Monday, July 28, 2008


OK so there are the pictures... (My computer is being dumb so that's what you get!)
1. I came home to this on my kitchen roof, from church. I called the landlady, left a message and went about my day. (I took a picture to show her when we called in case it exploded or something.)
2.Same thing just a closer shot.
3.I played Molly Homemaker today and made cupcakes.
4. Here's a another picture...I added pudding mix cuz I heard it was good...we'll see
5. This is a picture of the NOW hole in my ceiling...note how close it is to my Kitchen-aid..I was just using. Maybe I should have cleaned the bowl before dumping the mix into it..haha. Just kidding I did clean it. (You thought we were gonna have another poop/gross story huh!?!)
6.While some 70 year old man tore up my kitchen, I made a purse.
7. It even has a nifty cell phone pocket. (Why don't we use the word nifty anymore?)
8.This is the fabric that the aprons are getting made from.

So there's my day in a nutshell. Bee is teething and has been really, really whiny all day. Which just makes me whiny too! Oh and Hooch (Bad Dog) ran away again today. Number two in 24hours....that dog is gonna....oh I can't say anything about him without getting in trouble with somebody so I'll just say he's a BAD DOG!!


Peanut said...

Sounds like a busy day. Where do you find the time for baking and apron making?! I hope the hole in your ceiling gets fixed quickly.
Poor little Connor with the sore gums. It feels like my kids have been teething for EVER! Have you tried freezing wet cloths for him to chew on? They've worked wonders for my kids and I keep several ready to go in the freezer at all times. Here's hoping those teeth pop through soon!

Kate said...

ooooo, I love putting pudding in cake mixes! You can play around with it put in butterscotch with chocolate, coconut in the white, so on and so on, the list never ends! :)
the bag is super cute and love the fabric patterns!

My_Kids_Mum said...

Hi Krista!
Thanks for your comment on my "gentanites" blog. I had no clue that teeth could be used for bone marrow transplants... I suppose that's one good reason to be toothless! :) BTW, my daughter and I loved your purse (w/cell phone holder). Is it a pattern you picked up from somewhere and is it easy to sew?
Take care!

amelia bedelia said...

I love the fabric! Cannot wait!

Shelle said...

I want cake? that looked SO good, or maybe I'm just hungry! lol!

What was the thing in your ceiling? Was it alive? Or was it water? You left me hanging!

Busy day... :)

Rachel H. said...

We had that same issue right before we left on vacation. Darn it! But way to be productive!! I am TOTALLY impressed!

Bobbi Mason said...

You are so crafty!! I need to take some sewing lessons from you. Love the blog. Something for me to aspire to. Don't worry about the little not walking. Neither is Abbi. My sis's littlest is 15 months and is also in PT because she is not crawling or walking either. All in good time. =) Happy Blogging.

Kris said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, you have a cute layout here and are very creative!

Pudding in cake is tops, I made 4 Orange cakes today and they call for a box of instant pudding per cake. They are the best! I'll have to check back from time to time and see what's going on on your blog, not that I'm a blog addict or anything:)

nice to meet sure is a small world afterall!

Mandy said...

Thanks for stopping by! Sounds like a productive day. I wish I knew how to be Molly homemaker! Be thankful for those talents!

You're lucky to be in such a beautiful place! I love Alaska. Wouldn't mind visiting it again some day.