Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I can't believe I haven't written a blog since Sunday. I'm on here all time, I guess I just forget to update this! :)

While my friend, Brittany and I are going to make quilts together. She has never made one before and I want to make one for a very close friend of mine. (No I'm not going to tell you who cuz she'll know when she opens it!)

So we are going to JoAnn's tonight for supplies and stuff!! I'm so excited. I want to get started before all this excitedness goes away!! :) We are both husband-less this week so we have lots of time to work on it! Yeah for that!!(No I'm not making this exact one...I wish!)

Well anyway now that I spent all day over at Momdot.com and didn't win anything, I have to clean at least one part of my house before dinner/bed!!

Check you chicas later!!


Krystyn said...

Thanks for stopping by! The contest was tons of fun! You'll have to email me about your platelets and tell me what they did for you! Do you have any suggestions?

I have no idea how to sew/quilt. It sounds like it would be really fun with a friend. Lately, I do all things crafty on the computer (krizzydesigns.blogspot.com).

Shelle said...

I have both...so it would probably be easier for you to just do MSN messenger because you can sign up under your hotmail sign in and stuff! So IF and WHEN you get it all together...my sign in for that account is plush2500@hotmail.com...so you can add me! :)

Shelle said...

I seriously am not being dumb...but I don't get how we are suppose to find stuff for the scavenger hunt...I want to be a part of the time...and I know I am not pulling my weight...and now I am frustrated! :)

I'm jealous you can even sew by the way...I WISH I could do a quilt...the closest I come to making a quilt is doing a rag quilt...I can do those! lol!

Shelle said...

I mean "team" by the way...not "time"! oops

JenniBeanV said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving a comment!

I wish I could make a quilt!

Rachel H. said...

WOW! How amazing! I wish I had that kind of talent! Good luck--

OH, By the way, got the apron! how ADORABLE! Cute, cute, cute! And I love the little personal touch! Thanks a million times over!