Sunday, July 13, 2008

I WoN!!

I won!! I totally won a blog-giveaway!! I won the Twilight cool am I?!Okay maybe I'm just the same as I was an hour ago but definately more excited!!

You totally need to check out her blog
here ...cuz she does an impersonation of me that is pretty close! :) Gotta love it! (It's the third one)
So I guess now I
have to read to series! I'm really looking forward to it.

K so I'm packing and leaving on a jet plane with my hubby, one-year old, a stroller, car seat, a purse, carry-on and a laptop...need anything else? I totally hope not.

So this is my excuse for my lack of posts the next week. I hopefully can play on here at least once...I gotta show people I
WON!!!!! So until next Mond


Shelle said...

You seriously are so funny! I was excited that you won the you can see I smile before I show the name! I was hoping it was someone that hadn't read the series yet!

Oh and I will totally sign your books!

I want to come visit...I have always wanted to visit Alaska!

Anonymous said...

Girl, you must've done something right because you won over at SuperMom Central too! I'm having trouble tracking down an email address for you so please contact me at ASAP - Warm Biscuit is excited to get your your gift cert.!

Monster Mary said...

It's such a fun series. I can't wait for the next one and Congrats! Have fun on your trip. I've been trying to HOP for over a week now and it's killing me. Darn military planes.