Monday, July 7, 2008

I'm leaving on a jet plane..

We, the Waggoner family, are traveling to Seattle area next week for Chris' grandparents anniversary. They asked all of us to be there to celebrate. I'm really looking forward to it..especially with my new dress on the way.

But what I'm worried about is traveling on a plane with my one year old. So I'm going to ask if you guys have any suggestions! HELP!!

Our seats going down are all the way up front, on the way back..they're in the back. If that makes in difference!

So leave a comment and help a fellow mom cuz she's about ready to walk there!! :)


Bottles Barbies & Boys said...

Don't sweat it! Bring lots of snacks, a sticker book, and a dvd player if you have one. Well anything that makes noise for that matter. (old cell phone, Anything!) It will all be fine! Best wishes ;)

me16w2b1 said...

wish i could help, but i know nothing about children flying :( sorry

NanaG said...

this is easy. . .only one kid. I flew from key west, FL to Portland with an 18m and 3 year old by myself. And recently. . that 3 year old (now 29) has flown from Orlando to Portland with a 8m & 2Y & 4Y, by herself. Now that was hard. Yes anything that has lights & sound is good. Also being seated near the galley so you can stand up and rock the child is a good thing. good luck

Shelle said...

shoot you probably already left...but I was going to say...if all else fails...use benadryl! Gotta love knockin out to sleep!

Harr's said...

I am right with you on being scared traveling with a one year old. We are going home the 24th and it does make me a bit nervous. Although we did purchase seats for the babies so we don't have to hold them because they are crazy busy. My tips from what I remember from traveling with my older boys are: Relax, get up and walk around if you have to. Nobody minds as much as you think about a busy child. Sometimes bring them a pair of their own headphones, that has helped. So has benadryl, it knocks them out. J/K!! Have a fun trip. BTW: the bloody nose was from another little boy who accidentally bonked Peyton.