Wednesday, June 4, 2008


What's in a name? I realized as I was reading someone's post that I didn't know why my husband, Chris was named, Chris. And that got me thinking about how I need to write down about how I got my name and our little family. So a phone call to the in-laws and this is what we have.
Christopher John was named Christopher because it was a name his father's mother (Grandma W.) enjoyed a lot. Marie and Don were trying to figure out a name for their FIFTH son and Grandma came along and said "What about Christopher?" So he is now Chris for short. His middle name is John after his mother's grandfather. Marie wanted one of her children named after him and it was perfect because Johnathan would have been too long. (They had limits on birth names, i guess.) So that's Chris' name.
Krista Colette is my full name. I was named after my aunts. I have one on each side of the family. I was suppose to be Kristina (Tina for short) Colette but it didn't happen that way. That was the name my parent's had going into the delivery room. My dad called everyone and told them that they were having a Kristina Colette. Once they saw me, Mom said "No, she's a Krista." She'd never heard the name before but loved it as soon as she said it. Dad said "But I already called everyone and said Kristina." Mom (i'm sure plenty annoyed that he is arguing with her after giving birth) said "Well I guess you are just going to call them back and tell them her REAL name." :) Gotta love that!
Connor Anthony was picked out pretty easily concerning he was our first. A couple days after we found out we were having a boy, Chris sat on the couch and looked through a baby name book. He said "What about Connor?" I ran the list in my head of the boys I knew and only thought of a kid I used to babysit. (Which was a great kid) So I said "I like it...." (I was still if-y about it because I hadn't thought of all the mean names that he could be called with Connor, or CW or anything else. So it was on the table. Chris went upstairs for awhile and came back down and said "His name is going to be Connor." And that was that! :) It sounds demanding as I write it but it was more of a matter-of-fact thing. Anthony was a little more difficult. I wanted Anthony from the beginning after my grandfather on my mom's side but Chris knew a mean-head in high school named Anthony. Finally it came down to, he picked the first name, I get the middle name! So after we got Connor Anthony and had no bad things with CAW, we were set. We told our friend Robb and he said no. We asked why and after some thought he said "Because when you are a teenager, you test out your middle name. People will call him Tony for short and then he will be CT and there isn't a nice person named CT. It's the rule." So after a good laugh, we knew we HAD to name him Connor Anthony just to see what happens! :)

SO how did you and your family get their names?

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