Monday, September 1, 2008

The Willen's

We had a great weekend, here at the Waggoner house.
Chris got home Thursday morning and surprised me! (I was expecting him home Friday morning.) So we had a relaxing Thursday. I went to book club with Brittany. (I didn't even finish the book...Edward was calling me!)
Friday was a great day too! We did absolutely NOTHING!! It's nice sometimes to just have a family day and lay around in your PJ's.
Saturday we went to the Willen's for an impromptu dinner of Papa Murphy's pizza and a great game of Monopoly. Brittany had never played before. Chris won. Brittany and I played with her new sewing machine while Chris and Josh played Mario Kart on their new Wii. We stayed and played until 12:30am.

We were all late to church on Sunday morning. Some later then others...inactive people! Sheez! After church we went to our separate houses and all took naps. Sunday naps are the best!!
Then we went to to their house again and had Chris' favorite...Taco salad. So good! We played Monopoly again and Chris WON AGAIN! Punk! We left their house around 1am.
We got up at ten and met to go riding at Jim's creek to the glacier! We ended up leaving at 1pm cuz the Waggoner's are slackers! We put Bee's carseat in the Ranger and had a family outing. It was soo much fun. We saw a moose, almost got lost, saw a glacier, drove through two rivers and a whole bunch of big puddles, drove about 35 miles in 5 hours and came home.

We heart our Willen's.
It's really great to have such a fun family for us to play with up here in Alaska. We are interested in the same things and totally understand the military life. We are just so bummed that we are leaving in February. Leaving Brittany by herself in the great Alaskan waters! (Ok maybe not waters but still!)
I will have pictures tomorrow of our great adventure today!

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend!

More embarrassing stories tomorrow!


Rachel H. said...

How wonderful to have good friends like that! Bet it makes where you're at feel like home!

Where are you going in Feb?

Nicci said...

It's so great to have friends like that! Awesome that Chris came home a day early and surprised you!!! Yea for surprises. :o)

JenniBeanV said...

It sounds like a lovely weekend!

Lindsay JJ said...

If you guys like monopoly have we got a game for you! A couple of fun board games that we love to play! Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride! Maybe we could have you guys over for a game night.
I am glad that you and the Willens are such good buds. So important to have up here! Look forward to seeing pics of your trip. Sounds like fun!