Monday, June 29, 2009

Our big Adventure!

This is the trail to Red Shirt lake. It was GOREGOUS!!!

Saturday morning to got up at 5:45am to leave by 6am.

It didn't work but we were only 10 minutes late...good for the morning!

So we have Hooch, Bee, two backpacks of fishing stuff and food, Google map directions and off we go to Red Shirt Lake. (Oh we had Ben too.)

We drive for 1.5 hours to find out that the directions we had were WRONG. We ended up at a dead end, of a river. The little Sustina River. NOT what we wanted.

The ranger at the gate said, "Oh gosh. are gonna have to drive 45 minutes back that way and then take a left, then drive another 30 minutes and take a left. And it's about 15 minutes back in there."


So we thought we would drive back to one of the other lakes we saw along the road. We stopped at a few only to find that they were private lakes. No public property to fish from.

And being in Alaska, people DO shoot at you on their property. NO JOKE.

Finally we found one. We got out and stretched our legs, the boys threw poles in the water, Bee was throwing rocks. So we were having a good time. Not catching anything but still fun.

I was watching Bee throw rocks into the lake. All of a sudden he turns, smiles at me and books it into the lake. FULL bore...into the water. Clothes and everything.

Did I mention at it was about 50 degrees outside with the water about 40???

Crazy kid. I was shocked and stood there for a minute before I realized I needed to pull my kid out of the water. He had fallen on to his face.

What a nut!

So I change him and get him warmed up. The boys decide that they want to drive to Red Shirt Lake, even though it's going to be another hour to get there, at least.

Off we go to Red Shirt Lake.

We didn't have directions to this lake so we are going off a GPS that doesn't even have roads on it. What an adventure.

We get to Red Shirt Lake and rent some ores for the boat that is at the lake. We have to hike in the ores. Cool deal...not a problem.

WAIT....did I mention that the 1.5 mile hike I thought we were going on, turned into a 3 mile hike to the lake and 3 miles back?? Oh yeah I forgot....just like my hubby!

So Bee hikes in about 2 miles of it. We carry him on our shoulders for the last mile. We get to the lake. It's goregous! Boats are awesome. We were good to go.

We get into the canoe and I hadn't thought all the way through about bringing Hooch. I thought, He will have a great time on the hike. I forgot that he had to be in a canoe. Plus a 2 year old.

Oh it was an adventure to just keep the boat from tipping. Chris was fishing, I was rowing. We were having a good time.

Then we past this little island, about 20 ft across, round. We thought, Oh this would be perfect for Hooch. He can run around and we don't have to worry about him moving every two minutes. Plus he doesn't like water so we know that he will stay. SCORE!

So we dump him off and off we go. We are fishing and talking. I notice this big piece of wood floating next to the island where we left Hooch. I asked Chris if he saw it. He did and told me to go towards it.

That's weird, why?

Cuz it's Hooch.

Our beagle can swim!

So we pull him in and go fishing some more. After about an hour of fishing in the wind, we decide to take a break at one of the public cabin on the lake. We beach the boat and hop out.

IT IS AWESOME!! It has a stove, fire pit, porch, wood beds and table inside along with matches and toliet paper!!

So we camp out there for a few hours. Bee takes a nap. I take a nap. The boys fish! All is happy.

I wake up from the nap and decide that since it took us 2.5 hours to hike the 3 miles, we better start hoofing it back to the truck since it was about 5pm.

We packed up camp. Left the cabin better than we found it and got in the boat.

Within a minute of pushing off the beach, it starts to sprinkle.

Chris and I laugh, "Oh I'm glad we are from Seattle or we might melt!"

What can you do? So we laughed and kept rowing.

Well about 2 minutes later, the rain gets harder.

Two minutes after that, it gets harder! And then HARDER!

Until the rain would drop into the lake and it would make a 4 inch splash!

Chris and I laugh, "Oh it can't get much worse this. Bee is sitting in a puddle, shaking cuz he is cold. Hooch is whining cuz he is wet. Oh let's hurry and get to shore."

As soon as Chris replied, Yeah it can't get much worse....

It starts hailing with thunder and lightning!!!


That will teach us!

So we hurry even faster to the shore and stand under the canoe to keep the hail off of us. Finally it slows down to a sprinkle. We grab our stuff, the kid and had for the truck.

