Monday, June 2, 2008


Alright, this might get a little corny but it's all in good fun!

3 Joys

1) Hand quilting. I have made one quilt on my wall and hope to make lots more. I am in the process of making a yo-yo quilt. Hopefully it will be finished before Bee graduates High school! :)

2) Playing with Bee. He is at such a fun age and I really just enjoy being around him and his little funny things!

3) Keeping in touch with family and friends. I love a good hand-written letter and think that everyone should have at least two in their possession at all times...just kidding...but maybe in a journal.

3 Fears
1) Snakes. I don't know why I am scared of these little creepy things. I remember going on walks with my Grandma in Granite Falls, WA and picking them up for her...she was scared of them, all when I was younger. But now I'm freaked. I can't even look at them in Petco, behind the cage. I make Chris walk down the aisle and tell me if they are there and looking at me. If, and only if, there eyes aren't looking at me, I will stand behind Chris and look from a distance.

2)Touching fish. I'm totally okay with looking, feeding, swimming, catching, and EVERYthing else you do with long as I don't have to touch the slimy, freakishly nastiness outside of a fish. My husband thinks this is the Silly-Stupidest thing he has ever heard of and has made it his goal in life to make me touch it. I have touched them..and I scream like a little girl EVERY single TIME! My hubby laughs at me until he cries. He is okay until the next one.

3)Not being able to feed my family. We have plenty of food, no worries there. It's just one of my fears for the future, I guess. Thank goodness for food storage!

3 Goals
1)To go back to school and become an RN or teacher. I haven't decided which but one will do. I want to be able to support our family if I have to, one day. And I don't like being at the bottom of the medical career food chain with my CMA.

2)Get three months of food storage in my house before gas prices reach $5 here.

3) Practice the piano more regularly. It would really help with my calling and it makes me a happier person. I think my neighbors enjoy it too.

3 Current Obsessions/Collections

1)Blogspot. It's my new found love. :) I enjoy reading other blogs to keep up-to-date with other people. And that it's new, I want to find out all the little cool things it can do.

2)I just got a treadmill this weekend and I hope this becomes my new obsession. It isn't yet but I hope it does.

3)Reading. I am a part of this book club that has really gotten me out of my little shell of books to read. I am finding new loves like "These is my Words" and other great ones.

3 Random, Surprising Facts About Me

1)I am double jointed and can make my finger look like a witch..."I'll get you my pretty and your little dog too!"

2)I can't stand my feet being dirty when I go to bed. I will wash my feet off in the bathtub before going to bed. Everything else can be filthy but not my feet.

3) I don't have a spleen. It was taking out after being a bad spleen and eating all my platelets!

So now that you have read this...copy and do it yourself cuz I would love to know a little about you!


Kotelman said...

Krista that was fun. I love learning new things about people. We are working on our food storage for 3 months too. It seems much more manageable that way!!

Jessie said...

hey, sorry I missed you at playgroup, kids were throwing up again! This virus is taking three weeks to hit for 24 hours than hide away then hit someone else. I'm way done with it and am mortified to think of how many infestations we probably have caused. Ahhh, you never know. Oh, and this looks like fun. If I forget, remind me in a few days to post it too.