Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I didn't leave you guys..I have just had a little bit going on yesterday and today. Here is Bee getting into the dog water and food. He didn't eat any but tasted it and threw it for Hooch.
There's another picture of the Trouble Maker, under the coffee table but can't get out! Hehe
Here's a picture of the first apron. My camera kinda makes the pocket look weird but it's cute.

So I went to the ONLY church bookstore in Anchorage yesterday. Oh it's my favorite place to be, besides JoAnn's Fabrics. So I bought this journal/memory stories book. It's questions you are suppose to ask your Mom. But since I plan on printing this blog out one day, I thought I would answer these for Bee and future kids. There's 195 so it should take me to the New Year! Yeah for that!!

1. What is your full name? Krista Waggoner
2.Why were you given your name? Were you named after someone else? (I already answered this question in a previous post...check it out there.)
3. Did you have a nickname as you were growing up? What was it, and how did you get it? Have you had any other nicknames during your life?
a. My mom called me Lit'l Girl. In middle school I was called Krista the Cow and Kritta.
b. I got Lit'l Girl cuz I'm a little girl, like duh!?! Krista the Cow because, well it's a long one...ready for this? seventh grade we were given an assignment to write a children's story. We could look at previous years' projects. Well a few years before there was a girl names Krista, who no one liked (she wasn't in the class) but in the same grade. So a group of them made this children's book around Krista, who was a cow. My best friend at the time, Micah, thought this was the funniest thing in the whole world. So it was my new name. The funny thing was I probably weighed 90lbs soaking wet. I was a toothpick so other people (outside of the class) didn't understand why someone would call me the Cow. And Kritta was my softball name, Kritta's Kreatures was my YMCA camp name, when I worked there.
c. That's about it on the nicknames. Chris calls me Babygirl but that's it.

Yeah 3 done!! How is everyone in blogging world?

Update: I am now called Sista Krista to those in the blogging world that know Jill Jill and Amelia! Just so you know! :)


amelia bedelia said...

what a neat idea to answer all those questions for little Conner. And the apron, IM GETTING EXCITED!

Rachel H. said...

Hey--I can't remember where to send my address so I can get one of your CUTE, CUTE aprons! said...

I am so excited about the aprons! Are you using a pattern or just making it up as you go?

jill jill bo bill said...

I am soooo excited about the apron I am stealing from Amy!!!

Your new nickname to add to your list is on my post that you just commented to- in the comment part.

Luv ya, sista.

jill jill bo bill said...

What the hell time is it in Alaska anyway?

Monster Mary said...

You're a good mom. Way to think ahead. I'm a lazy mom. The apron looks great. Makes me feel bad for not finishing a million projects over here.

Kate said...

Oh the apron is adorable! I don't have your email for sending my address, so here is my email and once I get yours I send you my address.
Your little boy is very very cute :)

Shelle said...

I THOUGHT I would give you ALL the books in one swoop so I am waiting for the fourth book to come out...Breaking Dawn which is this SATURDAY!!!

The books will come to ME on or before August 8th, I will sign them and then put them in the mail :) So you'll get them...hopefully, before Christmas!lol!

Apron's look awesome!

Nicci said...

That's a great idea to answer all of those questions for Connor. Now you've given me an idea to do with my mom! Great aprons!!! They are totally cute. When you're done with those do you want to work on my scrap book for me? I started one but haven't gotten very far... the pictures are still in the boxes.