Friday, July 25, 2008

My Giveaway!!

So fellow followers!
I'm feeling the need to do a giveaway myself. So in the spirit of my recent wins, I'm going to give something away to you guys!!
How about an Apron!!?!
I was going to make myself one cuz I'm ALWAYS getting dirty when I make cinnamon rolls so...

Put your little comment in the comment box with what you would cook wearing your new apron!!
(I'll end it on Sunday at 9pm Alaska time)

(Why can't we all look this good in the kitchen!?) (And have all our spices lined up like that...haha yeah right!!)

OK quit looking at the picture and give me a comment!!


Mal N' Jon said...

Haha. I love it!

The other day i was making hamburger, and for whatever reason it was especially greasy-splattery. And it got all over one of my shirts and ruined it. Way to go me!

But i do make a very famous & delicious Artichoke Dip/Spread.

amelia bedelia said...

Hey!! I cook supper every night!!! Really! we never eat out. My friends think Im weird. I cook everything from REAL fried chicken to homemade chicken and dumplings..gee and I wonder why I am so fat. Anyway, I love your apron. And just little f.y.i...if my sister jill jill bo bill gets on here and says she is cooking something, she is soooo lying. The woman NEVER cooks. said...

I love this apron! My apron is so yucky! Even after you wash it, it still looks dirty. So if I won this apron not only would I look super cute, (and it would be the first item I ever received from Alaska) I would have to bake Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies for my family, because they love them so much!

PS Thanks for the comment over on my blog! It is so fun to meet new friends!

Rachael said...

so i was thinking, "I need to read this girl's blog, because she is so good at commenting on mine" and lo and behold...a giveaway!! SWEET! and how funny, because I was thinking how ugly my aprons are and how I really really really wanted a new one--I've even been doing some pattern research and the like. crazy coincidence. anyway, I would probably cook...everything. bread especially, because that's my favorite thing. and i love aprons. I usually wear one half the day because I'm doing so many messy things.

okay, i will now end this super long comment. but fun blog! i'm excited to read it.

Monster Mary said...

I cook all the time too but I seem to forget the apron a bit and have ruined enough of my clothes to remember it, so maybe I just need to win your apron and then I'll remember that I have a cool apron from a cool person and the problem would be solved. I think I'd wear it to make something to enter the Alaska State fair next month. We're practising already. :) Today Jack made peanut butter coconut oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Yes, he came up with the recipe. :)

Kate said...

hey! just stumbled across your blog! (via sitemeter **im nosy**)
I am always in for a fun giveaway :)
Also! What a small world! I was Heather Hamms Visiting Teacher before our wards split when she first moved here. She is so sweet :)
I look forward to reading more of your blog! (if you dont mind!)

Rachel H. said...

I would cook just about ANYTHING! :) I would ACTUALLY cook, how about that?!?!

I would love, love, love a cute new apron! :)