Sunday, July 6, 2008

The past week..

Our campsite at Sutton. We went camping with Shawn and Natasha, Brittany and Josh, along with Ethan and Nova! What an adventure!Brittany, Josh and Moose!

Natasha and Bee with a sparkler. Ethan and Nova playing with sparklers too!
Moose, the cutest girl beagle in the world!! (Oh and Josh)

Bee enjoying the campfire...dirty little kid!
Our wheels minus three quads.
Red-Josh's Green-Chris' (Note there's no windshield...that's another story!)
Fireworks at midnight...Yes this is what 12am looks like on the Fourth of need for a flashlight to use the restroom!!
Our resident goofballs, Chris and Shawn

Nova and Jack in the background at our spot in the woods.
Our monster of a has one more small tent on the other side..all connected!
Our front porch view...on Friday night that whole bank was full of tents, wheelers, ATV's, truck and pretty much anything that could move people around.
If you look where the smoke is, there's a rope swing just to the left where we went swimming every day! Even Chris and Jack got in the water!!Chris' trout that he caught in a near by lake...notice the dirty face. It was a staple in our camp!
The video is Chris crossing the river, using Josh's wench line to 'make sure' it would get across! They ran out of line, that's what happens at the end. Josh ended up getting pulled into the river!


The writer and the singer said...

I LOVE camping and that place looks gorgeous!

Shelle said...

Wow...that was really what it looked like at 12am? That would be nice not to have to have a flash light when you had to get up to go pee...I hate that!

Those vehicles look scary, yet fun! Such a good time...I wish I wish!

Rachel H. said...

What beautiful scenery!!! Looks liks you guys had a TON of fun!

me16w2b1 said...

great photos, wish i could have been looks like all of you had a blast