Thursday, August 27, 2009


So I finally get to add one of these to my blog!!!

We are prego!

It's probably 99% of the reason I haven't been posting. I've been puking my brains out.

My due date is March 22, 2010.

I had an ultrasound at 7.5 weeks and saw a heartbeat. I have to have another ultrasound when we get to New Mexico to double check.

I have already lost 19 lbs in the 7 weeks I've been barfing.

I'm almost 12 weeks.

We are soooooo excited!!!

So excuse me if I'm not on here cuz I'm hanging around our toliet. I hope it settles down soon but with Bee..I was still throwing up until 7.5 months.

Does anyone have any Tums?

Friday, August 21, 2009

More BLOCKS!!!

August Bee Inspired Block for Krista

bee inspired | Block for Krista

august block for krista

Bee Inspired August

Kritta's Block

SawTooth Star Block


snail's trail

Aren't they just awesome!!??! I can't wait to start putting them all together!

We are still in Seattle. The well pump went out at Chris' parents house so we have been helping with that.

Bee and I along with Jane and Nicci went to Seattle on Monday. We got to Pike's Place and it was seriously crowded!! Come to find out, it was 100th birthday and they were handing out free cake! Nothing like free food to make people gather! We also took Chris' cousins down there. Aubrie and Tory with their kids. They are soooo fun and we will be playing with them soon. They have a Connor and an Emma, which is our favorite girl name. Coolness!

Mom, Mike and Kassy come home on Saturday night. It will be fun to hear their Dune stories! I wonder if Alex killed a jellyfish for me.

Welp I'm off to help with the living room!

What are you guys up to these days?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hanging out in Marysville

We have done a lot of hanging out in marysville lately. It's been wonderful!!!

Clayton, our nephew, is in love with Bee. They run around the W's house, screaming and kicking the balls! So funny....for the first 10 minutes!

The boys are suppose to go out crabbing out today but the boat isn't working yet. Hopefully soon.

Mom left for the dunes today! I hope she has sooo much fun! I'll post pictures later!

I'm off to go dig out the camera for you guys!

Friday, August 7, 2009

We're here!

We made to to Seattle Washington!!


We had some adventures..

we think we broke the trailer a little bit going over a HUGE frost heeve.

Bee was great but still a two year old that needed to get out and run every few hours.

I am pretty sure my iPhone is laying in the middle of the AlaCan, about 250 out of Whitehorse. If anyone wants it, it's there. I can tell you what tree it's next to!
(We still have to clean out one more spot but it's not looking good!)

we had NO trailer brakes. (This was fun, down hills!)

I think that's about it!

So we are here. I will be blogging with our adventures here every couple days!

How are you guys??

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sleeping bag

look what I found in Freddy's!!!!!!

Is this not the cutest thing ever??

It's a Coleman sleeping bag for Barbie or other dolls!!!!

Yeah V is getting one. How could she live without it??

I mean really!!

Do you guys one of these in your house?