Tuesday, September 23, 2008

100 & a GIVEAWAY!!

So this is my 100th post!! I'm so excited. Now I play with the big girls!!

So in order to celebrate I'm going to have 100 things about me and a giveaway!!

1. I love to blog. Like really, really enjoy it!!

2. I was named after my aunts, Kristine and Colette.

3. I'm not a very good housekeeper.

4. I love dark chocolate.

5. I am obsessed with Desperate Housewives. (I don't have TV so I have to read about it)
6. I love that all the new fashion has capped sleeves.

7. My husband thinks I'm a mix between Lynette and Susan from Desperate Housewives.

8. I watched the whole season of Big Brother 9 on the internet.

9. I am making 3 quilts right now. One by hand, and two for a friend!

10. I like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

11. All my toes are broken from swimming.

12. I really love playing Wii.

13. I wear size 13 jeans.

14. I wish I was a 10 but I think I'm okay with 13.

15. We have an chinchilla. His name is Rosco.

16. I brush my teeth when I read books, no paste.

17. I'm part of a book club.

18. I hate it when my kid doesn't go to sleep when I say!

19. I have always wanted to get a tattoo on my foot.

20. I had a Honda in high school.

21. I didn't check the oil in the whole year I drove it and seized the engine.

22. I got another Honda for my senior year. Also didn't check the oil but my dad learned his lesson and caught it just before it would have seized! :)

23. My favorite movie is American President with Michael Douglas.

24. Meet Joe Black is a close second.

25. I make best friends, not acquaintances.

26. I have been friends with Nicci for 17 years.

27. I have played the piano for 22 years.

28. I hate being ditched. You can cancel all you want on me, but at least have the courtesy to text/call.

29. I have lived in 5 states.

30. When I go back to school, I think I want to be a midwife.

31. I have been in five accidents. (1. My mom was driving to piano lessons. 2) My high school friend was driving and we hit a car. 3) I tapped the back of a car while talking to my sister. 4) Chris was driving and got backed into. 5) Some chick ran a stop sign and hit my car.

