Thursday, September 25, 2008

Holy cow!!

Okay seriously I just read this and my mouth is still open, gaping open!! Like just stunned.

Go check this out and come back to tell me what you think!


Did you do it? Are you as shocked as I am?

I don't think I'm okay with this. Anywhere near okay with it. 75% of that guys menu!! Is his wife providing the milk? Does he hire 'wet nurses'?

I totally understand breastfeeding is the best...FOR YOUR BABY. I had some trouble with breastfeeding and could only do it for 2 months. My hubby and I had a brief discussion about hiring a wet nurse for Bee. It was brief and decided that would be too weird. Second, everything this woman ate, my kid would eat.

Bee wasn't too picky on what I ate while breastfeeding but I have friends that can't drink milk, or eat onions, or stuff like that because it makes their kids' tummy hurt. Now this is good for us moms. We know our kids. We know what we eat is good. I'm not going to eat ice cream that has a after taste of taco salad or McDonald's.

Cows eat grass. Cows eat oats and stuff too right? (I don't know, I've only had horses.) It's pretty bland stuff either way. Gertude's milk is pretty much the same as Betsy's milk because they eat grass. I like cows milk. I think it tastes good. (Especially with Oreo's)

Call me gross but I think we, mothers, have all done it. I've tasted my milk before. Not like a glass but a drip. It tastes NOTHING like cows milk. And it changes with what I eat.

Is this guy going to have these women just eat grass, or oats, or rice or what? I mean how is he going to control the taste of the breast milk?

Third, how would the FDA approve something like that, that can change so much? And who's to say his wife isn't smoking pot behind the shed. (She's gotta be smoking something to agree to this!! I'm just saying!)
What are your thoughts on this? Would you buy it?


Rachel H. said...

TOTALLY GROSS. I am sure there would be some way to neutralize the milk TASTE should they actually do this, but I still think that is a TERRIBLE thought!

Mal N' Jon said...

Thanks for all the tips.

But anywho...that's what i was thinking...the breastmilk would taste differently depending on what the mother ate...hint of pizza in your ice cream? SICK. Besides, the thought of putting someone elses breastmilk in my mouth kinda makes me want to gag.

Mal N' Jon said...

Oh and don't worry about the quilt, that is fine.

Staci said...

Yuck! I could never, ever eat food with someone's breast milk in it. And really, what woman is going to volunteer for that position?

Simply AnonyMom said...

Well, first of all..I think it is RIDICULOUS for PETA to demand B&J start using breast milk. As for the other guy, he is in another country right? I know in the US Breast Milk is regulated. It is screened and treated as a BioHazard (think blood and urine) and has to be handled in a certain way. Once you get all the testing and screenings done, do you have any idea how EXPENSIVE a simple glass of milk is?

Now...on to regular BM...I BF both kids. I was a "master lactator" so to speak. I was always able to produce more than needed. I looked into donating but there was not a facility close enough to me to accept any donation I had. Also my mom BF all 6 of us kids, and even had babysitting gigs where she was also a wet nurse. I think hiring a wetnurse, or using donated breastmilk in extreme situations is perfectly acceptable so long as it is hadled correctly and regulated.

As for going to a restaurant and buying food made from BM, No thanks I will pass. Same goes for B&J. I would stop eating them if they started using BM.

Camille said...

WHOA! Can I please link this on ponytail challenge? I can't even imagine someone else nursing my baby-
I really do believe that part of a cows purpose on this Earth is to provide milk for humans...... I don't think cows have quadrupets & they do have a few teats..... it's gotta be designed to go somewhere.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Okay NO I would NOT try it! Gross...and I will fully admit that I never wanted to try my Breast Milk...but Kudos to you for doing that! :)

Seriously...what's next?

How do you find this stuff on the interent? loL!

Nicci said...

Yuck! That's disgusting. Where do they come up with stuff like that... weird.

amelia bedelia said...

puke! no, I wouldn't eat it.

JenniBeanV said...

Totally creepy and gross! People are so weird...

Monster Mary said...

Pretty strange. When my David was hosptialized I kept pumping milk. Ten days later I had a huge bag of frozen milk to take home. I asked the hospital if I could donate it to those who needed it. They said I could but that it's so difficult because you have to do all sorts of tests and paperwork just to donate it for free. I didn't do it and just took it home to add to my freezer. They say that because it comes from humans and is a bodily fluid that they need to make sure there are no diseases to pass on etc. I would find it extremely difficult to see Ben& Jerry's being able to control this. I'm sure some women would love to harvest their milk but not me.

Oh and while I was at the hospital my sister-in-law brought brownies to share with the staff and they were extremely hesitant to eat them. They explained that a mother had come in to express gratitude with brownies and as they were eating them said that since she ran out of milk to make them so she just used her breast milk. They said they were all gagging and since then are very careful to accept food from people. So other people apparently think it's not big deal. I still don't think I'd want to do it though.

Sue said...

I think it's really a health hazard, and screening doesn't make it safe enough for my liking. Look at all the people sho get HIV after transfusions, even though the blood has been tested. Sometimes the antibodies don't show up for six months.