Monday, July 21, 2008

Reunion-Anniversary party

These are some of the pictures from our trip. I'll try to post more later..I'm still working on laundry and you know, stuff!! So here they are!!
This is my step-daughter, Veronica. Isn't she gorgeous?! This is Grandpa Waggoner, walking out of the house! It was so good to see him again.

Give you a quarter if you tell me which one is Bee.
These are the one-year olds of the Waggoner family. There's a Clayton, Max, Bee and Spencer. All born one week after another. Bee being the oldest, Clayton the youngest. It was so fun to have them all together. I hope they get to see each other a lot growing up...or maybe not. I don't know if I'm ready to have four 2-year olds running around!!!!!!!
Bee and Veronica, siblings...couldn't tell could ya?
So these are all at the Reunion-Grandma and Grandpa's 60th wedding anniversary party at Kayak Point, Washington. I'm going to get the other pictures up soon. I have lots on the other computer. I just love these ones though.
So all the brothers played football in the park...we ate BBQ chicken dutch oven style, all kinds of salads and of course, cake! (IT was wonderful!!)...played on the beach with the baby crabs...sat around and chatted. It was a wonderful time!

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Monster Mary said...

So fun! I love all those little 1 year olds. It would be a blast to have them around for a brief period. Like when they need diaper changes or naps. ;)