Thursday, June 19, 2008

Birthday Boy!

Our birthday boy! He turned one on Sunday. My mom came up from Seattle. We had a couple friends over also to help celebrate. Next year I'm sure it will be a bigger event, as this year it was Father's Day. After a Costco chocolate cupcake! How stinkin' cute is he!!
Maimeo and Bee having a moment on our couch. He sure does love her!
Maimeo and Bee taking his new wheels for a spin! This is by our house, a little pond. What a wonderful weekend to have company. It gave the impression that Alaska is a nice place to live! (See April 23 blog, if you need to see why it's a myth!) :)
Opening presents...not quite interested but it did make noise so it was a good thing!
It was such a good time having my mom up here. We didn't do anything special but still had a great time. She wanted to love on her "Leading Man," and that's what she did. It was definitely nice having her to help with the one year old. Now the next couple days will be teaching Bee that he isn't really spoiled, just when Maimeo is here! (Maimeo is Gaelic for grandma.) Welp back to real life!


EmilyAnn said...

Happy Birthday to Connor! That is so great that your mom was able to come up! She looks great! Tell her I said hi! I love the cupcake picture!

Monster Mary said...

So fun. I was glad to meet your mom. She seems like a fun mom and thanks for explaining the gaelic word for grandma. I love it. :)

Jessie said...

Oh so fun! My favorite is the cupcake messy face picture- oh how we love baby Connor!