excuse me if I'm not on here cuz I'm hanging around our toliet. I hope it settles down soon but with Bee..I was still throwing up until 7.5 months.

Does anyone have any Tums?

Friday, August 21, 2009

More BLOCKS!!!

August Bee Inspired Block for Krista

bee inspired | Block for Krista

august block for krista

Bee Inspired August

Kritta's Block

SawTooth Star Block


snail's trail

Aren't they just awesome!!??! I can't wait to start putting them all together!

We are still in Seattle. The well pump went out at Chris' parents house so we have been helping with that.

Bee and I along with Jane and Nicci went to Seattle on Monday. We got to Pike's Place and it was seriously crowded!! Come to find out, it was 100th birthday and they were handing out free cake! Nothing like free food to make people gather! We also took Chris' cousins down there. Aubrie and Tory with their kids. They are soooo fun and we will be playing with them soon. They have a Connor and an Emma, which is our favorite girl name. Coolness!

Mom, Mike and Kassy come home on Saturday night. It will be fun to hear their Dune stories! I wonder if Alex killed a jellyfish for me.

Welp I'm off to help with the living room!

What are you guys up to these days?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hanging out in Marysville

We have done a lot of hanging out in marysville lately. It's been wonderful!!!

Clayton, our nephew, is in love with Bee. They run around the W's house, screaming and kicking the balls! So funny....for the first 10 minutes!

The boys are suppose to go out crabbing out today but the boat isn't working yet. Hopefully soon.

Mom left for the dunes today! I hope she has sooo much fun! I'll post pictures later!

I'm off to go dig out the camera for you guys!

Friday, August 7, 2009

We're here!

We made to to Seattle Washington!!


We had some adventures..

we think we broke the trailer a little bit going over a HUGE frost heeve.

Bee was great but still a two year old that needed to get out and run every few hours.

I am pretty sure my iPhone is laying in the middle of the AlaCan, about 250 out of Whitehorse. If anyone wants it, it's there. I can tell you what tree it's next to!
(We still have to clean out one more spot but it's not looking good!)

we had NO trailer brakes. (This was fun, down hills!)

I think that's about it!

So we are here. I will be blogging with our adventures here every couple days!

How are you guys??

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sleeping bag

look what I found in Freddy's!!!!!!

Is this not the cutest thing ever??

It's a Coleman sleeping bag for Barbie or other dolls!!!!

Yeah V is getting one. How could she live without it??

I mean really!!

Do you guys one of these in your house?

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Bee lined his French fries on the table tonight, along with his car.

I'm scared for his future wife.

I see some OCD showing through already.

I thought he just lined up his trucks, but no... Fries, socks, shoes, Hooch's food

yeah I made this.

You're welcome.

Monday, July 27, 2009

My first block done

Basket Weave Block

So remember when I sent out all that fabric. ($72 worth of postage!)

This is the first block that has a picture posted!!!

It's done by Highway cottage. I don't know how she feels about visitors so I'll link once I find out!

Isn't it AWESOME!!

Can't you just see if with black sashing around it and sitting next to all of it's brothers and sisters!!!!???!!!

OH I didn't think I was going to get this excited but I totally am!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009


these are the blocks I finished for Bee Inspired. They were both really fun!! I should be done John's first... The pineapple one... Cuz one you start sewing wonky it's hard to stop!!

So now my Sapphire is going in a box until Seattle til she can come play again. It's a sad day in the W house!! Lol

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursdays game

Okay so I gotta explain the Wordless Wednesday!

I did NOT put those sticky things on Bee. We packed up his room on Saturday. Chris was giving a talk on Sunday and I thought he would use the stickies. So I left them out, I think on the crib railing.
Bee decided some time during the night to pull every last one of those stickies off the pad and throw them off his finger. I know he threw them because some were across the room.
I know he did it in the night because he had marks on his face where had slept on a few!!!

I thought it was funny and something only a kid would do.

So we leave in eight days!!!!

My mission for today is our clothes. We are going to be in Seattle for awhile so I need to pack more than normal. We will have a laundry room though so maybe not so much. This is the hardest part for me... What clothes to pack!!

So that's my plan. What is yours for the days?

Ps did you know farm town still isn't working for me???!!! LAME!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

(See the one on his shirt?)

Monday, July 20, 2009


Hi! My name is Krista and I'm addicted to texting. (and Farmtown but that's another day.) Ever since I was in high school, I've been a texter. I used to text answers in class. I used to text while driving. I even texted on dates.

I LOVE texting!!!

The convince of it is AWESOME!

For example, someone...let's say Amanda texts me at 8 in the morning. I don't have to rush to it, to see what she wants. I can get up at 10am and reply back. There's no guilt in taking two hours to respond.

Obviously if you are in a texting convo...it's not nice to just stop. You have to have a reason...battery died, kid bleeding, etc.

Even though I'm a 'grown up' now...I still text my heart out. The first time I had a texing convo with Amanda, I was hiking up a mountain. Seriously. (Remember Red Shirt lake?? yeah she's the reason my phone got wet and now the 7 key has attitude.)