32. I have to sleep with a blanket between my knees.

33. I am not allowed to tell my husband my dreams because they are too weird.

34. I have never had a fling, only long term boyfriends.

35. I have written in a journal since I was 12.

36. I believe that there are boy chores like the trash, mowing the lawn and cleaning out the drains.

37. I wish I could go back to high school and do it again. I had so much fun but I would change a few things.

38. I love reality tv shows, even before they were the only thing on.

39. I get Strawberry Banana Rendezvous at Cold Stone.

40. I love walking on beaches of all kinds.

41. One of my nicknames is Jellyfish Killer.

42. Everytime I hear the song Triller I have to dance.

43. I hate having my birthday close to Christmas.

44. I refuse to have a baby in December, so I track my ovulation schedule.

45. I'm very proud of my husband for serving in the Air Force.

46. I am a member of the Church of Latter-Day Saints. (Mormon)

47. My face still breaks out.

48. I am scared of snakes.

49. My favorite animal is beluga whales.

50. Happy halfway! THis is hard. I read all my friends updated blogs every day.

51. My biggest pet peeve is people touching my feet.

52. My favorite chore is cleaning the kitchen.

53. My favorite meal to cook is homemade waffles.

54. The meal I cook most often is pancakes or French toast.

55. I can't wait to move back to the 'Lower 48.'

56. I don't hit the snooze button very often.

57. I prefer to drink Coke out of a bottle.

58. I love the orange pop at McDonald's.

59. I love my Ugg boots.

60. I wish I had a garden to grow food.

61. I have a small food storage.

62. I don't know how to put make up on.

63. I have never gotten into a fist fight except with my sister.

64. I don't think there is any excuse for cheating.

65. I hate plucking my eyebrows!

66. I am a big baby when I am sick.

67. I enjoy quilting and do it more than I should.

68. I have two graduation quilts. One from my mom and the other from my grandma.

69. My favorite color sheets is white. It's just so clean.

70. I don't wear jewelry except my wedding ring.

71. I would love to decorate other people's houses but I would have to do it all my way! :)

72. I have only colored my hair once.

73. I want to work in a florist store.

74. I want to visit all fifty states.

75. I want to go on a senior mission with my husband.

76. I love my layout on my blog.

77. I wish the Christmas spirit was year round.

78. I don't like New Year's Eve. I think it's just another reason for people to drink.

79. I got a bug bite on my honeymoon on my leg. I still have the bump.

80. I went camping in Canada for my honeymoon.

81. I wear size 1 dress to Prom.

82. I was anorexic.

83. I enjoy food a lot now!!

84. My favorite food is French toast.

85. I wish I could wear long dresses like the pioneers.

86. I put pudding in my cakes.

87. I love reading the labels of food like Snapple caps and Laffy Taffy jokes.

88. I don't have any plants in my house. I would kill them if I did.

89. I have really long fingers, perfect for blogging and playing the piano.

90. I don't have an apron.

91. I used to hate the color brown but now I really like it.

92. I like watching Judge Judy.

93. I don't drink alcohol or do drugs.

94. I get sick when I drink orange juice but it's so good.

95. I can French braid my hair.

96. I have a crush on Edward Cullen but he has dark hair.

97. I only have one sister and lots of brother and sister in laws.

98. I want to be pregnant now. (Send your happy thoughts this way!)

99. I can't wait until I see how many people comment on my blog tomorrow.

100. I really enjoy you guys reading all this stuff!!

And to the giveaway, comment on this post and you will be entered a chance to have me make you a wall quilt!! (I haven't decided on a pattern yet so you can help with that.)
The contest ends tonight at midnight so tell all your friends to get over here! (Or don't, more chances for you!)

If you tell me 2 things about yourself, you can comment as many times as you like.


georgie said...

okay we have A LOT in common...

3. i am not a very good housekeeper either lol

(I cant believe you have no tv-now I know how others felt about me not having a DVR)

9. I cant sew BUT LOVE quilts especially lil throw ones

13. I wish i wore a size 13

19. I have 2 tats

20. i had a pea green 3 speed duster-seeing the similarities yet?

32. i have to sleep with a box fan

38. i LOVe reality TV too survivor garbon starts Thursday

43. i hate havin my b-day close to Christmas too Deb 18 and it gets better my sis and I are the same age for 10 days-I really hated that too

45. i am proud of your hubby too

seeeeeeee we could be 'almost' twins' LOL

Happy 100th post!

jill jill bo bill said...

Great job, Sista Krista! Okay, here is two:
1. I can french braid too, but when my hair was really long would have to lay my arms on a counter to rest them and it took like 30 minutes to fiish.
2. I can barely sew on a button. But I can cross stich. Too bad it's gay to do that now.

Rachel H. said...

You don't own an apron but you made HOW MANY to give away?!?! :) gIRL, YOU should have kept one for YOU!

cONGRATS on your 100th! How cool!

The Mom said...

Happy 100th post Krista!

Julie said...

Hey, congrats! I don't know if I could come up with that many things about me. But I did learn a few things about you, it was lots of fun to read.

amelia bedelia said...

I have red hair.

I don't like carrots.

amelia bedelia said...

I love the apron you gave me

I eat yogurt everyday

amelia bedelia said...

I can't sing.

I take a bath everyday.

amelia bedelia said...

happy 100h post!

p.s. i'm done. for now.

JenniBeanV said...

Happy 100th post!

1. I am totally afraid of cats.

2. But I love dogs. I have 2 and I would have more if my husband would let me!

JenniBeanV said...

3. I have one sister.

4. She is pregnant with a baby girl and I am SO HAPPY to be able to buy some pink things finally!

JenniBeanV said...

5. My feet, right this moment, are freezing.

6. Also, I need a pedicure.

JenniBeanV said...

7. I aspire to be crafty...but the things I make always come out messy.

8. I am very excited for Halloween candy!

JenniBeanV said...

9. I can't fall asleep unless the TV is on...which is an awful habit.

10. I sleep with m ceiling fan on, even in the winter time.

Nicci said...

Yeah for the 100th post!!! That's so exciting. It always amazes me that we have been friends for so long! That's a good thing too by the way. :o) Yeah for us!!!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

We are the same size...

I love reality tv

I plan my kids births also

the list can go on and on...we have a lot in common!

Except that I dye my hair like every 6 weeks! I don't even know my what my real hair color is!

jill jill bo bill said...

3. I have this weird competition thng and can NOT let Amy win.

4. Tomorrow is my birthday

jill jill bo bill said...

5. My husband just brought in Whataburger. It's my FAV!!!

6. Hope is isn't thinkin this constitutes my birthday dinner.

jill jill bo bill said...

5. I am letting my hair grow out about 4 more inches.

6. I drink way too many diet cokes a day. I should be paper thin.

jill jill bo bill said...

7. I am not paper thin. More like a tree.

8. I really want to learn how to sew.

jill jill bo bill said...

9. My MIL said she would do my curtains/drapes in my house in Dec. 07.

10. The expensive material is still in my closet. On a roll.

jill jill bo bill said...

