Friday, June 13, 2008

Go Sisters!

Yesterday our ward Relief Society had a temple day. Lindsay stayed home and watched 13(!!) kids while we went to the temple at 10am. It was amazing! Missy and I had forgot to call ahead to schedule but thought it would be okay because it was 10am on a Thursday. We were shocked when we got there and the parking lot was full! We thought "Well worse comes to worse, we do other things!" SO we went in and were shocked again when we had to sit on the other side! I don't remember the number but all of us sisters filled 8.5 rows with two brothers! Go Sisters!!
It was still a little stressful to go through the second time because I had forgotten half the things we did. But Missy was there to help and it was still wonderful. I'm so glad I went. Hopefully it will be a monthly thing for all of us! Just think of the work we could get done! We had cards yesterday dating back to '00. I hope our turnover rate is quicker than that with all us sisters going on Thursday morning!! Yeah.

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Mags said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you guys to have this blessing! Lindsay is a trooper with 13 kids! Our ward does something similar I think, I'll have to try it.