Monday, June 30, 2008

Meals and carpet

I saw this on another person's blog and that what a great idea!! so here's to planning out meals for the week.
Monday: Leftovers of Spaghetti
Tuesday: pancakes with bacon
Wednesday: White chicken chili (camping for the weekend)
Thursday: Taco Soup
Friday: Hot Dogs with Potato salad
Saturday: Pizza from Papa Murphy's
Sunday: Leftovers

So I'm done with the house now smells like Easter Eggs and wetness. I'm hoping magically the Flower Fairy will come into my house tomorrow and I'll wake up to a house smelling of roses or lilies. (Or maybe I'll light a candle!) But at least it doesn't smell like urine!

P.S. No more TypeRacer today...I slammed my ring finger in the door and now have to hobble around the keyboard!


me16w2b1 said...

sorry to hear about the finger....hope it heals fast but the meal planner does sound like a great idea...also hope you wake up to a house smelling of flowers (whatever that smells

Rachel H. said...

Bummer about your finger. That stinks!

I love the idea from that website. Thanks so much for sharing.... :) Gonna go check it out myself!

The writer and the singer said...

Hi! Thanks for the comment. Glad you like menu planning. I LOVE it. I'll start posting my menu plans once we have moved. Cute family and your menu sounds delish!

EmilyAnn said...

I love your new layout of your blog! It's very cute!