11. If I have them made by someone else she will probably be mad.

12. I really love her, but man alive she is controlling.

jill jill bo bill said...

13. I had a freakin' lunchable for lunch. WTH? Am I 5?

14. I am hungry and going to eat my #1 with cheese no veggies.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Didn't you say you LIKED high School? lol! Thanks for putting the gadget up! Now I can follow you! :)

a.men said...

Happy 100th!

Two things about myself....hmmmm...

1. I love to read, although I don't get to very often...

2. I took piano lessons for 12 years and can only play Sweet Hour of Prayer. Sad, I know!

Mal N' Jon said...

HAPPY 100th!!

Okay I love that you want to be a midwife! I think that if I were ever going to be in some medical profession that would have to be it! Second, YOU do not have an apron????? And you made us all one?? What??

Okay 2 things about me.

1. I love decorating my house. It is an obsession for me.

2. I only work 2 & 1/2 days a week. Can you say SLACKER?

Mal N' Jon said...

3. I "collect" Jessica Simpson shoes.

4. I could eat pasta every day for every meal.

Mal N' Jon said...

5. My favorite color is red. When i was little whenever i drew a picture I had to have something RED in it.

6. I LOVE shopping.

JenniBeanV said...

11. I wish I were a red head

12. I should always be in bed by 10 but I never am.

JenniBeanV said...

13. I bite my lips when I am nervous

14. The boy next door broke my nose when I was 4.

Camille said...

Did I pick the perfect day to check out your blog or what! This was fun to "get to know you."

I am not a good housekeeper either...but working on it.

I am a wannabe quilter- just rag quilts, and not for a few years.

Camille said...

Another chance, right?

I am OBSESSED with plucking my eyebrows- it keeps me up at night. Really, truly.

1 sis, 3 brothers

short fingers- bad for piano, but ok for blogging!

Camille said...

The comments on this post are so fun to read. Jill jill bo bill- haaahhaaaa.

A few more things:

I am typing while nursing a baby.

I am good at typing while nursing a baby.

I sometimes wonder if the electronic waves from my laptop are going through my baby's brain while I am typing & nursing.....

Mal N' Jon said...

7. Whenever people ask me for my receipe I tell them I'll give it to them, but I really never do. I pretend to forget about it because then they won't have a reason to invite me to their parties.

8. I secretly like 1 or 2 of the Jonas Brother songs.

Mal N' Jon said...

9. Sometimes when i'm in my car, i pretend to be on the phone so i can look cool.

10. I can never find a pair of fingernail clippers when i need them....

Mal N' Jon said...

11. I think I love one of my dogs more then the other and it makes me nervous to have kids.

12. I'm dying to get into photography... DYING

Mal N' Jon said...

13. Tomorrow I'm going to blog about my shoes I decided.

14. Is it normal to be constantly thinking..."Hey, I could blog about that! Where's my camera?"

Mal N' Jon said...

15. I put my dogs to bed every night. Haha--I have to laugh at myself on that one.

16. @ 10:30.

Mal N' Jon said...

17. I love the show Scrubs. It makes me laugh!

18. Oh--I watched the entire first season of WIPEOUT online! It was so nice, the commercials were not as bad as when you watch on TV.

Mal N' Jon said...

19. Oh, I too have a crush on Edward Cullen.

20. I can be very indecisive at times.

Mal N' Jon said...

21. I like to draw and paint even though I don't do it much anymore.

22. On Friday i'm going to my Grandma's to make Peach Jam! You have to love Grandma's!

Mal N' Jon said...

23. So that apron you made me...I'm afraid to use it because i don't want to get it dirty.

24. I buy photography props for when i someday get into it...Lame-I know.

Haasiegirl said...

i seriously admire that you put this all down. How long did this take? :-)


Haasiegirl said...

more things about me? I could talk all night. I dont think your blog could handle it. I would be responsible for breaking it.


Haasiegirl said...

But then again, people break my blog all the time, so in a way, its like karma blogging, right?

Haasiegirl said...

A fact about me. I have no boobs. Wait...that may be a fact, but its a known fact already. In fact, i think i advertised it on youtube once. For shame on me.


Mal N' Jon said...

I have no real children, however I have thrown 5 baby showers.

Taron Deeds said...

I was just walking to bed and remembered to go on your blog....I should win but as for you and your weird dreams you can't tell your hubby tell them to me and we can have weird talks about weird dreams together.
and as for something about me is I can carry on fifty different conversations at once....Love YOu