Monday, July 13, 2009

Chris' Saturday Evening

So this is such an adventure that could happen no where else but Alaska. I have to write it down.

Chris' buddy, Eric, from our hometown came to visit us Saturday night. Chris was just about to go fishing when he showed up so of course, he went with.

They picked up Slade and off they went to the lake. On the way, they start talking about food. Chris says he wants to eat a porcupine, just once. And if he sees one, he is going to kill it.

Slade and Eric laugh it off, I'm sure and go about the conversation. Some time in the journey to the lake, a poor porcupine runs across the road.

Chris slams on the brakes...PORCUPINE!!!!! Jumps out of the truck, grabs a huge rock, runs for about 10 feet and chucks the rock. Hitting the thing in the head. SPLAT!

He picks it up and throws it in the back of the to go fish.

They get to the lake and with all the guys around somehow Chris' pole gets stepped on and broke. With no fishing to do, what does Chris do....skins the porcupine.

Slade and Eric have had their fill of fishing and are ready to go home.

Driving home from this 'secret' lake, the boys are laughing and comparing fishing stories, I'm sure.

All of a sudden, Chris slams on the brakes, yells PORCUPINE!!!! ...jumps out and grabs a rock and this time has to chase the thing up a hill. He gets it. In the back of the truck it goes.

Eric is laughing his head off cuz he can't believe what is going on. Slade is shaking his head and laughing his head off cuz he can't believe the Chris is running around with a rock above his head.

Chris gets back in the truck and off they go to home. (Did I mention it was 11:30pm?)

(It's still light out at 11:30pm in the summer here.)

So down the road and Chris slams on the brakes again....PORCUPINE!!!!!!

This one was a huge one!

He chases after it with a rock above his head, but this one is climbs a tree!

Oh but Chris hits it with a falls out of the tree....AND runs away!

He chases after it until he finally gets the thing. Throws it in the back of the truck and off they go!

They are headed for home when Chris has to stop for gas. As he is filling up the tank, he hears a sniffing sound. WHAT THE WHAT??

Two of the porcupines are still alive, making noises!!

They hurry to Slade's house where they put the poor creatures out of their misery.

Seriously, what an adventure!!!!!

Don't worry, all porcupine were eaten. Animals WERE harmed in the writing of this story.


Dianah said...

How do you cook one?

Jenny said...

question is How did it taste?

What a great adventure.

Nicci said...

And... Was it good? Did you try it?

The Waggoners said...

We are just going to the blessing the first week in August. We didn't want to have to fight with our bishop about doing it on a date other than fast sunday. Since nothing was working out with everyone being here at the same time, we just kind of gave up! We wish that you guys could be there though.

The Waggoners said...

ps...i dont know what scope it was, but it was from Cabelas and it was on sale. Only $150 with shipping and handeling. That isn't horrible!

Missy said...

I have never seen a p pine in real life! Do you really eat them? Wow, I thought possum was a treat! LOL

Homer and Queen said...

Ummm...was Hannibal Lecter involved?

Monster Mary said...

Okay I think everyone would like to know how it was prepared and how it tasted. That is hilarious. Thanks for sharing. Did you keep the quills for any jewlery making?

Sissy said...

niiice! why didn't you text me about this? that's awesome!

John Deere Mom said...

OMG I don't even eat pork. Let alone porcupine!!!!!!! I am so grossed out!