Bee was so cold that he couldn't walk so I'm hiking with my backpack and stuff, plus carrying Bee like a sack of potatoes. 35lbs sack!

We get about 100 yards onto the trail and it starts hailing again.

So here I am hiking up these hills, carrying Bee, and sliding down the other side, while standing. I'm watching the water flow by me down the hill.

What can you do but laugh??

So we get to the truck 1.5 hours later. The rain finally stopped. We threw everything in the back of the truck and drove home. We all just wanted to eat and sleep.

I took pictures of this adventure on my phone. BUT my phone was in my backpack while the hail and rain got us. So now my upper keys don't work, to get into my pictures.

So google helped a sister out!

Have you guys had an adventure like this or is it just a W thing?

Friday, June 26, 2009

am I the only one?

Am I the only one left that doesn't have internet on my phone???

I am getting emails and blog posts and facebook posts....all from phones!

I'm not saying, I don't want it.


But I have a Razr. A purple one.

The screen is too small to even see half of a blog page!

So what kind of phones do you high tech people have??

I'm going to have blog while moving so this is something I NEED soon!

Don't you think??

And what are your thoughts on the Iphone vs Blackberry??

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I feel like a chicken!

I released an egg today. I guess I just need to stress out a bit and tell all you guys about it!

So everything is now out of our hands. What happens, happens...we just have to wait and see.
In other news, we had a bear in our neighborhood today....just down the road. I didn't get a picture but it was really awesome to see. It was just a little black bear....about the size of a large Golden Retriever.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Spilling my guts: part 1

So Chris is gone tonight, doing a Suicide run to the Kenai river to fish. (It's called a Suicide run cuz they leave right after work (10pm) and drive 2 hours to the river, fish and then drive back in the early morning. Then get up and go to work at 2pm.) Silly boy!

So you get to hear all my stuff that I have to say! YAY!

So today MUST be "Announce that you are Pregnant to Krista day." Seriously! I had three friends tell me they were el prego! Congrats to all of them! Great job on the baby making!

Then I turn on MY show, The Real Desperate Housewives of New Jersey, and both Jacqueline and Teresa are el prego!!! Congrats to them both!

Seriously though, Jacqueline was my broken buddy. She's was why I really, really got into the show. We were broken moms trying to have another. Trying not to sound ungrateful for what we have. Now she's all knocked up. You go girl! I guess I gotta find another buddy.
Speaking of getting knocked up. I'm still peeing on sticks that aren't changing. (I bought a package with 7 sticks, which I guess is how many most people need to tell when they release an egg, or ovulate.) Not Kritta. I'm on day 7 tomorrow.
I don't know why I'm getting so disappointed. I guess I thought I wouldn't need all the sticks. For some reason, my head thought I would have ovulated by now. That we would be on our way to baby making. I'm not sure why I expected this. I know that I have a longer cycle... usually 35-39 days. If this was a normal cycle without drugs, I wouldn't ovulate for another week, at least.
I am thinking that I thought this was going to be a miracle drug that would just fix things right away. That I would ovulate the first day and already know if I was pregnant. Today seems to be the day that I realize, it might take a few times on this medicine, Clomid, to get prego.
To tell you how much faith I had in this medicine, I already have the due date figured out. (March 14, so you don't have to figure it out.) Sad huh?
PLEASE everybody, tell me when you are pregnant! I am so excited for you! REALLY, REALLY! Two of my friends were scared to tell me. Just because I'm broken, doesn't mean I can't love that fact that you can make babies! That I get to kiss and hug them and steal them at church. (Just ask Bobbi!!)
So don't be afraid.
I won't bite you.
Or kick you.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Week with Pictures

Bee has started lining up his trucks. I thought it was stinking cute and smart! This is a block for Donna for Bee Inspired.

Tyler, Hudson and Bee running around in the grassy field.

Eli being hot stuff!!

Mychel in the grey, Bee and Chris, Andrea behind them and Brandon on the grass...all at the park!

Hudson and Bee. He has a new obsession with his belly button!

Hudson. I love this picture!

Bee chasing his ball.

Andrea, Alexis, my Mom, Anne and Mychel

Brandon behind Mychel

Chunky Monkey!

Eli eating his cupcake!

Bee blowing out his cake!!!

Maimeo (my mom) had just cleaned his face.

Hooch checking out his boy.

Opening a movie!

Tyler helping Bee take out some trucks!

Hudson, Bee and Eli

Bubble lawn mower! Loves it!

