Sunday, August 17, 2008

Making it quick..

Just to keep y'all updated on our life here in Anchorage:

1. My phone does work now...just not the 7 or * key...both kinda important for texting but whatever. I have a new phone in the mail as we speak.

2. The rice trick worked.

3. My hubby is now in Florida, where it's hot....jerk.

4. Bee is still scooting on his bum but now can pull himself up into kneeling.

5. My mom is gone on vacation and I miss her.

6. I'm in the middle of the first book of Twilight series.

7. I finished the APRONSSSS!!!!! (Stinkin yes!)

8. I will post later after I finish this stinkin book!


Rachel H. said...

1. yeah for your new phone!
2. rice trick? Missed that...
3. Florida....ahh.....sandy beaches, warm weather, humid. Blech!
5. Where is your mom?? How fun to get away!
6. Still haven't started those darn books!
7. HOORAY!!! APRONS!!! Can't wait!
8...can't wait!

Shelle said...

hahahaha...I love it, you are going to be officially addicted...either way if you like the books or not you will have to finish them and you will have an opinion on them! lol!

Well...can't wait to see what you think!

Why is your husband in FL? what does he do? said...

Yeah for the aprons! Good to know about the rice trick!

Mal N' Jon said...

Your a busy Lady!

Mal N' Jon said...
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jill jill bo bill said...

Just to remind you that it's me that gets the apron. Amy said I could have it...really...don't ask her because she is a habitual indian giver and I already said "no take backs"...ok, fine. I give up.

Staci said...

I'm glad to hear the phone is working again, I'll have to remember your rice trick. The rugrats always dropping my phone in something. And thanks for stopping by my blog!

Shelle said...

Yes Kritta I'll be your partner in a scavenger hunt!

your husband is totally awesome and has a kick butt cool is that...though sad that he has to be away sometime :(

Are you still on Twilight? Takes you back right?

And that is cool about your's funny when someone you know becomes famous...not that it's ever happened to me, but its cool all the same...and now she is SUPER famous!

amelia bedelia said...

You've been tagged!!! Go read my blog!