Monday, September 22, 2008

Bee questions...

As a young child, what did you look like?
I looked like a girlie girl. I always had a side ponytail or some sort of bow in my hair! I loved dresses that twirl!

What is the earliest thing you remember?
I remember living in Granite Falls. I remember the ponds we had, that they did construction on the bridge to our house and we had to drive across to broads and I was really scared. I remember going for walks with Grandma. I remember that dad would go fishing. We had some holiday in that house, Easter I think and got presents. There was a loft in the house where all our stuffed animals 'lived'!

Who were you best friends in your early years? Did you ever have sleepovers?
Kassy, my sister, was always my friend when I was younger. We had friends in our neighborhood like Eli, Sarah T and Laurie. We would have sleepovers with us four girls, Sarah laurie, Kassy and I. Then as we got older, I had Nicci as a friend. We would trade houses every other weekend to spend the night. Then in junior high I met Aimee and Julie. We now had four houses to go between every weekend for sleepovers.

What kinds of things did you like to do? What were your favorite childhood games to play?
I like the trampoline, riding bikes and playing in the front yard when it wasn't raining. When it's raining we would play in our rooms, with Barbie and our cat and dog. We played hide and seek. We played Sorry and Candyland and Battleship and Trouble. And with our family we played Rummikub and Scattergories.

Who pulled your teeth when they were loose? How much did the tooth fairy leave for a lost tooth?
My mom would pull my teeth out when I told her about them. I would hide them from her. I swallowed a tooth cuz I didn't want to tell her. The tooth fairy would give us dollar or fifty cent per tooth.

What was the climate of the area where you grew up?
I grew up in Northwest Washington. It was rainy most days in the winter. I remember it snowing once or two a year but melting the next day. I think we had one Halloween that it didn't rain. In the summers it was a toss up if it would rain or not.

What was your favorite toy?
I had a doll named Amy. She was my favorite toy. I could play with her hair or dress up or sleep with her. She was where ever I was!

How many pets did you have? Which one was your favorite pet?
We had a bunny, Strawberry, a dog Murphy, and a cat Jumpers. I like them all but our kitty was my favorite. I would sneak her into my bedroom at night and have her sleep on my waterbed. (Yes a cat with claws on a waterbed..hence the sneaking in!)

That's enough for today!


Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

that is so cute...where do you get those questions? Do you pull them out of a journal jar or something?

Rachel H. said...

As always--so cute! Reminds me of the good ol' days!

JenniBeanV said...

I love reading Connor's questions!