Thursday, December 27, 2012

I'm in a book!

The book, Hexa Go Go, came out awhile ago. I thought it was cool I knew the girl that published it. We were in Bee Inspired together. It was my first bee back when Connor was like 6 months old.

Anyway Tacha's month came and she wanted hexies that were then bordered by colors of the hexies. It was pretty cool but it took me forever because of the hand sewing and I was late getting it to her so I didn't take a picture. Anyway I specifically remember making her a purple one because it was my favorite color and oh so hard to mail back to her.

I believe I'm touching the one I made in the picture below. I seem to remember those fabrics but I'm not 100%.

Here's the exciting name is in the back of the book!!!! How awesome is that??

My work is in a few other books but no mention of my name. This one it's there!!!!

I haven't got a copy yet. It's still quite popular so I will wait for a few for a sale or something. I'm just honored to have my name in it!! Yippee!

Ward campout

The ward campout was September 28-29th, up in Bailey Canyon.

It was the first time it rained in Alamogordo since before we left to Seattle. The ward was going to cancel the campout but Betsy, the boys and I said we were going up so people decided to come up too!

The Garners were already up there, stuck in a mud puddle with their big van and trailer. Betsy and I jumped out and started throwing rocks and sticks under the tires to help get traction around this corner. He wasn't getting traction on his back tires and the trailer was just too much for the whole thing.
After about 30 minutes, some of the husbands came to see what was going on and why we were in the camp spot. Jake said we should just tow him out with my truck. I grabbed Jacob out, with his carseat and put him on the ground, in the rain, to get the tow strap under our seats. Megen comes and grabs Jacob to her van. I hand the strap to jake to tie under the garners van. He hesitates to get down in the mud. I take it and jump under the van to get to the frame. Jake says whoa! He was surprised I would get that dirty. But I was already soaked and muddy from the sticks and rocks.
Anyway get it tyed, jump in my truck and slowly pull him out of his hole and corner. We get him up and untied and I just go to the camp site and start setting up. Megen stays in her camper, which is perfect so Jacob can stay warm!
We had hot dogs, finally brought up the mountain by the bishop. And I made an apple cobbler, recipe from my father in law. It was wonderful!!

The joke of the campout was that I could go from jumping into the mud, to driving a huge truck, to being mom and making a cobbler. Jake told everyone and anyone that would listen the story about me taking the rope from him.
It was really fun. It was our first ward activity and I had a blast. The boys played with other boys and a few of the other dads took them under their wings and played with them. It was an amazing fun weekend. Betsy, the boys and I, went up Friday evening and stayed until 9pm. Then got up at 7am and headed back up there.
The picture of me is in megens trailer, of my muddy arms and clothes.
Connor was ready to go play in the dirt!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Dragonfly turned one!

I'm late posting but here we go!

Dragonfly turned one in September! We made him cupcakes, the boys and I. As you can tell, he is a fan!! He had two before I had to cut him off.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bee's school behavior

At school, Bee has a behavior chart. Everyday they can move up and down on the chart throughout the day and the color that they put in his take home folder is the average.

Orange- great....McDonald's
Yellow- good... Library to get movies
Green- normal... Just everyday, nothing special
Blue- not tv or privileges
Purple- bad... Grounded
Pink- call home to parents...this hasn't happened

Most often Bee gets a green day which is fabulous! It means he wasn't bad and listened to all his teachers.
Once Glo Bug started potty training and got a sticker chart, Bee had to have one too. So one sticker for green, 2-yellow, 3-orange, 4-red. Once they fill their 25 spots up they get to pick a prize at the dollar store. Last time they both got a bag of balloons! I love the dollar store!