Monday, February 22, 2010

Glo bug is HERE!!

Here is a few pictures from my phone. I will try to get more up from the camera but it might be a few!
Welcome Glo bug!
He was born Sunday at 3:07am, weighing 5lbs 8oz.
He was born at 37 wks.
This is Daddy and Glo bug. He is in the NICU (Newborn Intensive Care Unit) because he has low platelets like his Mommy.
He has already gotten a platelet transfusion and IVIG to raise his blood levels. Nothing else is wrong with him which is AWESOME!! We were worried about the fluid around his heart but it is fine.
This is the HUGE Labor and Delivery room. I had a big one cuz they knew they were going to have to have my nurses and doctors PLUS Logan's nurses and doctors. I was in hard labor for 3 hours 45 minutes. Push twice and got to hold Logan!
This picture is taken 4 hours after he was born. His left eye is way swollen and skull is misshaped. BUT that's all normal and he is less swollen today.
This is one one my favorite picture! I love those toes. His nickname: Monkey, already fits him with those toes.
There is some brief info. I will try and update later.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bee's bed minus a rail

I know the picture isn't the greatest and it's upside down but this is my little man/big boy.
We took the rail off his crib so now it's like a daybed. He doesn't like going to bed anymore but I think it's just because he doesn't like missing out on things, not because of the bed.
We have started saying prayers on his new bed. He really likes it and will even add in a few words.
I don't wanna hear about the pacifier. This is more for my sanity then his. I will get rid of the pacifier when I'm ready. One thing at a time, folks! :) He only gets it at bedtime and doesn't even keep it in his mouth for more than ten mintues. It's NOT hurting his teeth anymore than him bouncing his face off the slide or running into his truck. Let me have this kiddo and then I will start thinking about getting rid of the pacifier. :)

Prego belly with Glo bug 2/14/10

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010

These are pictures from my phone of my Valentine's day present!
It's a box of COOKIES!!! (Mrs. Field's cookies even!)
I love my hubby! Thanks Chris

No news...

No news is good news right??

Well it is around here. We are just hanging out around here.
We have :
gone out shooting
gone to almost all the parks in the city
gone to El Paso and Las Cruces just for fun

Baby is doing great. We had a baby stress test today and he slept through the whole thing. They had me drink juice, tried this buzzer thing and made me sit up. He would kick once on each and go back to sleep. I just laughed. Don't mess with my kids' sleep! :)

I had another infusion of IVIG last week. My platelets got down to 25K. But Thursday I was up to 301K so things are good again. I still don't have any energy especially to clean house! But I think that just comes from being 35 weeks prego.

I have 29 days until I'm induced. I can't wait to see this little guy. He is way more active than Bee was in my tummy. I don't know if that's a good thing or not...kinda scared to have another crazy boy with tons of energy. But luckily he can't run for at least 6 months! LOL

Bee is showing all the signs (saying pee when he is going potty, taking off his diaper, etc.) of potty training. We got him a potty and stool. We were going to start on Monday but he has had diarrhea the past couple days so we will wait until his tummy feels better.

We have tried doing our taxes TWICE and things keep getting in our way. First it was my pin number to e-file and V. Second, Turbo Tax says that Bee's SSN number is on someone else's tax return. That is really scary! I hope to hope that Bee's number hasn't been stolen. So hopefully it's just a glinch in the system and they are just kidding. We'll find out in the next couple days.

Has this happened to anyone else?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


We went to the park and Bee LOVES the slides. He calls them Weee's, not slides. He went down the big one and did a face plant into the sand. He got up and started laughing.

I love that little boy!