So my relationship with texting has even GROWN...since I've gotten the iPhone. See here's the deal. When you text on an iPhone, it makes little convo bubbles so you can see what you wrote. It keeps it all on one page. None of the going back to see what I texted before.

Chris is famous for his one word replies to my texts. (He doesn't understand my love affair of texting.) I almost ALWAYS have to go to my outbox and see what I wrote. NOT ANYMORE!!!

I love that I have it all on one screen!

My friends that I text are all different types of texters but I heart you all.

Amanda is like me, in it for the long haul. We talk all stinking day long.

Taron-she's my night owl...or was until now when she is 2 hours ahead...lame!

Krystle- she's a hairdresser with a different schedule everyday so texting is really the only way we talk.

Lindsy- she has 3 kids and a hubby that is deployed. She texts me when she is lonely or stressed or I need her advice. She's a super runner too!

Nicci- she keeps me update on her single world...LOVE IT!

There are more of you but I gotta go post stuff on craigslist of the hubs.

Do you guys text?? Are you addicted like me?

Friday, July 17, 2009

Bee Inspired and Live Piecefully

These are the fabrics for Bee Inspired and Live Piecefully virtual bees.

I sent out one black and one other color. They can make whatever kind of block they would like.

I'm going to be getting back 30 blocks which should make a king size quilt.

I asked to have the month of August for both bees because we are moving and I didn't want to have to worry about making a block while in Seattle for the month.

I also sent one to my grandma Carlson, red. And my mom made a yellow one when she was here.

This quilt is going to be AWESOME!!

When I get the blocks back, I'm going to write their name on it so I can know who did it!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Goals for today- updated

Well my list didn't go as planned. I only got about half done. I'm thinking I'm going to up the number of boxes and make it my "To Do before Weekend list"

PS I did get an iPhone yesterday but I kinda have to share with Chris until October. I hate AT&T's stupid rules of upgrading!

Come back later I will have a great post!!!!!

Here is my list:

1. Pack and label 20 boxes
2. buy needles to finish projects
3.Cut out all my Bee Inspired material
4. Call Marianne and explain quilt situation
5. Start on baby quilt
6. Sew two Bee Inspired blocks
7. Mail all blocks, and fabric and baby quilt
8. Cash check
9. Put clothes in garage bags
10. Take clothes to Goodwill
11. Find Chris' green socks for work
12. Do 2 loads of laundry
13 Return library book
14. Call Major Thomas
15. Set up other computer with Itunes on it
16. clean out bathroom hair stuff to give to Kim
17. Make truck payment
18.Pat cell and insurance online

I hope that is it. I'll take pictures as I go!

Oh and if I get all my chores done, we are going to buy iPhones today!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


All right. I think everyone but one asked how we prepared these silly porcupines.

Chris did all the work. I wasn't going to touch those things. Yes it's meat but I have a queezy stomach for that sort of thing.

So anyway Chris put the porcupine into a gallon ziplock back and put about an inch of Worchester sauce in the bottom and put it in the fridge. The first one was only in there for about an hour but there is still one in the fridge. (Eric is suppose to come over and eat it this week with him.)

So zip lock bag, one inch Worchester sauce.

Then when he was ready to cook it, he slathered on BBQ sauce, Bulleye's I think. And plopped it on the BBQ. I think it was about 30 minutes of turning and basting. They wanted to make sure it was all the way done.

Eric and Chris both said it tasted like rabbit. That it was a bit juicier than rabbit.

I haven't eaten either. I don't know if I will. I can eat all the elk, or moose, or buffalo, or deer....I can but rodents I have a problem with. I am not sure why. I think it's a combination of thinking they are dirty and the whole redneck thing.

I don't judge. TRUST ME. I just don't think it's my thing.

Although I have a feeling that Chris will bribe me somehow with doing the dishes for a week or laundry, for a bite of porcupine. (I'll let you know how it goes down.)

PS I didn't keep any of them quills or feet for jewerly. Neither did Chris. I think Slade grabbed some quills for his boys but that's about it. It was for the meat.

So do you guys totally judge me for my porcupine post??

Monday, July 13, 2009

Chris' Saturday Evening

So this is such an adventure that could happen no where else but Alaska. I have to write it down.

Chris' buddy, Eric, from our hometown came to visit us Saturday night. Chris was just about to go fishing when he showed up so of course, he went with.

They picked up Slade and off they went to the lake. On the way, they start talking about food. Chris says he wants to eat a porcupine, just once. And if he sees one, he is going to kill it.

Slade and Eric laugh it off, I'm sure and go about the conversation. Some time in the journey to the lake, a poor porcupine runs across the road.

Chris slams on the brakes...PORCUPINE!!!!! Jumps out of the truck, grabs a huge rock, runs for about 10 feet and chucks the rock. Hitting the thing in the head. SPLAT!

He picks it up and throws it in the back of the truck...off to go fish.

They get to the lake and with all the guys around somehow Chris' pole gets stepped on and broke. With no fishing to do, what does Chris do....skins the porcupine.

