Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Finally Fourth Pictures

This is what the boys did most of the weekend! Rocks and dirt in the bucket, rocks and dirt out of the bucket. Bee and Hudson plus Chris' sexy legs! This happened within the first two hours of the W's arriving. Bee grabbed the firepit grill as he tripped. It blistered immedately. This is our makeshift bandage. Mychel came to the rescue.
From Left to right, Tanner, Slade and Issac. They had to take turns with the sparkles so we could watch them.

This is Carissa. She is mom to Tanner, Issac and Easton...married to Slade.

This is Eli. I've watched this boy grow up. I met Mychel in Tech school in Texas. She was prego with this boy. They got orders for up here too! And now we are hoping they will come to New Mexico with us. (We are hoping, they are not!!) :)
Oh and I guess there's part of Bee's head.

Tanner playing with a firework. I just love his face. They are moving to Arizona so we have plans to met halfway and go riding!!

Bee with another sparkler...we got a bunch free...the kids loved it!

The Hulet boys! Wouldn't this be a great Christmas card??

The boys finally killed Mychel. We all knew it was going to happen one day! LOL i'm just kidding!

Or this one for the card? Aren't they just so photogenic! We heart our Hulet's!!
Mychel, Hudson, Robb and Eli

Hudson, Bee and Easton chilling in the tent...or condo as we called it!

Hudson and Eli being goofy! Look at our views behind them. Alaska is beautiful!

Hudson growing up too fast!!

My boys! I sure wished Bee liked his Dad.

I have more pictures but I'll save you for now!
Thanks Flitton's and Hulet's for such a great weekend!!!
We hope you had as great time as we did!


Soxy Deb said...

Awesome pictures Kritta! I love the one with the Hulet boys with what I'm guessing is Mychel's butt sticking up in the picture. Priceless! (and not a bad butt) :)

Kristina P. said...

Such boy stuff to do! I'm sure they loved it!

Anonymous said...

poor connor's it any better? I hope that it wasn't too bad. Looks like you guys had a fun time.

Delena said...

Good luck with your move. Going to a warmer climate that is for sure

(elissa) Mychel (ware) Hulet said...

No that we don't want to be with Krista, Chris ands Connor. Just that we aren't putting New Mexico on our dream sheet. I love all the pictures they turned out great. I defenitly want the one of Hudson driving the ATV and then the ones with all of us on the quad. Thanks Krista for inviting us we had more fun than you did.

Anonymous said...

Holy cow! Your blog is awesome! How come I've never been invited? Or have I just been in my own little remodeling world? I don't like remodeling world very much! I love all your goals. So honest. How is Conner's hand doing and Chris's head? I didn't realize it was your last Alaska adventure. I guess you guys really are moving! Do you have your trailer yet? Those pics were cute. Thanks for inviting us and putting up with all the Flitton's have to offer! Patience with the boys.....
We had a good time. Isaac wants to go get some more frogs. Tanner wanted to eat them for dinner. Hah! Let's play next week when my parents are gone. I'm thinking Sand Dunes

Kerry said...

Some lovely family photos. Looks like you guys had a great time!

Purple Quilter Queen said...

The look on those boy's faces are priceless! Alaska is just beautiful. Wishing we had weather like that here in TX. Take care and be safe in your transfers. Thank you for all your soldiers do for our country! Jennifer

Anonymous said...

hope connors hand is doing better. Good luck with moving. Great photos.