Monday, August 11, 2008

Bee's question..I'll post more tomorrow!

To be honest, I have been kinda dreading these questions cuz they may not be pretty. But what past isn't without flaws so here we go!

What do you remember most about your father from your childhood? About your mother?
1. I remember dancing in our living to music on the radio. We would all take turns dancing with Dad. Even Mom. I loved watching them dance. I remember going to Mt Pilchuck to go wheeling in the snow and getting stuck. Then going back up there in the summer and hiking to Bear Lake. I remember him always working on the yard, raking rocks with his wheelbarrow, beer and Murphy, our dog! There is not a rock in that whole yard bigger than an inch..guaranteed!
I remember that my mom was always someone I could call. She worked for the school district and we could call her whenever. We never had to worry about our lunch money cuz mom knew the lunch lady! She liked the nightmare flowers and decorated our whole kitchen with them. We would travel to South Dakota/Denver to see our grandparents almost every year for Thankgiving. She would have everthing packed and we would pick dad up from work. She used to make dad's lunches everyday..(I do this for Chris). She was our biggest fan, no matter what we did.
(Well that wasn't too bad!)
Who were your grandparents? What do you remember about each of them? how old were you when your grandparents died?
On my dad's side Ben and Bev Carlson. I remember that Grandma made cinnamon rolls everytime we came. She would put caramel on the bottom. I didn't like it so I asked to have regular cinnamon rolls. I talked her into frosting too. Grandpa said that he liked my cinnamon rolls better, after many many years of marriage!! :) I remember Grandma always laughing at us. She would let us go in her sewing room and watch her quilt. We got to have hot chocolate when mom and dad were gone.
Grandpa liked being outside too, like Dad. He mowed his field one time we were there so him and his cat could walk around it for their health. Grandpa had three sheds. I don't know what they were for but we couldn't go in them. Every night deer would come into their field because they put water out for them. Grandpa loved them. Grandma and Grandpa had a really high bed. Grandpa used to be logger. He hurt his shoulder and has had a few surgeries on it. Grandma used to work at a mental hospital making sheets and stuff for them.
I love hearing their stories about raising my dad and uncles. They are so fun. We hope to visit them in South Dakota on our way to our next base. Maybe grandma will make me regular cinnamon rolls?!!
Grandma (Madeline) and Grandpa (Anthony -Tony) Slattery are on my mom's side.
Grandpa used to go for walks all the time. On the beach or just around the houses. He loved us and he shared his gummy bears with us. He liked to clean things. He was an accountant. He didn't like to fight. He whistled all the time. He loved it when I played the piano, especially Phantom of the Opera. He died my senior year of high school.
Grandma used to listen to us talkabout everything. We got to have Tang and sit at the table and talk grown-up stuff. We weren't allowed to touch her goose with pebbles in the bottom but we did and grandpa won't tell. They had a playground behing their old house that had hot (from the sun) slides and a HUGE green field. They moved to Seattle with us and lived on the island. It was nice having them close by to go to swim meets. Grandpa couldn't sit for long so he would watch what he could. We always got dresses from grandma for Christmas. Grandma died in 2005.

I think that's enough for at you later, gators! I'll write something interesting tomorrow, promise!!

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