Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bee's questions..

OK so I was cleaning off the computer desk and realized I haven't done Bee's questions in like a month. (Actually exactly a month!) So I'm going to answer a whole bunch. You guys don't have to read this. I'll post another post later today!

Where was your first home?
I don't remember my first couple of homes but the one I do remember is the one in Marysville. It was in a neighborhood around Kellogg Marsh. Lots of kids and nice people.
What are your earliest memories of your home?
Getting the trampoline from Costco, remodeling my bedroom with dark green carpet, playing with Eli and Sarah, knowing that Mom was coming down the hall by a board that squeak in my room if you stepped on it in the hallway. Murphy sitting in the road, our dog, making sure the cars slowed down.

What was the yard like?
The front yards stayed the same for the most part. There was the front yard in front of the house that had a monkey tree in it and a big chinese plum tree. The rest was grass. The front side yard was all grass except the 'fence' which was trees. We didn't play over there much cuz my Mom couldn't see us from the house and the dogs pooped over there.
The backyard was big. A lot and half. There was in the trampoline, sled for the lawn mower and stuff, a bunny cage, a unfinished playhouse, a swing set, a tire swing from a big group of trees, and the rest was grass. My dad spent YEARS digging up the rocks in the yard to make it even. It was his therapy.

What was your room like?
When we first moved in it had yucky green puke carpet and white walls. After awhile we decorated our rooms. I got to choose what it was like. I picked a border paper with quilts on it. (Go figure.) We matched the wall paper and painted the top half pink. I had a water bed. A closet organizer and a whole lot of stuffed animals.

What was your favorite thing in the house or yard?
My favorite thing was my water bed and the trampoline. I was always warm at night. And I always had something to do outside, friends or not. I wish I had one now cuz I'd be one skinny mama!! :)

Where has your family lived since that time?
My parents built a house on top of the hill, overlooking Marysville High School when I was in high school. My dad was in Paris most of the time so it was really my mom's house. It was huge. We had lots of parties. Two living rooms. All on five arces so we could ride our quads and dad his tractor. We made trails and all kinds of stuff.

What did your family do for fun when you were a child?
Well Mom, Kassy and I would spend pretty much very nice day out on the boat in the summer time. We would water ski, tube and sunbathe. It was great. We would go to the Oregon sand dunes every year with a big group of friends. We would go see grandmas and grandpas in Colorado and South Dakota every year for thanksgiving.

What did you talk about at dinner?
We normally had dinner in front of the TV. It was our family time. We would talk in between commercials but that was it. We weren't much for our dinner table. We would try for awhile but fall back into old habits.

Was there a chore you hated doing as a child?
I hated feeding the bunny. There was spider webs, spiders and bugs back behind the playhouse. I hated dealing with the wet, gross smelling bunny food. She didn't like us much so that didn't help. (I don't know why she didn't like us, we probably fed her once a week, if we remembered and hardly ever pet her. Poor bunny.)

What appliances did you have (or not have) in your home?
I think we had all of them of the time. Dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, extra freezer, garage disposal, and I think that's it.

Did you have any favorite uncles, aunts or cousins growning up? Who were they, ad what did you admire most about them?
I don't think I had favorites. We only lived around a couple uncles. We would see them around holidays and birthdays but nothing too special. But of our uncles lived with us at one point for a little bit, but I don't remember much of it. I had one cousin that I grew up with Casey. She was in between Kassy and I in age. We would do most things with her but still I wouldn't say she was a favorite.

What are you favorite memories of the trips you took together as a family?
Going to the dunes was always fun because we could go to the beach and look for whales, pick up jellyfish and shells, and just ride around.
Going back to SOuth Dakota was fun because we would go to Hot Springs to Evan's Plunge most times. Grandma's house in Colorado had a park in the backyard. And gummy bears.

I think that's enough for today. I need to write a real blog!!


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You are like the best mom.... I suck. And it's 8 central time. See ya there!

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good grief you are a good MOM! what you tryin to make me look bad??? hey if you get my name for the SSS I sooooo want an apron with my name on it! just throwin it out there....

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How sweet is that?

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really krista, you are making us all look like crap. and that's a cuss word!