Jesse and Tyler

My handsome hubby, Chris!

Bee and Asher going for a walk to the park at 10pm with their mowers!

Walking to the park at the end of our street...Chris, Bee, Asher, Amy's mom, Mom and Jeremy plus the dogs.

Amy, who was due last week, Asher and Amy's mom.

Asher, our neighbor


Not my favorite kind of bird....actually probably my least favorite! Mean birds!!!!

The Magic Quilt pieced together
Chris' Father's Day present....a tackle box plus that boat thing.

Colors for my quilt in August.....I need to add 4 more colors.....HELP!!!!
Connor's birthday present that just might get lost in the's sooooo loud! Even after putting tape over the speaker.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day 2009

Oh what a wonderful Father's Day it is going to be for my hubby!

We're going to church but HAVE to leave early to take my Mom to the airport.

BLT's for lunch...his fave.

He is going to open a floating personal fishing thing. Here's a picture of one.

And a new tackle box. He is going to be so excited!!


You are such a wonderful father. You worry about things that I have no idea about for our little man. You are counting down the days until Connor can understand fishing. He is so cute. Thank you for all the time you spend with our little man!

We love you bunches!

What did the dad's in your life get??

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Short Saturday news

Short post today cuz I'm tired and need to cuddle with my hubby.

* Mom and I cleaned out my garage! (Amy did you ever clean yours out?)

*We took a full truck load to the dump.

*We finished two Block of the Month's blocks.

*Bought all my fabric for next month

*Cut out all the material for the Magic Quilt

*Worked on my snowball quilt.

*Bought Father's Day and birthday presents.

*Mailed all blocks and birthday presents.

See why I love it when my mom comes???

I love her!

BTW I've decided that I need to share what we are doing with our fertility stuff on here. So look forward to reading about our baby making!! LOL

Thank you for all your support, even this early! i heart you guys!

Pictures of birthday party tomorrow!!


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Being Honest...

I'm feeling a bit guilty about this blog. I post on here but what's going on but it's not ALL of what's going on. I love reading about people's REAL lives. We all have our up's and down's. So I'm going to share what's happening.

To start off, this move to New Mexico, I NEVER thought it was going to be so difficult to leave Alaska. I can leave the weather, the fish, the everything...except the people. It is breaking my heart that I can't pack all of them up and take them with me. I feel like they are my family. So I have a song for you, Alaska! Here it is...

Nsync....Tearing up my heart. Yup that just happened!

What else is going on in the W world is a bit more personal. Chris and I have been trying to make Bee a brother or sister for 2 years now. We wanted 6 kids, not too far apart.

Heavenly Father had a different idea.

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, we tried for two years to have Bee. We thought it just wasn't the right timing with the Air Force, with my job, all of it. So when we got pregnant in April of 2007, we jumped for joy! All our ducks were in a row, we knew this was going to be awesome. We went for our first ultrasound to have no heartbeat.

We were crushed. We thought our dreams were coming true.

Three months later, we are pregnant again. This time with a heartbeat. A strong one too! We told people fairly soon because 1. I can't keep secrets about myself, EVER! 2. I was puking my brains out and people had to notice.

Nine months later we had Bee!

So wonderful. We enjoy him so greatly. BUT we both grew up with siblings, we know how important it is to have someone to play with. We wanted another one.

After we were cleared with Bee, we started trying again.

Two years later, we are still trying.

It has been a roller coaster of emotions. EVERY month. Tears, joys...

I went in for my girlie appointment about 2 months ago. They asked if things were okay. I said yes BUT we have being trying for 2 years to have another baby. What are your thoughts?

After testing and all kinds of stuff, I am now on Clomid. It is a medicine that will help my ovaries release egg(s). We are in the middle of the cycle. (Chris says the fun part! HE he he)

There are HUGE amounts of emotions that go into this sort of thing.

This is where I need your help.

Should I be putting this stuff on this blog? Do you wanna read about it?

Or should I put it on another blog and invite people over?

I am really having a hard time with this. What's too personal for your blog?

Is your blog like a journal to you?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My birthday boy!

Bee's birthday was on Monday. My little man is now 2!

We are celebrating on Saturday when my Mom and Chris are here. (Chris has to work all week.)

So I just wanted to write on here what a wonderful boy I have. We were so grateful for a baby. We tried for two years to have our little package of joy. When he did come to join us, we had an adventure on our hands with his platelets. Weekly visits to doctor's offices were well worth it for our little man.

