Sunday, May 11, 2008


Today was gorgeous! It was 59* and kids were playing in the sprinklers! That's Alaska for ya! It is now 10:05pm and I just pulled this picture of a webcam. The sun is just now starting to set. For all of you not in Alaska, we add five minutes of daylight a day (about) until the first day of Summer then it's starts going back down five minutes. It is really interesting to have to make yourself go to bed when the sun is still up. Your brain just thinks of soo many things that you could be doing instead of sleeping! It's really bad when school is out. My neighbor mowed his lawn last year at eleven because all the kids were still outside! One thing that I never thought about was Fourth of July. It doesn't get dark enough to set off fireworks!! The sun goes down but it's kinda like dusk more then actual darkness. So we make up for it at New Year's and blow them all off when there's plenty of darkness!! Well I just wanted to put a little blog about the light/dark up here for everyone to see and for us to remember when we leave! Happy Mother's Day tomorrow!! Call your mom's!

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Kotelman said...

I'm glad you found me!! I am meeting so many people without cable now I just need to convince my family it's the way to go. It was great meeting you the other night.