Tuesday, July 22, 2008

bee walking

As we all know, Mr. Bee isn't walking or crawling yet. Because of that, he had his first appointment with a physical therapist today.

It was very informational to me. She had some many suggestions...thank goodness she wrote them down!

She said that Bee was very flexible. (Like he can do the splits flexible.) Because of this, he has to work harder to stand or even control his muscles to crawl. (I totally didn't know that.) So you know you hear about kids that crawl at like 18 months...these kids are generally very flexible. She said at this age, it's actually bad to be flexible because there's more to control and maintain while standing or crawling. (I guess that makes sense, right?)
She gave us exercises to work on like rolling his hips around and holding him on my hip, but tilting them. OK so it doesn't make sense but I could show you!
So this is a HUGE relief to me. It means that I haven't been doing anything wrong. I know, I know...everyone says I wasn't BUT.... you know. I needed proof...it's how my brain works! One of the other people at this place (not a doctor or physical therapist) said that it could be because I wrap him in a burrito..haha....she totally didn't know what she was talking about cuz I ASKED!! :p So there!!
So now I am walking a little taller now, knowing that I haven't totally ruined my child!


Mags said...

of course you haven't ruined connor!! I have a friend whose babies don't walk until 22 months. They are really fat, and pretty lazy! Connor is beautiful, and he will walk sooner than you'd wish.

Monster Mary said...

It's hard not to compare your baby to others around. I found that I'd start to worry I was doing something wrong too. You're a great mom. Jack didn't roll over until 9 months old and didn't crawl until later and walking was about 15 months old. I know kids just do things in their own time frame. I'm glad you're a go getter and asked though. It never hurts to ask.

Rachael said...

I have a niece who had the too-flexible thing. She walked much later (I'm thinking closer to two?) but she was super advanced verbally--the doctor said it was probably because she was less focused on physical development. She's totally fine now--hope that reassures you!