This time last year I was wondering if he was going to walk.

Now today he is running, yelling, throwing balls and just being a boy. He LOVES his trucks and cars. He screams with joy when the bubbles come out!!

He says so many words I can't even remember. He is starting to make two word sentences. He is such a copy cat. It cracks me up more than once a day!

I love you little man!

(Pictures of the party coming on Saturday!)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Weekend List

Here is my list of chores for the weekend:

1. vacuum Done2. Do 3 loads of laundry (3 done, working on two more)
3. Put away three loads of laundry (3 done)
4. pack 3 boxes
5. Clean out our closet
6. Fix Chris' church pants
7. Read scriptures Done
8. Try and make spot in garage for boxes (Decided I need Chris around to move and tell me what can go. We'll save this for later in the week.)
9. Finish all white blocks (1/4 done)
10. do 10 lines on log cabin
11. Cut out Bee Inspired block

Took Bee on a walk to feed the goose! (That should have been on the list!)

What is your list?

Wanna come help me with my list??

Friday, June 12, 2009

The best commerical EVER!

Seriously I almost peed my pants laughing. If I had not just returned from the potty, I would have.
What's the best commerical you have seen??

Thursday, June 11, 2009


So I'm going to admit, I'm an addict. My decline in blogging is due this new game called Farm Town.

So lame I know, but it's seriously addicting.

You grow your plants and animals. Harvest them. Make friends.

Somedays my alloted computer time is spent all on this stupid game.

PLUS, time I would have been on the computer, I've been sitting at the DMV or military ID place.
In the past 4 days, I have spent 8 hours at either place.
This is EXACTLY why I need a iPhone. RIGHT???
So I didn't find my wallet. That's why I'm at the DMV and stuff.
I'm cleaning my little heart out. My mom is coming on Tuesday for Bee's birthday!
So from here on, I promise to cut my Farmtown time down so I can play with you kids.
What's going on in your world?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Garage Sale

Our street had a garage sale this weekend. There are 3 of us moving so we had ALOT of stuff.

It went really well. I think everyone made over $100! That's awesomeness in my world!

I had some one Bee's baby clothes out there....(not stained or anything) and NO ONE bought a thing!!! SERIOUSLY!

That really shocked me. But we sold everything we wanted to but the skis!


Not so awesome...I lost my wallet. It might have gotten stolen at the garage sale. It might have been hidden by a two year that lives in my house. I might have grown legs and walked!!

Either way, it's not in my hand.

I SOOOOO wish it was. I had everything in there. I hope it's in the laundry basket or the toy box.

Or best/worst case senerio is that someone stole it, took the money and will bring it back!!
I just want my ID's and pictures and temple rec.

So that was our weekend. Chris worked the exercise with 12-14 hour shifts. Bee got sunburnt a little on his head. (It was 80 today!) And I lost my wallet!

How was your weekend?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kat's quilt blocks

I wasn't a fan of the fabric when I got it. But it kinda grew on me. Our rules for this month were make a block that is inspired from the fabric. I thought this bird needed to be front and center.
And then the big flower!

So anyway that's what I've been up to.

What are you doing?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sleeping habits

Ever since I got married, I have had to sleep with the TV on. My hubby is a really light sleeper so the TV tunes out any different noises.

When we were first married, we would fall asleep in each other's arms, watching Disney movies.

AAAHHHH so cute! (GAG!!!)

Moving on, after awhile we would fall asleep any way but still watching Disney movies, mostly Finding Nemo. (A personal fave.)

Then it moved on to different DVD's that slow made it up to our room. I have veto'd most of these DVD's on account that they keep playing music after the movie is done. No good.

Everybody Loves Raymond has quotes from the DVD that play over and over and over again.

All Family Guy's have that stupid song at the end.

The list goes on.

EXCEPT Friends.

FRIENDS plays nicely with my sleeping zzz's. You watch the 2.5 hours of funny, good wholesome show and then it's quiet!!!! The screen is still up BUT no sound!


So we have all but 2 of the seasons of FRIENDS.

Thank you to my old room mate, Heather, for giving us our first season of FRIENDS! It has saved our marriage!

Do you guys have any weird sleeping habits like my hubby??
PS Only one person mentioned anything on my last post about the bear. I thought for sure you guys would have said something??