Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Tuesday's Summer Tips & Advice
My fellow friend/blogger has Tips on Tuesdays to keep those kids busy. Here's my contribution this week.

Mod-Podge plates

-old dishes (they can be the ugly ones you keep hiding or go to the local thrift store)
- Mod-Podge for the craft store
-some kids
-old magazines
-clear top coat

K so now that you have the supplies...lay the newspaper on the table.
Cut out cool things in the magazine. I've done flowers but kids could spell their names out or whatever their little heart desires.
Lay the designs out on the plate (you can dab a little glue stick if they don't wanna stay in place)
Paint over with a big brush of the Mod-podge all over the papers..a good thick layer
Let it dry (read the label)
Go over it with the clear top coat so you can eat off it
And you're done and now have plates for some summer fun!

Now go check out Summer Tips & Advice here and play next week!!


Rachel H. said...

What a great idea! I think the kids would love this one! Thanks for sharing that tip!!!

Bottles Barbies & Boys said...

Cool idea, My kids love playing in paint. Can't promise any masterpiece dishes but that's okay!

Thanks for participating!

NanaG said...

One note of warning. ModgePodge is not Dishwasher safe. make sure you hand wash the plates. They may make it through one or two washings, but the detergent will breakdown the glue.
Voice of experience. . .

Anonymous said...

Cool project - and practical too! What kind of "top coat" do you use that makes it Ok for eating off of?

Thanks for your comments on SuperMom Central - I'm so glad I linked over here! You've got a great blog!

Lisa & Gerald said...

thanks for stoping by my blog love your great ideas too for the kids