Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Update of today

Hello my fellow bloggers-

We had an interesting day here at the Waggoner house.

1. Bee slept in until12:30pm. I actually got to clean some parts of the house just out of boredom. I like that kid!

2. I am halfway through the 2nd Twilight series book. Soo good. Bella is sooo dumb. Does she just do things cuz it's the stupidest thing she can do?

3. My hubby broke an airplane. I now will call him Hercules!

4. We had a small thunderstorm and it was 68* today. Weather is weird here today.

5. I decided that I'm going to look into fertility drugs.

6. I forgot the aprons when i went to run errands...tomorrow people, tomorrow! :)

7. We drove to see if the begula whales were out to tide was out. No belugas!!

8. I learned that I can be quite the gossip and I need to work on that. NO GOOD!!

9. I need to post more pictures on here. I'll start that tomorrow.

10. I hope you guys are all well! I really do. Be good.


Rachel H. said...

Fertility?? Am I confused as ever! Isn't your little guy still a baby?!!?

And I haven't even started the Twilight you're ahead of me! :)

Dolly said...

Hey Krista-
Love your blog! Found it off Blokthoughts...when I noticed your Anchorage! I was born in Anchorage and lived on Rabbit Creek Road for 17 years of my Eskimo-life :) I haven't been up there since 1984-can you believe it?! My kids hope to one day get a family vacation in Alaska. One of these days...

Mal N' Jon said...

Well lucky you--a good sleeper (well at least for today, right?)!!

P.S. I LOVE your blog & I'm glad we can be blog friends! Haha!

Staci said...

Lucky you, getting to sleep in. Don't you just love those days?