Slade and Eric have had their fill of fishing and are ready to go home.

Driving home from this 'secret' lake, the boys are laughing and comparing fishing stories, I'm sure.

All of a sudden, Chris slams on the brakes, yells PORCUPINE!!!! ...jumps out and grabs a rock and this time has to chase the thing up a hill. He gets it. In the back of the truck it goes.

Eric is laughing his head off cuz he can't believe what is going on. Slade is shaking his head and laughing his head off cuz he can't believe the Chris is running around with a rock above his head.

Chris gets back in the truck and off they go to home. (Did I mention it was 11:30pm?)

(It's still light out at 11:30pm in the summer here.)

So down the road and Chris slams on the brakes again....PORCUPINE!!!!!!

This one was a huge one!

He chases after it with a rock above his head, but this one is smart...it climbs a tree!

Oh but Chris hits it with a rock....it falls out of the tree....AND runs away!

He chases after it until he finally gets the thing. Throws it in the back of the truck and off they go!

They are headed for home when Chris has to stop for gas. As he is filling up the tank, he hears a sniffing sound. WHAT THE WHAT??

Two of the porcupines are still alive, making noises!!

They hurry to Slade's house where they put the poor creatures out of their misery.

Seriously, what an adventure!!!!!

Don't worry, all porcupine were eaten. Animals WERE harmed in the writing of this story.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I need ...

I need to sleep for 24 hours straight...

I need to pack up everything in my house cuz we LEAVE in 20 days...

I need about 5 more hours in the day...

I need to get to level 27 in Farmtown so I can buy Peppers... :)

I NEED a new phone...water and cell equal no good...

I need payday to get said phone... (which is going to be an iphone cuz they are cheaper)

I need Bee to stop throwing fits in parking lots... (any thoughts on this? He is fine once we get to the store/house/whatever....just the parking lot)

I need the weather to cool down some so I have motivation to actually do said packing...

I need to do a post soon with pictures so I don't loose my followers!! :)

I heart you guys!

Be patient with me the next two months....I'll be here and there but less time blogging!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Cutest thing ever!

Chris, Bee and I were all watching a movie upstairs on our bed, before nap time.

Bee, all of a sudden, stands up and counts to three in Connor. (Eee ahh ahh!)

He falls/jumps on top of Chris' legs, rolls all the way up to his neck and back down...giggling the whole way!

We all just laughed and laughed for a few mintues.

I wish I got it on video, but he only did it once.

Another news about Bee. His hand is looking great. Good enough to not put a bandaid on today. The blisters have popped but covered over again so I'm not worried about infection anymore. He definitely favors his other hand but still uses the burnt one a lot more than I thought he would. Such a brave boy.

Bee threw his first HUGE fit today in public. Thank you Bee. We had to go to the hospital for labs today for me. As soon as we got out the the truck, he refused...REFUSED to walk. So I carried him. He threw a fit about that, throwing himself back and forth. So I would set him down...he would latch on to my leg and not walk.

I think I could have seriously hurt him if I didn't love him so much. It wasn't that I was embarrassed...it was that I had stuff to do and had to do it then. If I didn't have to have the labs done today, I would have put him back in the truck and went home and put him to bed.

Oh well, the pleasures of children!

I hear it gets better...right???!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Awesome score!

You guys have got to check this place out!

They are sooooo cute.

It's called Diaper Bag Diva.

here is the link.

Just go check them out for me.

Pretty please with sugar on top.

We all know someone that needs a diaper bag!


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Finally Fourth Pictures

This is what the boys did most of the weekend! Rocks and dirt in the bucket, rocks and dirt out of the bucket. Bee and Hudson plus Chris' sexy legs! This happened within the first two hours of the W's arriving. Bee grabbed the firepit grill as he tripped. It blistered immedately. This is our makeshift bandage. Mychel came to the rescue.
From Left to right, Tanner, Slade and Issac. They had to take turns with the sparkles so we could watch them.

This is Carissa. She is mom to Tanner, Issac and Easton...married to Slade.

This is Eli. I've watched this boy grow up. I met Mychel in Tech school in Texas. She was prego with this boy. They got orders for up here too! And now we are hoping they will come to New Mexico with us. (We are hoping, they are not!!) :)
Oh and I guess there's part of Bee's head.

Tanner playing with a firework. I just love his face. They are moving to Arizona so we have plans to met halfway and go riding!!

Bee with another sparkler...we got a bunch free...the kids loved it!

The Hulet boys! Wouldn't this be a great Christmas card??

The boys finally killed Mychel. We all knew it was going to happen one day! LOL i'm just kidding!

Or this one for the card? Aren't they just so photogenic! We heart our Hulet's!!
Mychel, Hudson, Robb and Eli

Hudson, Bee and Easton chilling in the tent...or condo as we called it!

Hudson and Eli being goofy! Look at our views behind them. Alaska is beautiful!

Hudson growing up too fast!!

My boys! I sure wished Bee liked his Dad.

I have more pictures but I'll save you for now!
Thanks Flitton's and Hulet's for such a great weekend!!!
We hope you had as great time as we did!