Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"Does this Pregnancy Make Me Look Fat?" review

This is my first book review! I was wayyy excited to be asked to do this cuz Hey, I'm prego and it's a free book.

The book is "Does this Pregnancy Make Me Look Fat?" The essential guide to loving your body before and after baby. It's by Claire Mysko and Magali Amadei.

I enjoyed this book. I'm not one to worry about my self image. In fact, I have to be told to go get my eyebrows done. When I wear makeup, my hubby knows it's a big deal. That being said, this book had some great points in it.

As you guys know, I have a tough time getting pregnant. Then once I do, I throw up everything and anything for the whole pregnancy. With Bee, I lost 35 lbs at the lowest. With this one, it's looking like 45 lbs is the lowest. Now mind you, I gain it back.

So I don't go through the normal process of the pregnancies. I would give my left leg, right around week 15, to have to worry about a baby bump. That would mean I was keeping food down!

So for me, it isn't about numbers. I don't watch the scale every week at the doctor's office, cuz I know it's lighter than when I started. (My doc last week told me I needed to gain back all my weight. That's 30 lbs in 10 weeks...can I do it? I'm sure going to try!! but to me it's not about the numbers.) I don't care, seriously, what I weigh when I have this baby. I know, it's probably because I loose it all in the beginning. If I didn't loose 45 lbs I would be worried about the 15 lbs I've gained. Would I stop eating?? Absolutely not. I enjoy food too much!

That's one thing I really, really liked about this book. They want you to throw out your scales. Turn around when you are weighed at the doctor's office. Tell your doctor to not discuss the number, unless it directly affects you or baby. It should be about you and baby's health. Healthy babies aren't a number. Healthy babies are hearing the heartbeat and feeling the kicks and measuring the size with your date. NOT 159 lbs. or 230 lbs. If you are eating healthy, then it won't matter what they scale says.

Another thing they talk about in the book that I really liked was sex. No one talks about it. Well, at least they didn't with me. Being prego TOTALLY changes things. Not only do you have this bump 2/3's of a year that you have to get around, there are some other MAJOR stuff going on. Like that hubby's might find it gross to be that close to baby. Or that your hormones are so freaking crazy that sex is the last thing on your mind. It ranks right up there with getting a bikini wax after labor. NOT HAPPENING! I liked that they addressed both sides of the common issues. I know there are some days along the way that Chris is the sexiest thing to walk the planet. Other days, I'm more worried about my toenail paint job. It's not the same everyday, for every pregnancy either.

My favorite part in the whole book is the WTF(reak) files. They share stories of what people say when they are pregnant or new moms. I can totally relate to most of them. There's a section on how to deal with stupid co-workers, family, friends, and even hubby. Sometimes people don't think before they talk. This section is how to deal with those stupid comments.

My favorite stupid comment from my life is from when I was just married. I was standing in line for the picture place and there was a brand new baby in front of me, with her mom. She was dressed in this beautiful blue dress with the ruffle panties and curls and bows in her hair. Just so stinking cute. Mom matched but didn't, you know the look.
Anyway this other lady, about 40 walks in behind us. She sees the baby and says, "How old is he?"
Both mom and I turn and look at the lady.
Polietly the mom says, "SHE is 3 weeks old."
The lady gasps, "You can't put a girl in blue. You will confuse her. She's going to like women!!!"
I turn around and just stare at the mom. What in the world is she going to do, or say to that? I mean, REALLY??!
The mom, who has WAYYY more class than I ever would, says, "Well I think she looks beautiful and I will love her no matter what she decides to do with HER life. Thank you."
The lady walked out of the store and it was the Mom's turn before I could say anything. But seriously, how great did she handle that? It's stuck with me all this time. People may say stupid things but you don't have to steep to their level to make a statement. This mom really impressed me.

What are some of your WTF(reak) moments???

I'll put your entry in a hat and the winner gets the book! (I wanna hear your stories, even if you aren't prego!)

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Tammara, Jess and Cory said...

Kristin, I love the review. That mom has class and I sure would not of responded that way either. I have to laugh at the throwing up and gaining the weight back. I too had issues with my pregnancy with my son I lost 35 lbs and did not gain an ounce back before deliver. I could not keep anything down and was totally miserable. My hairdresser knew I was pregnant she is my sons God Mother. After giving birth I went to get my hair cut, her boss looked at me carrying my son in his carrier and said I did not know you were pregnant. OMG I have had my hair done there for years. I just smiled.:)

Rachel H. said...

That sounds like such a funny book! :) I like the advice to not worry about weight...because honestly, I do. Mainly because I hear the hounding every visit... :(

But I can't pinpoint one specific time that someone was totally rude...
I mean, I heard often the question, "are you sure you're not having twins!?" and "you are going to pop any day!" when I was only like 6 months along. :) Ya, how does that make a girl feel?!

April said...

It's been so long that I can't remember that far back! Hope you are doing well and glad to see you blogging!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristen! I'm so glad you enjoyed the book and that there were parts you could relate to. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review it!

Traci said...

While I've had my last pregnancy (as far as I know) it sounds like a terrific book.

I am constantly amazed at what people will say. My daughter looked beautiful in blue and had several dresses in that color (with matching hair bows). I think that mother handled it beautifully -- can't say as I would have done the same. My mom tells the story of me as a baby -- she said that I had a big PINK bow on my head and a woman patted my head (with the bow) and said "How old is he?" Kind of a funny reverse.

I hope that you have a healthy pregnancy. I'll be checking in. Happy New Year!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

It is good to hear you are hanging in there.

Karen said...

Sounds like a fabulous book.

And the blue comment is a classic! I have stories to share I am sure, but I just can't think of any of them this morning.