Friday, July 11, 2008

Book club


So I got this month's book for Book Club in the mail from Amazon. (First time Amazon buyer- I know, I'm slow!) My book cover looks different but the same book. I'm only about halfway through and my totally sickened by what goes on in these places. And even more grossed out that people think Mormon's are like this!!
It's about her escape from the polygamy sect in Colorado City...but they had the same 'prophet' as the sect in Texas. He's now in jail. Usually I'm a really fast reader, couple days and I'm done with a 400 page book. Not this one. It really is hitting some tough places. I really want to finish it so I can discuss it at book club but this one's gonna be hard, folks!
So as of right now, I have my finally load of laundry in the wash, Bee is asleep for his nap and I'm going to sit down and try and finish this book.

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Rachel H. said...

Impressive--what a cool thing to do from Amazon...I haven't done a book club but DO order from them way too much!