Friday, April 26, 2013

Simply color

This is Simply Color by V &co. It's GORGEOUS!!! Seriously my favorite line so far. It's sister is coming out in July. I will own her too.

I want to make a hexie quilt with this line. I am not sure what pattern, if any, yet but I don't think you can go wrong with this line!! I also have a few other quilts I want to make with my fabric too!

Monday, April 22, 2013

October 26, 2012

The boys, Betsy and I headed up to ABQ for doctors appointments. We went to Globug's eye doctor appt. It was a quick in and quick out appt. He was just seeing if the patching was working enough. We are to continue to patch daily for 2 hours.

Then we went to my appointment at the blood doctor. It was just a "Hi, how are you? appointment." So got my blood drawn on the way out and called up Raesha to meet up for lunch!

We met at her office parking lot and had Joe's Deli. Fancy had never been there before. It is a good place for a healthy lunch. Something we dont usually get in ABQ. In the middle of lunch, Dr. Quintana calls me back and says, "Your platelets are 6K. Get here now, you have an infusion scheduled for 1pm."

So turned to Fancy and Raesha and said that I had to cut our date short. We ran to the Dollar Store and I grabbed coloring books, crayons, cars, puzzles, toys....anything to keep the boys busy in the waiting room for 4+ hours with Fancy. They weren't allow to have kids back in the infusion area because they bring germs and loudness. The nurse was going to sneek them in but she never did and I didn't push it.

Anyway I knew the drill, sit for a few hours and get infused. Get chills and shaky and a huge headache. Plus get sleepy. All things awesome while stressing about the boys in the waiting room. I emailed Chris what was going on but he was sleeping.

This is my room.

This is the medicine.

This is reaction to said medicine. I am now allergic to Gamunex. Awesome.

We get all the way done with the infusion. The nurse pushed it fast because Id had it so many times before without drama.

I go to check out and start to itch. Then Fancy says, "Uhhh...your lip is bigger." I checked. Hives. Awesome again.

I got back into the nurses station. The doctor is paged. I'm given steriods and benadryl. I go back out to the waiting room to help with the boys. Keep in mind it was 4.5 hours of being sooo good in the waiting room. They were starting to lose it.

So we stayed until I stopped growing hives and the doctor okay'd us to go home. She said take it easy and Fancy watch her! So Fancy and I took turns driving home. It took awhile with a few stops but we made it! Ben was gone for some reason (?) and Fancy had no problem staying the night on the couch.

We got up the next morning and went on with our world. Bee went to school and everything else. But what an adventure we had in ABQ in October! :)
Thanks Fancy for ALL your help! You are wonderful.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Things I want to remember

This is going to be a random picture post but I want to remember these things for later!

Chris and I want on our first date after him getting home. We were one of 7 couples that did this. We chose to do the golf course and bowling. It was really a blast and we hung out with the Spott's too!

In late December, a few of our Congress members decided that they were going to limit the guns we could buy and especially the clips for guns. It didn't pass, as of last week, BUT it has made the prices of guns skyrocket. Most stores don't and cant even get reloading supplies. All makes Chris quite grumpy. Things are just now becoming available again after 4 months and threats of never having them again.


Globug found out how to stick magnets to our metal lights. He's a smart cookie!

No wonder put think the ailens live here! Crop cirlces made by ice!

Globug and Dragon playing at Ms. Claire's house

So want one of these in my dream house!

Slumber party in Bee's room! Globug loves it, Bee would rather have his own space. But they play nicely together, for the most part.

I colored my hairs before Chris came home. I feel sexy and sassy!!

Reading the D&C with a few of my friends, when I get the chance, I highlight with these themed colors.

Bee, without being asked, put the big trash can away. In the process, ran the can down the side of the truck. OUCH!!
I bought some wax especially for black paint. It came with a crayon like wax tube. Worked great!! Seriously you can't even see it. Thank goodness. I got it out just before Chris came home! :) (I did show him these pics but it was worse in person.)

Friday, April 19, 2013

Leah's quilt

Leah just turned 8 in December. I started this quilt back then. She got baptized in February in THE OCEAN!!! In Guam. How cool is that? I finally mailed her this quilt at the beginning of May. She loves it! My heart is happy. 

My handsome boys

This is our ride home from church. I love my boys in ties!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Swap goodies

I did a swap that ended in January. Modernista. It was so fun. 
This is the goodies I got. Seriously sooo awesome! I use my purse every day, it's that amazing!!

The baby Oreos were gone before we got home from the post office. Dorrie planned it that way....she's so sweet!

Westwood girls

Christmas presents for the Westwood girls. 
Some of my first zippered pouches. They picked the colors. 


I remember them giggling and I couldn't find them to see what they were doing. This is what I eventually found. 

V's Christmas

This is what we sent V for Christmas. The boys helped pick out most of it. Aimee helped with the book selection. Cheryl said she loved it so we will see what goes next year. 


Tuesday, April 9, 2013