Friday, June 27, 2008

What would you do..

So the question of the day:

What would you do with a million dollars?
A million dollars gets said a lot lately. Sign up here and win a million dollars, sing on America's Blah Blah and win a million dollars, etc.

So, if by chance, you got handed a million dollars tommorrow...what would you do with it? (By the way, that's what it would look like)
I will answer my own question but you have to comment first, I don't want any copying! :)

1. Pay off all our debt... $960,000
2. Buy a house in Alaska for my husband... $760,000
3. Buy a house somewhere warm like Florida...$560,000
4. Buy food storage for all my friends and family...$555,000
5. Buy a Jetta for me...$525,000
6. Put some money somewhere for college for the kids...$455,000
7. Pay off my Mom, Dad and the Waggoner's little bills...$355,000
8. Buy my husband a nice boat...$300,000
9. Put money in a good stock/savings for retirement...$200,000
10. Take a Girl's Weekend to Grand Cayman Island to swim with the turtles with Maggie, Mychel, Jessica, Krystle, Aimee, Taron, Nicci and anyone else...$100,000
11. (This is harder than you think) I think I would just have the rest in a savings account so I could go do little things whenever I wanted like pizza for dinner once a week and movies with my husband and the extras, ya know! It would last a little bit! :)


ShaneShock said...

$525,000 for a Jetta?!!! As in the car by Volkswagon?!!!


ShaneShock said...

Oh, never mind. You're subtracting as you go down the list...

I'm a bozo.


Mags said...

hmmmmm!!!!! Land I want lots of land, acres of land in all the places we have lived so we can go back and visit, oh and the coolest tree house on earth for my kids.

Harr's said...

It would be nice to have that kind of money to pay off debt. Although I don't think it would touch our debt! j/k. Anyway, my sister did my blog for me. She uses a program called Adobe photo shop. I think you can get it online for $40 or at Costco for $80.