Monday, July 28, 2008

The winner is...

OK in order to see who won, you have to read my stupid story of the day! (Lucky you!)
So Chris and I were watching TV and we noticed this smell.
1.Me thinking it was my husband, stuck my tongue out at him and wrinkled my nose.
2.Chris thinking it was the dog(s), covered his nose with his shirt and went about playing his computer.
3. Hooch and Jack (the dogs) thinking it was Chris, got up and moved away.

So after about 5 minutes, the normal amount of time for any kind of fart to move away, it's still there!! So I go on a search to find the stink. I didn't have to go was Bee!! My sweet little baby smelt like my old husband!! After I put my gag reflex back where it belongs, I went to change the diaper.
It was too messy so I cleaned him up the best I could with wipes on the bathroom floor and dunked his little bum in the bath. We were playing and splashing, having a great time. It was time to end the bath and I turn to get a towel off the counter. My foot lands smack dab in the middle of the grossest diaper I've EVER had to change!! (I know you are all puking at this post but you have to read it if you want to see who wins!)
So I say "Are you serious?!" And just burst out laughing! What else could I do? It was totally my fault for not putting it in the garbage. It was stinking up the whole bathroom, I knew it was there!! So what do I do? (The kid's in the tub with clean water, I can't do the splits to wash it off in the sink so...) Yup you guessed it, my foot goes in the toilet (which I just cleaned yesterday and NO one uses that bathroom except Bee for his bath so it's not that bad). And a couple flushes later, I'm able to hop into the bedroom and grab some wipes. Wipe it down good, no more like great! And squirt out about a pound of antibacterial stuff on my foot, and call it good to go.
I can still feel the yuckiness on my foot so I have washed it about 10 times since then. (I'm sure I'll have no skin left by tomorrow morning!) It's long gone, I'm sure. But I can just feel it, ya know?! (Okay maybe you don't, but still.....)
So now that the grossest story EVER written on my blog is done with, I will go onto the winner of the's all that commented!! (Wish you would have got over here sooner, huh?!!)
No but seriously, JoAnn's is having a sale, I have a little extra cash and my hubby is leaving for two weeks for TDY.....I'm making Rachel H, Kate, Mary, Rachael, (I don't know her name yet), Amelia Bedelia and Mal aprons!!!!!! YAY you! (Thanks for reading my blog!) seven ladies, send me your addresses and favorite color (I'll try to work with it) and I'll get to making us some new aprons!
(Mary-I'll just give you yours when it's done.)


Rachael said...

sweet!!! how awesome is this, seriously?

okay, so my favorite colors are red and pink--just anything bright and super cheery. i'll email you my address.

i am so pumped about this! yay! said...

Wow! I am so excited!

My favorite color is blue, but my kitchen is yellow and black with a hint of green. But I would be happy with what ever!

Thanks so much!

I laughed so hard about the poop! So funny! said...

Okay so maybe I am dumb, but I can't find your email address to send you my mailing address. I will check back here later and see if you posted it or you can leave it over on my blog. Thanks so much!

Rachel H. said...

Hey--WOW! Talk about lucking out. I just happened to pick that post to comment on because I am SOOOO behind...saving the rest of your posts for the plane ride home. :) So, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! You are TOO sweet!

I love red. red and pretty much anything! :) (except poop brown! hehehe)

Thanks again! What a sweetheart! I promise I will get crackin' at my blog reading as soon as I get back home! I am sure you understand!

jill jill bo bill said...

(in a falsetto voice) Oh Krista! This is actually Amelia Bedelia. I am so excited! I had actually entered this contest for Jill- wanting her to win SOOO bad, since she never wins anything. So I am giving her my beautiful apron and please make it apple green and black (maybe some pumpkin if you need 3 colors). Thank you thank you for my sweet sister's sake!!!

Kate said...

That is so stinking (pun on the whole poop incident) sweet of you!
Thank you, I will be completely honest...I only have one apron. And with all the baking I do, it sees the laundry room waaaay too much.
Thanks so much again! woo hoo!
**My kitchen is a light blue and red**

amelia bedelia said...

Don't believe a word that heifer is saying......this is really me and why in the hell would i give you (Jill JIll) the you can walk around your house weaing it and "play like" you are cooking while waiting for the pizza hut man to ring the doorbell. Nice try sis!!

IM SO FREAKIN' EXCITED ABOUT THE APRON. My fav color is reds, browns, greens. I really don't care, Im just thrilled I get one. Im so blogging this today!! Thank you! Thank you!!! Your cool!

jill jill bo bill said...

HEY!!! That Raman Noodle juice sometimes flies out of the bowl and gets on me.

Dammit! Okaaaaay. FINE!! Be that way!

Next time can you give away fast food coupons or something that I would really use? Just a thought...

The Colón Family said...

Oh my goodness that story is Hilar!!! Sorry about your foot but man that is one funny story!! You made me laugh out loud and I had to show my co-workers what was so funny!! You're too cute.

michelle said...

Dang,I really wish I had come over here sooner! However, YOU! are my winner! Shoot me your email and I will get your little pendant off to you!

michelle said...

Oh, and the poop story totally made my afternoon!

Shelle said...

okay so I was on vacation and totally missed your giveaway! What a girl to be able to SEW...I always have wanted to, but I can't to save my life! I'm sorry I missed it...I'll look forward to the next one!

And way to be resourceful with the whole poop thing...YUCK! :)

Monster Mary said...

You're crazy! But I love ya! THanks.
Um that was a pretty nasty story but for some reason gross stories like that don't really bother me, in fact if I'm mad my husband tries to think of gross things to tell me to make me laugh. Glad you're smart saved yourself from spreading the poop around. ;)

Surprise me with the Apron. Need any help sewing them all? You're so fun.

us4 said...

Oh my goodness... that is sooo gross! But hilarious!!! High-five for Connor. He probably sat in the tub watching you and laughing.

Brenda said...

Love the poop story! I did the same thing once with my little brother's diaper - it was 32 years ago, but the memory still haunts me!

Mal N' Jon said...

Wahoo! THanks!

Sorry i've been out of town for a family reunion.

I will take any color at ALL. Red is my fav color though...just in case, but i'll take whatever!